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Swarm on the Somme is an ongoing Alternate History Web Original story series in the Alien Space Bats sub-forum of Alternate History Dot Com, started in early autumn 2009.

The story is essentially a typical tale of Earth being invaded by a Horde of Alien Locusts, while unprepared humanity tries to unite and rally its forces against the Planet Looters. BUT this time, it's not set in the Present Day, or Next Sunday AD, or World War Two. This time, it occurs in the earliest months of World War One. And it's Better Than It Sounds.

You can read the main thread here or the newer thread, episode only thread, here.

Tropes of this series :

  "They can't shoot us all. We'll show who is fighting out here for the Motherland..."

  • The Swarm : Guess.
  • Too Dumb to Live / Nice Job Breaking It, Hero : The human armies vastly underestimate the cunningness and intelligence of the Grex in the first weeks of the conflict. They eventually recover from the hard-earned lessons and gradually start innovating their tactics and equipment in order to better respond to the worldwide threat.
  • Turks With Troops : Helping their former Russian enemies at repelling the onslaughts of Grex swarms in the Ural mountains. They dislike the local snow and cold, but are still a Badass Crew.
  • Values Dissonance: And how, with (completely accurate) historical famous people like U.S. president Woodrow Wilson holding extremely racist beliefs. The whole alien invasion thing does wonders for various national and ethnic rivalries issue though once former enemies start realizing they have to unite to win.
  • X Meets Y / Recycled in Space : It's a bit like War Against the Chtorr... BUT SET IN World War One !
  • War Is Hell : To almost literal levels...
  • We Have Reserves : Sadly, this is more true on the Grex side of the war. Humans are starting to suffer shortages of manpower, and "supplies" of fresh soldiers are getting hard to come by, especially in the most infested areas.
  • What Measure Is A Human / What Measure Is a Non-Human? : Invoked a lot by the characters, both Grex and human.
  • World of Badass : What the most Grex-infested frontlines have become, in order for the soldiers to even survive.
  • World War One : The Grex invade Earth in January 1915, at a time where most of the really powerful military tech and gear of the era was only under development and infantry of even the wealthier nations rarely used any helmets on the battlefield. Needless to say, the Alien Invasion stimulates the advances in military technology a lot. The British Admirality's tank project starts advancing considerably, and in less than 3 weeks after the aliens arrived, the first tanks are deployed on the western front alongside British and French troops.
  • You Will Be Assimilated : One of the methods used by the Grex to replenish and innovate their forces.
  • Zerg Rush : The Grex play this horrifically straight, to the extent of destroying their own co-fighters in a whim of an eye, if it can earn them any tactical advantage.
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