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  • Seriously, any moment involving Mxyzptlk is a Crowning Moment of Funny. For example, we have his FIRST meeting with Superman...

 Mxy: Alright, I'll tell you what, you get me to say my name backwards, I'll split until our dimension align again in three months.

Clark: I can't even say your name forward, how am I supposed to say it backwards?

Mxy No, you dolt! You have to get me to say it!!

Clark: Say what?

Mxy: KLTPZYXM!! Gosh you're dense! Now, the first- Aw nuts *poof*

    • Fast forward to three months later...

 Mxy: Your three months are up. And this time, you're not gonna cheat me out of my fun!

Clark: Oh, it's you again, Mr. Kltpzyxm.

Mxy: Not "Kltpzyxm!" Mxyzptlk! Now, the first thing I'm gonna do- Aw, nuts. *poof*

  • And of course we cant forgot Ol' Myxie getting stranded on Earth for three months in his second appearance as punishment for his repeated torment of "lesser lifeforms" in the third dimension, and told that he'll get his powers back in three months if he's shown that he can perform good deeds for said lifeforms instead. Cue Superman putting Myxie in charge of keeping a look on Bizarro on the alien planet he left him on, complete with being forced to put his fake city together so Bizarro will have a place to "protect" and getting mauled by Bizarro's vicious alien "dog".
  • In World's Finest:

 Joker: *abruptly busts in on a room full of gangsters* Caesar Carlini, my old pal! Why, I haven't seen you since... *pauses, thinking hard* Waaait. I've never seen you, have I? Wow, you need to get out more.

    • Harley vs. Mercy. Dear Lord, I can't remember laughing so hard.
    • When Superman shows up to stop him from interrogating a thug, Batman grabs his arm and throws him across the room. The look of utter shock on Superman's face is fantastic.

 Superman: I heard you were crazy, I didn't think you were stupid.

      • I'll bet that's another reason why he brought out the kryptonite sample. Batman's been called "crazy" lots of times, but he takes it personally when someone calls him "stupid".
    • Another priceless moment is after this confrontation when Superman goes back to his apartment and undresses for bed while having a conversation with Lois. He notices something glowing on his cape and finds that it's one of Batman tracers. He looks outside his window to see Batman watching him from several rooftops away, which means Batman now knows his secret identity AND where he lives. Batman tops off this awesome moment by saluting Superman before he leaves. Bad. Ass.
    • Lois Lane has fallen hard for Bruce Wayne, then finds out he's Batman. She is less than happy.

 Lois: I'll get some iodine for that cut. (through clenched teeth) Burning. Stinging. Iodine.

      • The cherry on top is the look on Bruce's face when she goes to get said iodine: pure bedroom eyes mixed with amusement at her comment. Oh, Bruce. You dog.
    • When showing up for the final confrontation with The Joker and Luthor, this happens:

 Superman: I can't see inside. Luthor's been lining his buildings with lead.

Batman: There's always the direct approach.

(Superman punches down the door)

Batman: (grins) You're learning.

    • After the blimp crashes, with the Joker presumably still inside it:

 Harley: Puddin'!

Batman: At this point, he probably is.

Harley: *whimper*

    • Harley's little rant as she's being taken away in a straightjacket to be shipped back to Arkham in the aftermath:

 Harley: I want a lawyer! I want a doctor! I want a cheese sandwich! (is unceremoniously shoved into the van and they drive off)

Mercy: (watching this all from back at LexCorp, in bandages by the way) Now, that's funny! Ha-ha-ha-OW!

    • Bruce's final words to Clark before he gets on the plane: "[Lois] is all yours now, if you can handle it. You'd better be good to her...'cause I know where you live."
  • In "Legacy", Superman is brainwashed into serving Darkseid. After conquering a planet, he is given an orgy with the Female Furies as a reward. Look at how jealous Kalibak is.
  • Clark's Sarcastic Confession to Lois Lane in "The Main Man, Part 1":

 Clark Kent: Well, Lois, the truth is, I'm actually Superman in disguise and I only pretend to be a journalist in order to hear about disasters as they happen, and then squeeze you out of the byline.


Lois Lane: You're a sick man, Kent.

Clark Kent: You asked.

    • Speaking of the Main Man!

 Lois: Get away from me, you sick pig- (slaps Lobo, finding out the hard way his skin is like rock) OW!

Lobo: Ooo! I like a girl who can play rough! Come on babe! (points to his cheek) Do it again, hit me har-

* gets decked by Superman and sent flying*

    • Even better-when Lobo goes onto a "kid-friendly" for tv-swearing little rant Superman sent him flying-the hole that was ALREADY in Lex's office from Lobo and Superman's fight, you see a very ticked off Lex Luthor, ordering his goons to....

