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Molly Hayes, Runaways

Little child + Super Strength = dangerous. These little kids have strength that puts The Incredible Hulk to shame, and an attitude to match. And don't you forget it! Those who mix it up with them the first time and demonstrate their ignorance have a short life expectancy. This tends to be more common in girls than boys for the surprise factor, but it can be found in both.

Compare with Small Girl, Big Gun, Cute Bruiser, Little Miss Badass and Waif Fu. Probably a Badass Adorable. A Child Mage is when they "casts the spells that makes the people fall down" instead of just pummeling them.

Examples of Super Strong Child include:

Anime & Manga

  • The best example from Shikabane Hime is Saki - 10 years old, energetic, and insufferably mischievous. Wields a massive hammer (or, in the manga, a similarly oversized axe) and can chuck cars around.
  • Both Goku and Gohan had this as children. Some of it was innate, and the rest...
  • Kintaro Tooyama from Prince of Tennis. He picked up a motorcycle and threw it at some bullies who he happened to ask directions from.
  • Chibi America from Axis Powers Hetalia likes to swing bison around.
  • Genki Sakura from Monster Rancher can carry much bigger girls like dolls. Seen in episode 20 where he lifts Pixie up as if she was weightless.
  • In Future Boy Conan the 11 year old protagonist Conan is strong enough to lift boulders and fight of armed soldiers. His trademark is to carry a girl named Lana, what he does in almost every episode.
  • Kaolla Su from Love Hina must be mentioned. In on episode she almost creams Keitaro in a bearhug while still sleeping. Shortly after Naru gets dragged in there too.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid has Rio Wesley, one of Vivio's 10-year old friends. Her first on-screen battle had her judo throwing Corona's giant rock Golem into a building, and later in her match with Harry, she decides to arm herself against the tournament veteran by physically ripping out a huge chunk of the arena floor with her bare hands and lifting it above her head.

Comic Books

  • Pictured above, Molly from Runaways, a super-strong mutant 11-year-old girl. Who takes this trope to fairly absurd levels what with her punishing Wolverine and her ability to rip a magically attached cloak through strength. It's been suggested that her powers are Psionic in nature (due to the fact that both her parents were psychics, that she glows when she uses her powers, and that she becomes quickly fatigued when she uses them without showing many signs of physical stress) which might explain the magic-cloak-ripping thing at least a little.
  • PS238 has a few of them; the most prominent are Julie "84" Finster, a 7-year-old girl who is a bit neurotic about the fact that she's the 84th F.I.S.S. (Flight, Invulnerability, Super Strength, Super Speed)... basically the superhero equivalent of Brand X. She's also strong enough to wrap a superarmoured attacker in a casino sign and catch punches from a guy who looks to be somewhere in the range of nine feet tall and is identified as having a muscle/mass ratio of "Omega Five" (whatever that means, although given the reactions to this fact, 'bloody strong' seems appropriate).
  • The Harvey Comics character Little Lotta, who combined this with Stout Strength and Big Eater.
  • Superboy. Full stop.
  • The title character in the Belgian comic Benoit Brisefer (created by Pierre 'Peyo' Culliford, the man behind The Smurfs) is a super strong little boy, who goes around and does good deeds such as lifting buses out of traffic jams, blowing out burning houses and helping kittens down from trees by uprooting them (the trees, not the kittens).


  • Pippi Longstocking likes to ride her horse. And after he's carried her for a while she figures it's only fair if she carries him.

Live Action Television

  • Jo McCormick from Big Bad Beetleborgs fits this perfectly (especially since she's a pre-adolescent girl).
  • Supernatural has an episode revolving around an actual, working wishing well. One of the wishers was a small boy who was being bullied. He got super-strength, along with a bad temper.

Video Games

Western Animation

  • An early male example is Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones, though his Super Strength was mostly done for laughs.
  • Lisa Simpson in the Treehouse of Horror episode where she gains superpowers and becomes Clobber Girl.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Apple Bloom becomes one of these when the Cutie Pox makes a weightlifting Cutie Mark appear on her, and is suddenly able to lift a 1,000 pound[1] barbell with her tail.
    • Baby Pound Cake is able to drag Pinkie Pie around while flying.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade Chan with the Ox Talisman.
  • The Superhero Squad Show: One episode had a little girl becoming super strong while holding a fractal.


  1. or some other unit
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