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Season 1


File:Sfceugene 828.png

 Hurry up, cyclops!


A smart, nerdy character who sometimes says things without thinking.

First Resident Evil fan character.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Called Wendy a "cyclops" - everyone (except Wendy) immediately overreacts and votes him out, despite the fact that he was a strong competitor and he apologised to Wendy after the fact.
  • Nerd Glasses
  • We Hardly Knew Ye
  • What Could Have Been: Eugene was originally planned to appear in All Stars and start a bit of a romance with Wendy, last until the final 6/7 and get booted in the same episode as Wendy. The idea was abandoned when it was realized that there were too many good characters being left out of the original idea.


File:Sfcsuzanna 4318.png

 This game is very stressful. Pat should relax.


A nice girl who was friends with everyone on her tribe.

First Sims fan character.


File:Sfcbea 1412.png

 Skylar, you have cancer and you need to be removed from the game.


A nurse who is close friends with Lyle. She later joins the Survivor staff to deal with injuries throughout the series.

First Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.

  • Ascended Extra: Despite being eliminated early, Bea returns later in the season to help with a medical emergency. She is later apparently hired onto the show's medical staff, as she appeared twice in later seasons for similar emergencies.
  • Deadly Doctor: Not exactly. She doesn't kill people, but she did once tell Skylar that he had cancer and had to be removed from the game.
  • The Medic
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Begins the long-standing tradition of Sonic characters being voted out early.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Falls for Skylar's easily seen-through quitting gambit.


File:Sfcoran 3547.png

 They are all ganging up on me.


A whiny little kid who is infamous for being bad at everything. Got dead last in a popularity poll.

First Animal Crossing fan character.


File:Sfclyle 6464.png

 I can think of 100 reasons to keep me, and 100 reasons to get rid of Sky.


A highly emotional tech head who annoyed others except Bea, and turned out to be one of the most intelligent people in the season.

First Mega Man fan character.


File:Sfcphil 6519.png

 Please tell me you guys have food.


A morbidly obese man who is always hungry, yet tries to get over it.

First Pokémon fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.


File:Sfcpat 3782.png

A wolf who tries to act tough and in control of the game, but oftentimes lets her emotions get the better of her.

First F-Zero fan character.


File:Sfcwendy 6943.png

A strong girl with an eyepatch, who is adept at fishing with her bare hands and building things.

First Monkey Island fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Sfcmerideth 5255.png

Rene's sidekick, who is less than thrilled with her friend's sexual preferences.

First Final Fantasy fan character.


File:Sfcrene 2411.png

The woman in control of her original tribe. Her alliance is eventually turned on by Sky, Hogan, and Taylor.

First Star Fox fan character.


File:Sfccraig 5676.png

 This is kind of like a story, with me as the hero and everyone else as the supporting cast.


A complete idiot who thinks he's God's gift to earth and a master of the game, but is never taken seriously.

First Halo fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Sfchugo 8255.png

 I've never been in danger. In fact I've never gotten a single vote, heheheh!


A grumpy shopkeeper who strikes up a friendship with Charlie, and ultimately ends up playing a fake immunity idol hidden by Skylar.

First The Legend of Zelda fan character.


File:Sfctaylor 7690.png

A cute valley girl who says "like" constantly. Is Hogan's girlfriend, Sky's friend, and Charlie's rival.

First Earthbound fan character.


File:Sfchogan 8239.png

A goofy, friendly challenge threat who has a relationship with Taylor.

First Super Mario fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Sfccharlie 8310.png

A dour goth girl who enjoys yaoi. Has a big rivalry with Taylor.

First Silent Hill fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.

Skylar Cooper

File:Sfcskylar 6690.png

  Cute idol, isn't it?


The 12-year-old son of Sly Cooper. He's inherited his father's sneakiness, and uses it to mastermind an idol play and win the first season.

First Sly Cooper fan character.

Season 2: Brains Vs. Brawn


File:Sfc2loris 6962.png

 Look at me. Do you think I'm going to be strong at challenges?


A nice, but very weak old lady who is a huge Survivor fan.

First Cooking Mama fan character.

  • Nice Girl: Considered too nice for the game by her teammates, which is why they kept Gus over her.
  • The Load


File:Sfc2slash 6718.png

A blatant Sonic recolor who believes that speed is the key to winning the game.

Second Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.


File:Sfc2mihoshi 8149.png

A cute young anime girl with creepy blue eyes.

First Lucky Star fan character.


File:Sfc2pj 5416.png

 Max, get me a coconut, dude.


A kid who seemed nice at first, but eventually lived up to the name of his series.

First Bully fan character.


File:Sfc2drake 8575.png

 I prefer the term "paid secret keeping".


A green haired demon with control over fire. Was close to being in control of the Brawns tribe until the Tribal Swap.

First Devil May Cry fan character.

  • Expy: Could possibly be considered one of Silas, in that they both had the game under the palms of their hands until a switch took away all their power and got them voted off.
  • Disc One Final Boss: Was the grandmaster of the game who had it all planned out... until the Tribal Swap, which took away every iota of power he had, and promptly had him voted out.
  • Only Sane Man: At least compared to the rest of his tribe.
  • Playing with Fire: When he is voted out, he toys with Jeff and keeps his torch lit after numerous attempts to extinguish it.
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair


File:Sfc2al 7223.png

An alien who is interested in studying humans and never shows emotion. Despite this he ends up being nice.

