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A suplex is any Professional Wrestling move that starts with both people competitors in a standing position, where one person lifts another off the ground and then drives him down with the first points of contact being the back, neck, or back of the head. Countless variations exist, and it is common for a wrestler to specialize in a specific type. Suplexes are often also used by characters in other storytelling formats outside of Pro Wrestling.

This is for a number of reasons:

  1. They're dangerous. The victim's getting his cerebellum knocked around (which can easily cause unconsciousness) and putting tons of stress on the spine.
  2. Unlike most moves popularized by Professional Wrestling, the Suplex can be performed without any help from the victim. In fact, it's sometimes used in legitimate Greco-Roman wrestling.
  3. It looks really damn cool.

Sub-Trope of Wrestler in All of Us.

Examples of Suplex Finisher include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Angel Beats, this move becomes the subject of an entire episode, as it is the move Yui always wanted to perform on someone ever since seeing it on TV when she was alive (but could never do) and doing so ends up being her final request.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka uses the German suplex once on the Vice Principal of the school.
  • Mamoru Takamura knocked out Aoki with a German suplex. It was only partially successful as he slipped and hit his head on the floor.
  • In Seto no Hanayome, Nagasumi does this to a shark.
  • From Cinnabar Gym onward, Ash's Charizard of Pokémon has won all of its major battles by way of Seismic Toss. Well...there was that one time it won a battle with an improvised move: Flaming Seismic Toss!
  • Kaname performs one of these on Sousuke in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! during one of her over-the-top Tsundere rages at him. One of the characters labels it by name.
  • A Hakubi family tradition, it seems; Washu is shown performing one on Dark Washu, and Ryoko's gone for her share, in the Tenchi Muyo! manga episodes.
  • In Nichijou, the principal fights a deer in the schoolyard (don't ask) and ultimately subdues it with a suplex (pictured above).
  • Rinne no Lagrange has one at the end of the first episode with two mechas.
  • Several anime/manga in the Panty Fighter genre like this move, especially when both fighters are wearing short skirts.


  • In the second Blade movie, the titular hero just got his ass kicked and most of the blood in his body drained out, and happens to be a hallway away from a giant fountain/waterfall of the stuff (he IS in the hideout of the Big Bad vampire of the movie.) Cue a dive that not only heals him but supercharges him for a while, and he now easily takes out the entire horde of familiars that had taken him down before, and ends with - of course - a suplex. Bonus points for holding the guy vertically in the air while staring down Reinhart before dropping the poor guy.

Video Games

  • Keep in mind, almost all fighting games WILL have a suplex in one form or another. It could be a piledriver, like Zangief, but these usually show up as grabs.
  • Bayonetta is capable of suplexing five angels at the same time as well as a dragon.
  • Final Fantasy VI has Sabin, reigning supreme by suplexing a train, among other things.
    • In Final Fantasy VII Tifa's limit break sequence finishes on a suplex, so she can suplex ridiculous things as well.
  • Kinnikuman Generations has a tag team suplex, capable of knocking out both opponents at once.
  • Kirby gains access to the German Suplex through his Suplex and Backdrop abilities, and it immediately kills any Mooks in his grasp.
  • In Live a Live, this is the one of the techniques the Wrestler Character can learn from battle in his chapter or gain by leveling up in the final chapter.
  • In Saga Frontier, the Suplex is a basic martial arts move, and it can be combined into the DSC which is capable of killing almost anything except bosses.
  • In the Romancing SaGa remake you can suplex anyone if you know the technique, even the Final Boss, it deals quite a bit of damage and can possibly stun the target (Enemy cannot act that turn).
  • Zangief, being a RUSSIAN WRESTLER is a master of the suplex.
  • God Hand has an action command suplex for certain enemies. For regular mooks this is instant death, elites not so much but still rather effective.
    • Additionally, if you kill someone with it, you completely bury their head in the ground. Even if the floor is solid stone or metal.
  • Resident Evil 4 had Leon being able to apply a lethal Northern Lights suplex which could cause Instant Death on some enemies.
  • Nero from Devil May Cry 4 can do suplexes as Devil Bringer special moves on certain enemies -- both normal suplex, and Zangief's Final Atomic Buster.
  • No More Heroes allows the player to perform wrestling moves (the majority of them being different suplex variants) on stunned enemies, including bosses. This is usually followed by Travis' beam katana falling on the fallen enemy.
    • Not only do you learn progressively cooler and cooler suplexes, but each boss has a difficult to set up custom boss suplex. Except the Disc One Final Boss, who is immune to grabs.
    • To be specific, you have access to the following variations: Belly-to-Belly, Captured, Full Nelson, German, Trap, Double Wrist, Tiger among others.
  • Dungeon Fighter Online has a suplex as a common move available to all Fighter subclasses, and even has a class specialized in throwing/slamming enemies (Grappler) that has SEVERAL variants of the move. Another ability adds a lightning bolt to the end of each Suplex. Finally, there is even a Fighter weapon named "Death by Suplex."
  • Final Fight lets you do this as Haggar to various mooks.
  • Suikoden's Kasumi is able to do this to pretty much every single enemy in the game. I think there's one where she uses a normal slash instead.
    • Other characters throughout the series who possess the "Shrike Rune" can do this move, too.
  • Ralf of King of Fighters had suplexes to finish some moves. His partner, Clark, was a grappler and had even more, with some suplex finishers having an elbow drop finisher.
  • In the Conan game for PlayStation 3, the Cimmerian can learn the 'Warrior Suplex'.
  • In Sengoku Basara, Kanbe can pull a variation of the Final Atomic Buster as well. With proper timing, he can add in up to 10 suplexes before finishing off with a piledriver.
  • Batman has one of these as a counter-move in Arkham City. Why? Because he's Batman
  • A recent video released for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Patch v1.5 shows that a suplex will be a new added finisher move for Unarmed kills.

Real Life

  • The German suplex has occasionally been used as a tackle in American football, as that robs the ball-carrier of at least a yard.
  • Dan Severn, an early UFC champion, won his first MMA fight with the aid of two suplexes on his opponent. It should be noted that Severn is an expert in various wrestling styles, including Greco-Roman. (he later had a stint as a professional wrestler)
  • Another MMA example. In his fight against Fedor Emelianenko, Kevin Randleman has executed one of the most devastating suplexes ever (including in pro wrestling). Despite landing right on his head, Emelianenko amazingly won the fight by submission just 45 seconds after the move.
  • It's practically the signature move of Kazuyuki Miyata to the point where on at least one occasion he stated outright that he was going to use the technique on his opponent (a promise he made good on in the match).
  • There's a popular gif of security footage in an elevator showing what appears to be a Japanese schoolgirl suplexing a would-be purse snatcher.
    • Said footage is actually staged; it comes from a local pro wrestling commercial.
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