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  • User:Smokie: The german One Piece dub. It's great. I consider all voices pretty equal to the original. They don't miss to reflect the personalities at all! Luffy still has a hotblooded childish voice, Zoro is still gruff, Sanji still has a gentleman voice.. You get the point. They also held back with the editing/cutting, which does not happen very often on our shonen-anime channel RTL 2. (It's for us Germans what is 4Kids! Entertainment for you.)
    • Ziekette: As someone who grew up watching German dubbed anime, I will absolutely vouch for that. In fact, the One Piece German dub is so good, I find it hard to listen in any other language. Possibly because they cut out some of the Narm of Luffy calling his attacks. Also, the intro tune is ridiculously catchy.
    • User:Smokie: I'll take the German dub of Samurai Champloo. The voices fit perfectly. The only reason I didn't completely watch it in German is because the video quality sucks. I'm very picky about this stuff.
    • German Troper: Contested. The dubbing studio was under orders by RTL 2 to "hold back" the actors when dealing with extreme emotions such as anger, hot-bloodedness, etc.
  • The German dub of Dragon Ball (and its sequels) is plain awesome. There is no censorship, the voices fit perfectly and you can clearly see, that the translator had a whole lot of fun, while doing his job. It manages to be one of the (if not THE) most witty, imaginative and funny german translation, without becoming a Gag Dub.
  • The German dub of pretty much any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, especially Red Sonja: making the lead pair actually sound badass instead of Haeffing Vays Of Maeking Hyu Tolk makes the movie so much less campy.
  • In my opinion, the French and German dubs for The Dark Knight are both really, really good.
  • Can you believe someone can actually dub Heath Ledger and sound pretty amazing? See German Joker here.
  • Ymir: The German dub of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is epic to the extent that it rivals the original english dialogue. The Witch King's voice and Theoden's speeches deserve particular credit. The French dub is also great, just not nearly as...awesome.
  • Ospero: American Dad, the German dub. As if it weren't enough that they actually managed to get Patrick Stewart's German voice actor for Avery Bullock, they also got Jonathan Frakes' voice actor for Stan. Gives an entire new level to all those Star Trek references...
  • SpongeBob SquarePants in German. The voices are very fitting and have comedic tones, much like the original American version.
  • Batman:TB&TB This is not Niel Patrick Harris singing flawless german. Compare!
  • While The X-Files in German is generally not the best dub ever, I liked Scully's dub voice a lot better than Gillian Anderson's voice, making the character sound more level-headed and rational.
    • The same goes for the German voices of Buffy and Willow. I couldn't believe how squeaky the original voices are.
  • Digimon Adventure is a possible contender for best German anime dub of all time. The original music, the believeable voices - everything works the way it is supposed to.
  • The Captain Future anime is so terrible in the original Japanese and English dub that it's almost unknown now in those countries (in fact, its tropes page is currently empty). However, the German dub not only did a good job with the voice acting, but also had an awesome soundtrack, making the series a cult classic there. To see what I'm talking about, compare the bad original Japanese and the horrid English intros with the German version.
  • The German dub of Murder by Death retains the accents extremely well and has a near faithful translation (with nearly all jokes that don't work in German rewritten and some added gags). It helps that all the dubbers in the cast were extremely talented.
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