First Destroy All Humans! fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


 Bitsy: Al, the truth is...

Al: What?

Bitsy: I already found one of the idols.


Bitsy: Uh, I can't tell by your face. Are you happy, shocked, excited, or angry?



File:Sfc2spikey 5180.png

 The challenges were easy, the surviving was easy, the people were the hard part.


An ape who is obsessed with strength.

First Donkey Kong Country fan character.


File:Sfc2sue 8741.png



An unstable girl who loses it once she enters the minority. So far she's the only character who quit the show.

First Naruto fan character.


File:Sfc2max 48.png

 You know, if I could betray Bitsy and Al, I would, because I really don't care for either of them.


A (somehow) blond puffball who is always thinking about betraying his current allies.

First Kirby fan character.


File:Sfc2polly 5077.png

 I think I could step up and become the leader of this tribe.


A purple bird who attempts to lead her tribe.

Second Animal Crossing fan character.


File:Sfc2mary 8241.png



An incredibly bitchy woman who has a blinding hatred for anything non-human.

First Love Hina fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.

  • Alpha Bitch
  • Cluster F-Bomb: If should be noted that, in season one, most of the real bad language was censored out (sometimes for laughs). Along comes Mary...
  • Fantastic Racism: Mary cannot stand anything that isn't human, after her fiancee revealed himself as a furry and tried to have sex with her in a dog suit.
  • Jerkass

Bitsy Mitzi

File:Sfc2bitsy 2196.png

A sweetheart dingo who is constantly victimized by Mary.

First Crash Bandicoot fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Sfc2gus 6622.png

 I ran with a broken leg in my younger days, I can go with a broken arm.


An aged war veteran who has invaluable survival skills.

First Advance Wars fan character.

  • Badass Grandpa
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Game-Breaking Injury
  • Thanatos Gambit: He guilt-trips the majority alliance into voting him out after he sprains his arm, succeeding in keeping their initial target Ellise in the game and exposing the so-called "Good People" as hypocrites at Tribal Council for almost refusing to vote out an injured old man in need of medical help over a healthy woman.
  • What The Hell "Good People" Alliance: Gus is always very quick to call out the "Good People" alliance on the fact that they are a very big bunch of hypocrites.


File:Sfc2denise 8523.png

 Denise, what do you thi-WAGHH!.


A young woman who is notable for almost never speaking throughout the season, despite being perfectly capable.

First Haruhi Suzumiya fan character.


File:Sfc2ryan 987.png

 You're different from the other girls here. You're more... real.


A rocker dude who hates the strategic side of the game, and prefers to just go with the flow.

First Guitar Hero fan character.

  • All Men Are Perverts
  • Expy: Was noted for resembling Hogan a bit in appearance (although they are obviously a lot different game-wise).
  • Casanova: Ryan starts relationships with multiple girls and he forgets about the previous one as soon as he moves on.
  • Jerk Jock: YMMV.


File:Sfc2chris 9905.png

 I swear I saw my sister on the other tribe.


Kris's twin, whom with he constantly bickers, but ultimately loves.

First Phoenix Wright fan character with his twin, Kris.

  • Black and White Morality: The "Good People Alliance" was founded on this, Chris wanting a "nice person" to win.
  • Hypocrite: And the same alliance ultimately ends up being full of this, with Chris as the ringleader: he refuses to vote out an injured contestant on the grounds that he'd be easier to beat at immunity, he allows Vinnie of all people into his fold despite the fact that he just backstabbed his own allies (the very reason the alliance voted Bitsy out in the first place), and is generally just a bad person with high opinions of himself.
  • Jerk Jock
  • Knight Templar


File:Sfc2vinnie 1054.png

 I'm a snake, I'm doing snake stuff.


The main villain of the season, who constantly is changing alliances and voting out former allies.

First Grand Theft Auto fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Sfc2kris 8039.png

 I'll protect Chris, not his allies.


Chris's twin, whom with she constantly bickers, but ultimately loves.

First Phoenix Wright fan character with her twin, Chris.

  • Action Girl: Tied with Ker for most female challenge wins, although not in a streak like Ker.
  • The Load: While she's the most challenge-worthy contestant, she's not very reliable when it comes to making alliances or plans.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Despite tying for the most immunities achieved at that point in the series (actually tied with Hogan) , she does a really really bad job of trying to prove herself at Tribal Council.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: In contrast to her brother's Black and White Morality mindset, she's more pragmatic and rational.
  • Spanner in the Works: Word of God says Chris would have won if she hadn't been placed on to the show.


File:Sfc2jasmine 5023.png

 I hate voting out people I like, over people like Vinnie.


A nice catgirl who is generally well-liked by everyone.

First Inuyasha fan character.

Ellise d'Tourneau

File:Sfc2ellise 3085.png

  We are in the top 1/2, 50%, whatever you want to call it, we made it.


A doctor who tends to be very bossy, yet is nice once you get to know her.