 Luthor: *ticked off* but I want all repairs completed--

*cue Lobo being thrown through Lex's office again--this time from the floor straight through to the ceiling* killrendfragdestroy--!

Luthor: *even more ticked off* IMMEDIATELY!!

    • Pretty much everything that comes out of Lobo's mouth is hilarious, but the following is particularly funny in it's delivery:

 Superman: Who are you?"

Lobo: *deadpan* Oh, I'm sorry. My card."

*Lobo punches Superman.*

  • In "Knight Time", the reaction of Bane as Superman, dressed as Batman, beats the crap out of him with his bare hands. The look on his face is just clearly going, "Oh bullshit!"

 Robin: (to Riddler) He's been working out.

    • Then after that, screwing with the Mad Hatter using Super Speed. The "Oh Crap" expression does not leave the Hatter's face once in that entire sequence.

  Mad Hatter: Curiouser and curiouser!

    • And when Superman forgets himself and grins at Robin. It totally freaks out the Mad Hatter until he remembers he's playing Batman and scowls again.
    • Similarly, as Superman emerges from a fireball, his Batman costume burnt away:

 Brainiac: Kal-El. This development is highly improbable.

      • Superman's deadpan reaction is also gold

 Superman: Today's been full of surprises.*punches Brainiac*

    • Also in "Knight Time", when Tim Drake aka the 2nd Robin, asks Superman how he got to impersonate Bruce's voice so well as Batman.

 Superman: (doing Batman's voice) Precise muscle control.

*Tim just smiles and keeps walking on until*

Superman: (doing Robin's voice) Plus I have a pretty good ear.

Robin: (turns and glares at Superman) Don't. Do. That. Again!

    • Really seeing the Boy Scout pretend to be Batman was so hilarious I was having giggle fits the ENTIRE episode!
      • Not to mention, it's a fun Lampshade Hanging on the limited amount of character models available at the time that Superman can pass himself off as Batman (who at least in the comics is quite a bit thinner).
    • That depends a lot on the artist, some versions have Batman being even more muscular than Superman, while in others, he's got more of a martial artist built.
  • In "Warrior Queen", the whole sequence of Superman fighting Maxima-being witnessed upon by an older woman. Her comments to her husband about everything going on, and her husband's responses to them...HILARIOUS!

 Wife: Murray, there's a man and a woman fighting!!

Husband: [not taking his eyes off the newspaper] Stop spying on the neighbors, Lucille.

    • When Maxina hugged Superman for actually beating her.

 Lucille: Oh my they're hugging.

Murray: Don't get any ideas!

    • Heck the reaction of Superman when Maxima expresses her joy that Superman beat her!

 Maxima: You defeated me? No one has ever defeated me! (hugs him) This is the happiest moment of my life!

Superman: (dumbfounded) I'm glad?

    • After Superman explains to Maxina about Earth's concept of love and marriage.

 Lucille: What planet is he from?

    • Plus, the out of nowhere cameo of Lobo.
  • If we count the redubbed Kids' WB! promo spots, I nominate this one using footage from the episode where Superman raced Flash:

 Flash: Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! Can't catch me! [Superman elbows him] Oof!

Superman: Hey, lay off the caffeine.

 "I gotta start wearing some pants!"

    • Best part, in the beginning of the next episode....SHE DOES!
  • This bit from "Superman's Pal": So you know how stupid mooks always try but fail, every time... to shoot the Man Of Steel? Some villain tries to hit him with a bar. Superman naturally lampshades this, "You're kidding, right?"
  • From Bizarro's intro episode:

 Bizarro: Me am Superman! Me am hero!

Lex Luthor: Sorry my friend, but you am toast.

    • Also, Mercy's sarcastic reply when Bizarro asks who he is:

 Bizarro: me?

Mercy: "Bizarro", that's what you am.

      • After Mercy's reply makes Bizarro angry and he flies off crashing through the roof.

 Luthor: (to Mercy) That's coming out of your pay.

 Supergirl: ...and by the way, it's Supergirl. See, "Super..." (points to S-shield) "girl!" (points to her face and bats her eyes)

Superman: Right.

    • Later, when she smashes the Doomsday Magnet (yeah, really!), she gets a What an Idiot! look from Superman and moans "Now what'd I do wrong?". He posture in this line makes it funny.
  • And let's not forget the Getting Crap Past the Radar moment in the three-part pilot.

 Lois: (looking at a picture of Superman) Nice "S".

Clark: Excuse me?!

Lois: Right here (Points to Superman's S-Shield)

  • Any time Granny Goodness speaks, thanks to being voiced by Ed Asner. Whoever made that casting choice is an insane genius.
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