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  • Why doesn't Superman just throw Doomsday into the sun, or drop him off on the moon? He didn't have to do the stratospheric bodyslam sacrifice, just relocate Doomsday somewhere where he wouldn't be a problem.
    • Because it takes a long damn time to reach either the sun or the moon, and apparently this Superman can't Breathe In Space. He might lose control of th fight in the interim.
      • The Sun and Moon might be a long ways away, but once they left Earth's gravity all it would take is a little shove to send Doomsday hurtling off in whatever direction Superman wished. Newton's first law, baby.
      • Tends to stay in motion until acted upon. So, a million years from now, Doomsday hits a distant, potentially inhabited, planet with the force of atmospheric reentry, gets up, and promptly starts killing everything he can find. Again. And he's harder to kill than ever. Still sound like a course of action that Superman would choose?
        • It would probably take a computer to be able to make that throw. You've got to take into account travel time and gravitational influence of other planets, etc. Probably something Superman felt he couldn't do on the fly. Definitely a good idea, though. He'd just need to practice.
    • For that matter, why doesn't Superman relocate the fight far away from Metropolis? Any one of the times he threw Doomsday through a building, he could have thrown him to the middle of a desert where no civilians would be threatened.
      • Doomsday is WINNING. Superman can't wade into combat and wait for the chance to toss him a few dozen miles, he can barely stand toe to toe.
      • If you read the actual comics that this is based on, you'll see why...
      • In the middle of the fight, it would be difficult to relocate; he'd have to fight Doomsday over it, and he's ALREADY fighting Doomsday as it is. Now, why he opted on the way down from the orbital suplex to land right in the middle of the city, probably killing hundreds if not thousands of people with the shock of the impact and leveling several city blocks when he could have angled his descent to land in, say, some patch of farmland outside the city limits is beyond me.
      • In his defense, with this last one it was probably quicker to go straight up and straight down rather than going at an angle, which would get him out of the city but also give Doomsday more opportunity to recover and fight back or somehow prevent him from making the killing blow.
  • Additionally, why would taking a few punches in the gut and falling from orbit kill Superman anyway? I guess they needed a plot.
    • The massive beating he took at the hands of Doomsday severely weakened him. The fall just finished what he started.
      • Doomsday is just that awesome. The modern version of Superman is not implicitly invulnerable, it's just that there isn't much in the universe capable of doing grievous harm to him. In raw physical power, Doomsday is (slightly) superior to Superman. However, Doomsday has a healing factor... and technically, Superman does too, so long as he's exposed to the radiation of a yellow sun.
    • it didn't kill him. His body just put itself into a healing coma. Presumably internal bleeding+organ damage+Crashing into the ground as hard as possible is enough to take Superman out.
  • Shouldn't Superman be, I dunno, RED HOT after re-entry? Lois wouldn't be able to hug him without searing off a lot of flesh.
  • The story treats the cloned Superman pretty brutally. Sure, he ends up Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, but he's certainly capable of being rehabilitated. Nevertheless, Superman didn't express even a little remorse after he was forced to kill the clone.
    • Superman seemed a little sad when the clone died. And he was a pretty big threat.
  • Why was Superman: Doomsday rated PG-13? No details were provided.
    • Violence. Implied sexual content.
      • Implied? They make it pretty obvious Lois and Superman are sleeping together.
        • ...that's what implied means.
      • There was also the heavily implied Foe Yay between Lex and the Superman clones he kept dominating.
      • And the paedophilic implications for Toyman probably didn't help either.
  • When Lois tranqs Lex, she didn't bother to check him for weapons? Kinda shooting yourself in the foot there.
    • No, remember, she had tunnel vision on what was going on, she didn't think of anything but Superman.
  • Anyone notice that US Armed Personnel were using AK Assault Rifle expys during the fight against Doomsday
  • OK, so Super-clone brushes off a missile strike like it's nothing, but he's capable of being bound in chains?
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