First Trauma Center fan character.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: After Bitsy is blindsided.
  • The Chessmaster
  • Dark Horse Victory
  • Guile Hero
  • Expy: Of Angie.
  • Heel Face Turn
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Vinnie.
  • Redemption Quest
  • Xanatos Gambit: Her plan at the Final 7 tribal council to keep Kris and Vinnie in the game and upset the "Good People" alliance: Ellise won a vital immunity, but instead of keeping it at Tribal Council, she gives it to Kris - after the vote, she plays her hidden immunity idol, forcing Vinnie to play his immunity idol. After the votes are cast, none of the votes count at all, and this forces a tiebreaker between all four core members of the "Good People" alliance, with Denise being voted off. This not only ensures that Vinnie flips back to her side, and Kris with him, but also starts the downfall of the "Good People".

Season 3


File:Cassie SFC3 9599.png

 I'll turn them into rats if I have to.


A crafty witch girl who forgot to bring her wand and spellbooks, and got sick.

First Harry Potter fan character.


File:Yoshia SFC3 2412.png



A loud, bitchy female Yoshi who cannot stand Marty.

First Yoshis Story fan character.


File:Miichelle SFC3 2892.png



A female Mii with no mouth, who cannot talk or emote, but can set up campfires.

First Wii fan character.


File:Delta SFC3 8726.png

A robot who cannot come in contact with water.

First Chibi-Robo! fan character.


File:Popper SFC3 7703.png



A strange little alien who speaks in only one or two words, and mostly uses signs with pictures to communicate.

First Katamari Damacy fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.

Bessi Bell

File:Bessi Bell SFC3 2520.png

A strong cowgirl who can easily take the leader position.

First Harvest Moon fan character.


File:Iris SFC3 3833.png

An emo girl who quickly becomes close friends with Hope.

First Wario Ware fan character.

  • Emo
  • Expy: Of Ashley.
  • Morality Pet: Hope, until her Face Heel Turn.
  • Those Two Girls: With Hope (at first).
  • Too Dumb to Live: After Lockora, down by two members compared to Roku, wins their first post-swap immunity challenge, Roku kidnaps her, and then Hope, who Iris thought had been her BFF since day one, tricks her into giving up immunity, which she does. The Roku tribe votes her off (they even compare her actions to Erik from Survivor: Micronesia, and Issac is shown facepalming at her stupidity), and Lockora is down to FOUR members. If only she hadn't given it up...
  • Unwitting Pawn: To Hope.


File:Minnie SFC3 3584.png

An excitable woman who dresses as a Japanese schoolgirl and knows karate.

First Street Fighter fan character.


File:Marty SFC3 6085.png

A sneaky ottsel whose strategy relies on a fake twist.

First Jak and Daxter fan character.


File:Issac SFC3 4006.png

One of Baxter's cronies, who is sexist, dumb as a brick, and has a rivalry with Montana.

First Golden Sun fan character.


File:Hope SFC3 5160.png

A nice cat who quickly turned completely Chaotic Evil once influenced by Baxter.

First Blinx the Time Sweeper fan character.

  • Ax Crazy
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Terrifyingly.
  • Face Heel Turn
  • Those Two Girls: With Iris (at first).
  • What Could Have Been: Bitsy was originally going to play Hope's role in Season 2, but because SWSU couldn't apply the psycho look to Bitsy, the concept was dropped. Now, fast forward to All-Stars, and what do we get? Bitsy becoming mean, masterminding the game, and backstabbing everyone, but winning the end.


File:Norman SFC3 6663.png

A shy, gay boy who strikes a friendship with Montana and learns to become more confident.

First Death Note fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Beth SFC3 6097.png

Baxter's love interest, who has a big impact on the season but can never become interesting.

First Tomb Raider fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Spade SFC3 6182.png

One of Baxter's cronies, constantly torn between choosing sides, but ultimately went with whatever was best for him.

First Metal Gear Solid fan character.


File:Violet SFC3 5548.png

An antisocial purple dragon who enjoys laying in trees and may have a soft side.

First Spyro the Dragon fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:Alex SFC3 7562.png

An overweight kid who serves as Baxter's sidekick. He talks very slowly.

First South Park fan character.


File:Baxter SFC3 6128.png

The main villain of the season. Is infamous for backstabbing his own allies and being in control of almost the entire season.

First Kingdom Hearts fan character.

Montana Ana Raines

File:Montana SFC3 4425.png

 The only thing I need to do is go to the challenge nude, and they're done.


Baxter's main opposition. A woman who is quite crazy and enjoys being a bitch, but is actually a nice person deep down. Was voted the most popular winner in an all-season popularity poll.

Second Sims fan character.

Season 4: Fans Vs. Canon


File:SFC4 Sephiroth 1229.png

 Did that bear just tell ME, THE One Winged Angel, to bug off?


The villain that unwittingly tries to form an alliance with everyone on his tribe, which horribly backfires.

Canon character from Final Fantasy.


File:SFC4 Ella 9158.png

  The first few to go are always the ones to mess up in a small way. So if I'm out of sight, I'm safe for now.


A young girl in a parka who tries to play the ultimate "under the radar" game.

First Ice Climbers fan character.

  • One-Scene Wonder: "Oooooohhhh, I'm an evil talking buuuuush..." is pretty much the only reason she has a fanbase.


