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  • I always liked the friendship between Lucas and Pokemon Trainer.
  • The friendship that forms between Samus and Pikachu is sweet.
    • Especially since 1. as far as this troper knows, Samus is the "I work alone" type, and 2. since she's human and Pikachu is a pokemon, it makes her look like Pikachu's trainer.
  • When Ness realizes the Dedede badges that revived him and Luigi belong to Dedede, he immediately decides to revive him. This for some guy he doesn't even know!
    • On that note, there's also Ness and Luigi helping Dedede up after Wario attacks him. This doubles as a CMoF on Wario's part.
  • Ness again, he jumps in to save a kid he just met. Then he pushes him out of harms way not knowing if he'll be revived or not! All I can say is that Ness is a real sweet kid.
  • Dedede! Boy was he a surprise! First he gathers up as many heroes as he can in one place to make a hero team. Then he gives up the one thing he knows can revive trophies for one of the princesses. Near the end of the game he gives Kirby a Bear Hug!
  • The end of the story did it for this troper. After defeating Tabuu, you see the entire playable cast (or at least, all those you saved) on a cliff, overlooking the ocean where the Great Maze area of Subspace was, with the main theme blaring full blast. Then, the credits cut in, with an epic medley of the credits theme of the original Smash Bros, the main theme of Melee, and a piano solo of the main theme from Brawl, all while bits of cutscenes that correspond to the mood of the music play in a little box on the screen. It filled this troper with so much pride, nostalgia, and other feelings, he Manly Teared.
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