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Usually Played for Laughs, Super Sex Organs are Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Genitals with super abilities.

See also: Gag Boobs, Gag Penis. Super-Trope of Vagina Dentata. Compare Memetic Sex God.

Examples of Super Sex Organs include:

Anime and Manga

  • Chintsubu has high school boys with magical talking penises.
  • La Blue Girl's star character, Miko developed this as part of her Ancient Ninja Sex Craft "Training" It included the ability to grow her clitoris into a pseudo-penis that she could use to bring her enemies to orgasm, among other things. Implementation was unintentionally funny, much like the rest of the show.
  • How about the plot to the manga My Balls, where the main character who through public urination ended up getting a powerful demon trapped in his ...Well Title Drop. Cue wild hijinks to get that bringer of the end times back.
  • Pom Poko has anthropomorphic raccoons who can use their scrotums as weapons or furniture. In a kids' cartoon.
  • In Puni Puni Poemy, there are a couple of weirdos who use their testicles as weapons.
  • Muscle from Zettai Karen Children has the Esper ability to turn people to stone with a blast from his crotch.

Comic Books

  • In Empowered, there is the hero PhalloSpear. After he dies, it is revealed that his trademark weapon (the PhalloSpear, which looks and handles just like a spear) is in fact his penis, which got transformed when he got his powers. Em is not amused to hear this.
  • Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose: You have to get out of here! Your ''vagina'' is ''haunted!
  • In Freshmen, One of the main characters, Long Dong, has a fifteen foot long indestructible penis as his superpower.


  • Austin Powers :
    • In the first film, there were female robots whose breasts fired off bullets. In the second, his wife turned out to be one of those and was immune to him acting sexy. He could destroy them by acting sexier.
  • 1977 film Chatterbox. Penny has a talking vagina.
  • This is played with in Good Luck Chuck, as it's never really outright stated that the "curse" is real, but the women who date Chuck believe that his genitals are the key to them finding their future husbands.
  • In The Specials, it is revealed that one of their old allies' "stretchy power" wasn't just a weird piece of flesh, but his scrotum, threaded up throw a hole in the chest of his costume to disguise this for PR reasons.
  • Teeth
  • One of the engineers in Tokyo Gore Police has a gigantic penis cannon.


  • In American Gods there was a Goddess in Las Vegas who could literally swallow people up into her vagina...
  • In both the Anita Blake and the Merry Gentry Series, having sex with the protagonist gives other preternaturals/fae magic abilities. (For Anita Blake especially, she has a nickname among the fandom: Magical Doom Crotch).
  • Wild Cards:
    • In the novels, Water Lily can cure the Wild Card virus by having sex with an infectee.
    • Wild Cards also has Fortunato, whose semen can raise the dead.

Live Action TV

  • Round the Twist: The episode Whirly Willy has Bronson's penis act as a rotor powerful enough to propel him through water at high speeds after swallowing a rare fish.
  • Community has Pierce who (according to him) isn't sterile. He just has a condition known as hyper-virility which causes his sperm to shoot straight through a woman's eggs, thus destroying them.


  • Dragon Boy Suede's "I Heal with my Steel." Apparently he can bring women back to life with his penis.

Tabletop Games

  • One of the powers fomori can have in Werewolf: The Apocalypse is called Savage Genitalia. It allows them to use their reproductive organs as weapons. Spikes, poison, and teeth are among the possibilities.

Web Comics

  • In Spinnerette, it's mentioned that a superheroine named Ms. Venus gets (or claims she gets) her superpowers from her Venusian bosom. She got sued for her outfit looking too much like Power Girl's. She changed her name to Super MILF, and got an even more cleavage-y outfit, claiming that she needed it to cool the heat radiated from her Venusian bust.


  • Bad Biology, which also features a woman who has seven clitorises in her vagina, which cause the men she's with to die from fatigue (or something).
  • One-eyed Monster, which stars Ron Jeremy as a porn star named Ron, whose penis is posesses by an alien force, and detaches itself from his body.
  • Roundhouse kicks aside, Chuck Norris is so manly there are no survivors if he walks down the street with his fly open.
  • And Hawaiian legend has one of the goddesses able to detach her vagina, which flies about at night, while on fire!
  • Kokopelli, the mythological figure, has a wang that he will hide in beds of reeds, then use to impregnate unsuspecting women who stand too near the water.

Real Life

  • A male Argonaut has a penis that detaches and swims to female. The penis has its own spiral tail and guides itself toward female.
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