File:SFC4 Jez 2014.png

  There, we have fire again, no harm done.


A red-headed Saiyan who ended up stuck in between the conflict taking place in the Fans tribe.

First Dragon Ball fan character.

Shiki Misaki

File:SFC4 Shiki 1899.png

  I want to leave an impact if I leave. I don't want to be a nobody on Survivor.


A nice, quiet girl.

Canon character from The World Ends With You.

Rebecca Chambers

File:SFC4 Rebecca 5103.png

A medic.

Canon character from Resident Evil.


File:SFC4 Trent 7634.png

A very social person who knows how the game works because of his past experience in reality TV.

Canon character from Total Drama Island.


File:SFC4 Lucky 6481.png

A black cat who is constantly plagued by her own bad luck.

First Animaniacs fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.

  • Born Unlucky: She has a weird connection with the number 7, which leads her to be the seventh voted out in her season.


File:SFC4 Julia 285.png

Rebecca's twin sister, who has a strange habit of grabbing butts.

Second Resident Evil fan character.

  • Palette Swap: Of Rebecca. Justified, considering they're twins.


File:SFC4 Riku 89.png

A teenager that tries to keep Minerva Mink in the game despite thinking that she is evil.

Canon character from Kingdom Hearts.

  • Only Sane Man: The only one who sees Minerva for the threat she is.


File:SFC4 Bulma 4552.png

  I REALLY wish I had an Immunity Radar right now.


A woman that cannot function without any kind of technology.

Canon character from Dragon Ball.


File:SFC4 Marc 2587.png

A mean strategic teen who hails from Canada.

First Total Drama Island fan character.

  • Canada, Eh?: Marc is one of few contestants to reveal their nationality.


File:SFC4 Joe 2233.png

Marc's goofy teen sidekick, yet he also has a good understanding of the game.

First The World Ends With You fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:SFC4 Knuckles 844.png

A friendly but dumb echidna.

Canon character from Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Sacrificial Lamb: Averted; at this point in the series, him and Chaona are the only Sonic characters to make it past the third person voted out.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Minerva somehow convinces him not to play the hidden immunity idol when he knows he's being voted for.


File:SFC4 Kala 4973.png

A crazy wolfgirl who continually makes friends with inanimate objects.

Second Kingdom Hearts fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.

Minerva Mink

File:SFC4 Minerva 788.png

The main villainess of the season, responsible for manipulating almost every man into doing her bidding.

Canon character from Animaniacs.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars and Survivor Fan Characters 10.

P. Bear

File:SFC4 P Bear 61.png

 Don't talk to the bear when he's in the pool.


A common enemy from Ice Climbers, this particular Polar Bear talks in the third person and has a huge crush on Minerva. Came first in an all-season popularity poll.

Canon character (sort of) from Ice Climbers.


File:SFC4 Chaona 9117.png

A hedgehog girl with a rather pessimistic outlook, who is friends with Knuckles.

Third Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.

Lilly Pendragon

File:SFC4 Lilly 7842.png

A selfish girl who nonetheless knows when to check her temper.

Canon character from Suikoden.


File:SFC4 Luke 408.png

A young apprentice who constantly seeks a master to replace his own, Cecil Harvey, during the game.

Second Final Fantasy fan character.

  • No Damage Run
  • Undying Loyalty: When Luke chooses a master, he remains loyal to that person, no matter what even though his first master is blindsided early because of this.

Barney Callahan

File:SFC4 Barney 9899.png

A smart and strong store worker, who plays dumb to shrink the target on his back.

First Suikoden fan character.

Season 5: The Cursed Islands


File:SFC5 Renny 5844.png

A very provocative cat who is also a stripper.

First Happy Tree Friends fan character.

  • Ascended Extra: After her elimination, Renny makes a hidden appearance as part of the background once in each following episode.
  • Easter Egg: The hidden Rennys.
    • Subverted in the final episode, where her location is blatantly obvious.


File:SFC5 Victor 1279.png

A not-so-strong guy that wears headphones and tries to prove himself to his team.

First Tales of Symphonia fan character.


File:SFC5 MTL 8879.png

A yellow-caped knight that is bad at making first impressions.

First Maple Story fan character.


File:SFC5 Amber 2905.png

A rabbit that gets sick while in-game.

Fourth Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.


File:SFC5 Tsukkin 1445.png

An assassin that gets voted out somewhat unfairly.

First Marvel vs. Capcom fan character.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Not her, but her tribe-mates. Let's look: In a challenge, she was given the option to eat some food, but give more weights to the two people on her tribe doing the challenge (the strongest two, Greg and Sin). Not only did her tribe win the challenge, but both of the other tribes had TWO people eating and sending even more weights to THEIR tribe-mates. Her tribe votes her out because of her decision anyway.
  • Tranquil Fury: After her tribe vote her out:

  Tsukkin: "You know, I could kill every one of you in less than ten seconds with my sword. But... I'll be nice and let you live."



File:SFC5 Audrey 6799.png

A blonde woman who always proclaims that she is evil and has plans to take over the world, which always fail.

First Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan character.


File:SFC5 Sin 8422.png

An easygoing pirate with a laidback style of leadership.

First One Piece fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:SFC5 Phoenix 4982.png

A short guy with a strange tendency to be on the outs of everything.

