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When you have a superhero (or villain) with colossal super-strength, it's often customary to show just how mighty they are by having them rip chunks out of the scenery and use them as weapons. One of the more ludicrous instances of this is when they grab onto a chunk of the ground, then whip it like they're yanking a rug, sending a neat little shockwave directly at their opponent, the earth literally rippling as if made of some kind of flimsy cloth.

While visually stunning, this is impractical. Even if it's secured by rebars or other metal, rock just doesn't have the flexibility needed to flex in such a manner, and it's usually solid rock or concrete these brutes latch onto; ever try to grab a handful of dirt and not have it break up in your hands? Unless it's permafrosted or solidified into some kind of clay, it's impossible, but these bruisers don't have that problem. Then again, they're mighty enough to ignore the laws of physics, anyway.


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