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"And the way she filled out a mohair sweater... let's just say it looked more comfortable on her than the goat!"
"Remember that Sweater? And that Other Sweater? And that time she ran up to us... in a sweater?"

Those soft, fuzzy sweaters, too magical to touch

To see her in that negligee is really just too much
The J. Geils Band "Centrefold"

 Candy on the beach there's nothing better

but I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater

"I Want Candy", The Strangeloves

"Those sweaters were hand-me downs. They were really too small for me, and I guess that's what made everybody take notice. Men were looking at me for the first time. And I liked it.I felt good in them. And when I felt how tight they held me, I quit wearing a bra.
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