Second Mega Man fan character.


File:SFC5 Joseph 3558.png

Krystal's father, who is strong despite his age and close to Amy.

Second Star Fox fan character.


File:SFC5 Jessica 1844.png

A brilliant, evil scientist and self-proclaimed master of the game.

First Metroid fan character.


File:SFC5 Brock 3097.png

A young superhero who believes in truth and justice.

First The Powerpuff Girls fan character.

Maria and Mo

File:SFC5 Maria 2833.png

A girl with Multiple Personality Disorder. Maria is very quiet and shy, while Mo is a murderous psychopath.

First Superjail fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:SFC5 Amy 3941.png

A strong fox who knows martial arts. Had a father-daughter relationship with Joseph.

First Tiny Toon Adventures fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:SFC5 Greg 1252.png

A big man who does not tolerate bullying.

Third Kingdom Hearts fan character.


File:SFC5 Gatemaster 6626.png

A goofy friendly guy who inadvertently ended up controlling the entire game.

First World of Warcraft fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars.


File:SFC5 Miranda 5031.png

A grim angel who is considered to be the leader of the majority.

First Riviera the Promised Land fan character.


File:SFC5 Marius 6562.png

A villainous guy who starts off unfamiliar with Survivor, until Jessica teaches him.

First Fire Emblem fan character.

Season 6: All-Stars

Minerva Mink

Came back from Season 4: Fans vs. Canon. This time, everyone knows her tricks and don't let her get the upper hand on them.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.

Maria and Mo

Came back from Season 5: The Cursed Islands. Mo is back, and a lot angrier...


Came back from Season 3. Beth assumes everyone will let her glide by since she's pretty boring and under-the-radar.


Came back from Season 5: The Cursed Islands. Even though he's never been untruthful, nobody seems to believe he actually made the finals in his previous season.


Came back from Season 1. Charlie decides to play a lot harder around this time, and does not take the betrayal to her alliance well.


Came back from Season 1. The guy still thinks he's the greatest Survivor ever, and still wants to be a master strategist.

  • Earn Your Happy Ending: He leaves the game the second time having finally pulled off the one big move in the game he wanted to.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: And without even realizing it. He gives Individual Immunity to Popper, the majority's intended target, only because he's his friend. Because he's eliminated because of it, this is considered Craig's only big move he's ever done.


Came back from Season 2: Brains vs. Brawn. Same old Mary thinks the producers are trying to screw with her after she's put on a tribe filled with non-humans.

  • Backstory: She tells a truthful tale about how she began to hate furries with a passion.
  • Character Development: She still hates furies by the end of the season, but while she's on Exile Island, she realises (in her own narrow-minded way) that she doesn't just hate furies; she hates "bubbly, cheerful, delusional, self-righteous, arrogant, cutesy and angsty people with a passion", and 99.99% of the furies she's met just violate at least three of those. The only people she didn't hate were Sue, Denise, Ryan and Minerva, just because they happened to agree with her.
  • Odd Friendship: With Minerva Mink, of all people.


Came back from Season 2: Brains vs. Brawn. Vinnie is convinced that he can make it far at least one more time.


Came back from Season 5: The Cursed Islands. Tries to play a more subtle, under-the-radar game, especially since nobody knows who she is (Season 5 was airing while All-Stars was filming) but people start to get suspicious...

  • Action Girl
  • Out of Focus: She does this to avoid being a threat, but people eventually see through this, resulting in her getting voted out just before the merge.


Came back from Season 5: The Cursed Islands. After being taken advantage of last season, he seeks tutelage from Vinnie on how to be a good player.


Came back from Season 2: Brains vs. Brawn. Al steps up his game for his second go, and becomes more than adept at the game.


Came back from Season 1. No longer as easy-going as he was first season, he decides to pull his act together.


Came back from Season 3. He's still hanging around on his own, he's still sleeping in his tree, but this time a dingo by the name of Bitsy has caught his eye.


Came back from Season 3. Popper, one of the most popular contestants to ever play in the game, comes back to do...Popper things.


Came back from Season 4: Fans vs. Canons. One of the shows biggest fanboys, completely starstruck by the other All-Stars, Joe is back for another round.


Came back from Season 3. He's given up the moniker of "N", and is determined to play a much better game than last time.


 Hogan: It's official, whoever wins likes guys.



Came back from Season 4: Fans vs. Canons. Lucky came back to prove she could have gone far if Minerva hadn't betrayed her.


Came back from Season 1. The original Survivor Fan Characters Action Girl is back to try and get further than 9th place like last time.


Came back from Season 4: Fans vs. Canons. After learning a new trick, Kala comes back to brighten up the screen with her crazy antics.

Bitsy Mitzi

Came back from Season 2: Brains vs. Brawn. Bitsy comes back to show that she's not just a nice girl, and there was a reason she was put on the Brains Tribe in Season 2.

Season 7


A surprisingly nice Irken who speaks in riddles.

First Invader Zim fan character.


A smart wolf girl with an agressive playing style.

First The Raccoons fan character.


A green alien who doesn't care about the game. He just enjoys torturing people.

First The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan character.


An old rat lady with Down Syndrome who lost her husband in the war. She went on Survivor to help get over her chronic depression.

First Conkers Bad Fur Day fan character.


A cavewoman who has trouble speaking English.

First The Flintstones fan character.


An instigator who tries to get his team to fight amongst themselves.

First Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy fan character.


A teenaged superhero with power over fire. Uses Internet acronyms a lot in her speech.

First Teen Titans fan character.


A hunky vampire who uses his notoriety to his advantage.

First Twilight fan character.

Mr. Stabby

Some fat guy in a mask.

First Friday the 13 th fan character.

For the person behind the mask, read the character bio below.

Russell Hantz

A Real Life person who has been on three Survivor seasons. Is infamous for finding and using many idols, yet is rather mediocre at the other aspects of the game.

First Real Life character.

  • The Cameo: Just a daydream, but in Season 8, he appeared in Johnny's daydream, along with Boston Rob, as the curse for taking the Immunity Idol.
  • Canon Immigrant
  • Disc One Final Boss
  • Flanderization: On this, Your Mileage May Vary greatly on how much you hate the real Russell.
  • Griefer
  • Humiliation Conga: Russell is put through pretty much every degrading thing that could happen to him, ranging from having his mask disguise painted pink to being forced to lie about being a fan of Twilight. People expect that this will continue for a while...
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: His Mr. Stabby mask. Apparently no one recognizes his height, build, hat, voice, or personality except Skazz.
  • Take That: Russell's inclusion and portrayal could be considered a massive "Take That" against the real-life Russell.
  • Ted Baxter
  • The Load: He is near useless in challenges, everyone on his tribe wants him gone and he still considers himself an amazing player.
  • The Mole: Chances are, the production staff already knows that he's Mr. Stabby.
  • The Reveal: M. Night Shyamalan would've wept tears of joy.
  • Too Dumb to Live: His blindside.


A bitch turned anti-hero who fights against the huge alliance in her tribe.

First Soul Calibur fan character.


The head of the Super Seven alliance, who is universally loved in game and has two girls fighting over him. He himself is creeped out by how much people like him.

Third Final Fantasy fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.


A crazy girl from the jungle who quickly turns sour and delusional due to her crush on Ventious.

Fourth Final Fantasy fan character.


A panda who is Ryuia's rival for Ventious's affections.

First Kung Fu Panda fan character.


A plucky, sarcastic teenager whose big moves commonly are kept under wraps.

First Yu Yu Hakusho fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.


A lord In Space who starts off as a bossy, egocentric jerk but quickly realizes the error of his ways.

First Tytania fan character.


A short, tempermental cat who frequently changes accents and can smell words somehow.

First Get Fuzzy fan character.


A police officer who enjoys crack pairings, and may not be as good as she seems...

Second Phoenix Wright fan character. (Third if you count Chris and Kris seperately.)


The biggest strategist of the season, who bases his strategies on his experiences of surviving zombie invasions.

First Left 4 Dead fan character.





A small pup in a business suit who works at a demolition company and has extensive knowledge on explosives.

First Mighty Mouse fan character.



 Thankfully you never won the game. So there is still hope for me to win this game without becoming anything close to you.


An old, female clown who enjoys making people laugh and telling utterly absurd stories.

First The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack fan character.

Season 8: The Midway Island



 Fuck yoselves, fuck yo game, fuck yo tribe, fuck yo couch, and fuck yoselves again.


A ghetto girl with plenty of attitude.

First America's Next Top Model fan character.





A skater dude who speaks mostly in one-word sentences.

First SSX fan character.



 Does someone want a Rare Candy?


An extremely genki Pokemon trainer.

Second Pokémon fan character.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Inverted, when her alliance mates decide to vote out just because she was being "annoying", when doing so would put the remaining alliance in the minority.
  • Genki Girl



 Yeah, I'm a supervillain. A pretty good one at that.


A girl who wants to become one of the most notorious villains of all time.

First Batman fan character.


A Latino demon hunter who mistrusts any sort of demon.

First Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan character.





A jaguar who believes that only the strong should survive. His strategy is to vote off people that he considers weak.

First Darkwing Duck fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.



 Operation Hit and Run is on.


A so-called "business bunny" who sees the game as a business transaction... until he sees a hot girl, that is.

First Rocko's Modern Life fan character.

  • Distracted by the Sexy
  • Genre Savvy: He somehow figures out that the decoration on the Midway Island statue is the Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Griefer: After he mutinies to Yrsa'Ka.
  • Risky Business Dance: In Ponderosa.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Matt turns on him in revenge for failing him.
  • Xero Approval Gambit: Becomes intentionally loadish, annoying, and smug in an attempt to goad everyone into voting for him then idol a strong member of Yrsa'Ka, to which he just mutinied to. Subverted in that this fails when Jackie and Heinz see through it and vote out Emilee instead.


A doctor who has a tendency to daydream.

First Scrubs fan character.


A woman who hides her insecurities behind an aggressive facade.

First Friends fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.



 Why can't we just be one big happy family?


A quirky Reploid who just wants everyone to get along.

Third Mega Man fan character.


A drunken mongoose with a tendency to slur his speech.

Fifth Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.


A girl who kept Matt safe throughout the game with Iraenus.

First Ranma ½ fan character.


A flamboyant purple demon who tends to hit on most of his tribemates, and kept Matt safe with Geena for most of the game.

First The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy fan character.



 I'd love for them to just quit, but they're stubborn little sheep.


A so-called "villainous mastermind" who is vastly incompetent yet thinks he's in control of the game all the time.

Second Super Mario fan character.

  • Brought to You by The Letter "S": The "M" on his shirt.
  • The Chessmaster: Subverted; while he did make it to the end, he failed in manipulating people.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
  • Expy: A black-haired, incompetant Baxter.
    • Many readers have also called him "SFC8 Russell".
  • Humiliation Conga: Though he uses the nullifier on Heinz and plays his hidden immunity idol, the majority of the tribe votes off his right-hand man Johnny instead. So he not only has he wasted both a hidden immunity idol and a nullifier power that he can only use once per game, he loses all his allies at the Final 8.
  • Jerkass
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Smug Snake
  • Ted Baxter: Despite thinking he's a master strategist who controls the game, all he's managed to do so far is eliminate some annoying tribe mates (Shaniqua and Penny), backstab his own alliance members, just to prove he can (Heinz and Xero), and become completely oblivious to any real major moves (Johnny). This fact is even brought up at Final Tribal Council, where it's completely obvious that he had no idea what was going on half the time.
  • Token Evil Teammate


A strong young man who spends a lot of time to himself. After being betrayed by Matt, he is voted back into the game and determined to take him down.

First Tekken fan character or not.

  • Back From the Dead
  • The Reveal: He's not actually a Tekken character. He lied to get himself on the show, which was exclusive to fan characters.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In his own attempt to get Xero eliminated from Yrsa'Ka, he mutinies to the other tribe before Xero can, and trusts in his tribe to throw immunity and get rid of him. Unfortunately, this was Matt and Xero's plan; Xero wins immunity for the tribe, and Heinz, being the lowest man on the totem pole in the opposing tribe, gets voted off next tribal council.
  • What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic: His torch wasn't snuffed out completely when he was voted off. Considering the same thing had happened with a certain returnee from the actual show, this could have been the author spoiling the fact that Heinz would be returning.

Melanie Aensland


 Hm, I got mud on myself.


A succubus known for seduction.

First Darkstalkers fan character.


 Melanie: What is the secret?

Oehda: You'll find out eventually, it's big.

Melanie: Did [Heinz] kill somebody?

Oehda: No, not that big.

Melanie: Good, I was worried we would have some common ground.


Season 9



 Some others may be harder to backstab... But you're easy.


A young, confident cocky teenager who plans on taking control of the game.

Sixth Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.



 I don't care what lies I have to say. But I will sell my soul... or so they think. To stay in the game.


A sneaky, manipulative girl who plans to win the game.

Second Total Drama Island fan character.





A literal Witch that is heaped on sedatives to keep her from killing the cast.

Second Left 4 Dead fan character.





The winner of the 67th Hunger Games, she is very strong but also has a hair-trigger temper.

First Hunger Games fan character.

  • Action Girl
  • The Quisling: To the females on the tribe; she refused to be part of a female alliance because she wanted to be a member of the winners.
  • The Scapegoat: When the Carbo members' luxury items are burned in the fire, she gets blamed for the incident.



 I truly believe in the bottom of my heart that she is... you know, The One.


A pilot who enjoys flirting with pretty women. He believes that he has found true love on the show. Poor guy.

First Mortal Engines fan character.





A mage who plans to use her magic skills to her advantage in the game.

First Chrono Trigger fan character.



 Good grief, just let a strong independent woman challenge Frank, and he's acting like it's the worst thing in the world.


A rocker girl who serves as the main opposition to Frank and his alliance.

First Rock Band fan character.





A very strong Russian who is the main challenge dominator on his team.

First Shaman King fan character.





An average guy who experiences a very not-average brand of punishment throughout the game.

First Enchanted Arms fan character.



 We are "The Alliance". We don't need a special name, because we are what alliances should strive to be. Five strong guys, who are willing to play the game, do what we have to, but stick together in the end. And this is a good group of guys.


A member of the Sims council and a born leader, who would be well-respected if he didn't have incredibly antiquated views on gender roles.

Third Sims fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.

Starr Bright


 "I will walk away with the million"... So was that good... I really don't know what I'm doing...


A cheerful high-school girl who tries to fit in with the popular kids by acting shallow and aloof.

First Glee fan character.



 He shall now be referred to as "Fish".


A lion who appears to be a complete enigma to the rest of the cast. He is actually an angel who decided to play only to watch the typical drama unfold firsthand.

First Second Life fan character.


 Donovan: "Bonnie."

Prescilla: "Yes?"

Donovan: "Checkmate."




 WHY were you YELLING at me!? IN MY DREAM!


A pretty and athletic model who, nethertheless, is very shallow and thinks she needs to depend on a man.

First Baywatch fan character.



 No, not mad, just disappointed.


A kindly housewife and Survivor Superfan who is set on disproving the negative stereotypes of people like her.

First Dead Rising fan character.

  • Expy: Of Cirie.
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Genre Savvy: Recognises the recurring theme of young, charismatic males turning out to be villains further on down the line and lobbies for Zachary to be voted out immediately due to this.
  • Out of Focus: While she is focused upon in the first few episodes and the last few episodes, she falls into this category until around the merge.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Subverted.
  • Shocking Elimination
  • Shout-Out: Uses several fan-related terms when talking about how much of a threat Zachary was or would become, including the way viewers determine who has the best chance of winning via editing called "edgic".



 Or is it... "You reap what you sow"... Either way I'm awesome...


A complete idiot (who thought he was on The Amazing Race) who finds out that Survivor isn't really that hard.

First Backyard Baseball fan character.

Sanza Salazar


 "The Latrines; we get shit done."


An anti-hero who considers himself a nice guy, but isn't afraid to make sneaky moves to further himself.

Second Teen Titans fan character.

Kathy Miura


 Why does this game have to be so complicated? Nothing's ever easy...


A girl who enjoys games of all kinds, and plans on using her skills in the Liar Game on Survivor.

First Liar Game fan character.

Prescilla a.k.a. Bonnie


 Oh Starr, I don't manipulate people like Gretchen tried to.


 I have a bet with a few of my pals on how many of these cunts commit suicide after seeing this.


A sweet, elegant lady who makes sure she is nice to everyone... until you see her confessionals. "Prescilla" is really a facade, and the real Bonnie is a Complete Monster who takes the game by force.

First Barbie fan character.

Came back for Survivor Fan Characters 10.



 I don't want to be zombie chow...


A Chao who doesn't show up much, yet is perfectly game-savvy and enjoys spelling words for some reason.

Seventh Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.



 Oh dear, I think my fears are now becoming a reality... I just hope I can keep on surviving...


A robot designed by G La DOS to be the ultimate helper in Survivor.

First Portal fan character.

Season 10


Came back from Season 9.


Came back from Season 7.


Came back from Season 9.


Came back from Season 8: The Midway Island.

Minerva Mink

Came back from Season 4: Fans Vs. Canon and Season 6: All-Stars.


Came back from Season 8: The Midway Island.


Came back from Season 1.


Came back from Season 7.

Family Visitors (Canon/Fan Characters)

Survivor Fan Characters 2

Chris has been visited by Phoenix Wright from Phoenix Wright.

Ellise has been visited by Derek from Trauma Center.

Jasmine has been visited by Inuyasha from Inuyasha.

Kris has been visited by Maya from Phoenix Wright.

Ryan has been visited by Axel from Guitar Hero.

Vinnie has been visited by Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto.

Survivor Fan Characters 3

Alex has been visited by Cartman from South Park.

Baxter has been visited by Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Beth has been visited by Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Montana has been visited by Darius from Sims.

Spade has been visited by Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Violet has been visited by Hunter the Cheetah from Spyro the Dragon.

Survivor Fan Characters 4

Barney has been visited by Hugo from Suikoden 3.

Chaona has been visted by her friend Herian, an original character.

Kala has been visited by her brother Dmetri, an original character.

Lilly has been visited by Reed from Suikoden 3.

Luke has been visited by Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV.

Minerva has been visited by Wilford Wolf from Animaniacs.

P. Bear has been visited by Topi from Ice Climbers.

Survivor Fan Characters 5

Amy has been visited by Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures.

Gatemaster has been visited by his brother Chitlin, an original character.

Greg has been visited by Vivi from Kingdom Hearts II, even though he's originally from Final Fantasy IX.

Maria has been visited by the Warden from Superjail.

Marius has been visited by his girlfriend Helana, an original character.

Miranda has been visited by Ein from Riviera the Promised Land.

Survivor Fan Characters: All Stars

Bitsy has been visited by Crash Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot.

Joe has been visited by Joshua from The World Ends With You.

Kala has been visited by Dmetri, an original character. Kala is the only person who made the family visit twice, and Dmetri is the only person who appeared twice.

Lucky has been visited by her friend Meow, a fan character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Meow is the first visitor to have come from a different series than the contestant.

Norman has been visited by L from Death Note.

Popper has been visited by the Prince from Katamari Damacy.

Wendy has been visited by Guybrush from Monkey Island.

Survivor Fan Characters 7

Dinah had won a call from Dick Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright.

Ker has been visited by Flapjack from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

Krauss has been visited by Lord Jouslain fron Tytania.

Phil has been visited by Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

Quadratic has been visited by Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy.

Wrecker had won a call from Mighty Mouse from Mighty Mouse.

Survivor Fan Characters 8

Geena has been visited by Ranma from Ranma ½.

Heinz has been visited by Hwoarang from Tekken.

Iraenus has been visited by Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Malik has been visited by his son Meirouku, an original character.

Matt has been visited by Mario from Super Mario.

Melanie has been visited by Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

Survivor Fan Characters 9

Brenton has been visited by his brother Dewie, an original character.

Cherman has been visited by the Companion Cube from Portal.

Kathy had won a call from Nao Kanzaki from Liar Game.

Prescilla has been visited by Barbie from Barbie.

Sanza had won a call from Robin from Teen Titans.

Tofuchao has been visited by his friend Drago, an original character.


Jeff Probst

The host of the show!

Skippy the Cameraman

The unseen cameraman for the series. Although it's not often, contestants sometimes talk to him in a Confessional.


 Skippy: I think they're onto you.

Jeff: Shush, this is going to be good.

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