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Super Robot Wars Z

  • Rand's route is full of these, at least in the first half.
  • The enitre Onsen/ping pong tournemnt episode of Gravion on Setsuko's route on the Special Disk.
  • There's also the diet episode, where the young ladies in Rand's route try to lose weight, and got a little 'help' from the Dark Angels, which takes away an entire week's supply of food. The mission itself can be considered a Scrappy Level since it forces you to waste 3 turns with all your stats halved, so seishin usage, and your morale set to 50. By the end of the episode, thanks to one day of complete binging, they're heavier than when they started. The part when they binged shows Silvia, Tsugumi, and Reika in celestial bliss. Literally. The part where they realized what happened to their weight plays right after that, complete with ominous music.

Super Robot Wars Z 2.1 Hakai-Hen

  • Dai-Guard's ground vs air Drill Arm animation, in reference to an equally humorous moment from the original series.
  • Kamille, who just got transported to the Z2 world, asks Kouji how Duke and Tetsuya are doing. This Kouji however isn't the same one that joined ZEUTH back in Z1's world and did not recognize any of them. After Shinn explains this to Kamille, he introduces himself to Kouji. Kouji remarks that Kamille as a name sounds quite feminine, but Shinn kindly explains to him that he is quite, err... sensitive about his name.
  • In one of the early scenarios, Celestial Being decides to stage an intervention, only to find that Dancougar Nova has gotten there and put an end to the battle before they arrived.
  • Lockon: Setsuna, Look at all the Gundams we got now.
    Setsuna: ...They look like Gundams but..
    Lockon: Hmm?
    Setsuna: I want to be Gundam like them as well.
    Heero: Then together we shall become Gundam, Setsuna.
    Kira: Only through understanding can we all become Gundam.
    Shinn: ...Will I become Gundam?
    Luna: Not you too...
  • Duo and Lockon bond instantly over their common roles as "babysitters" for anti-social teammates.
  • In order to distract the Red Shoulders, Coconna, Vanilla and Gotho drop 30000G onto the field so that the civilians would try to take it, getting in the way of the RS. Unfortunately...Crow decided he wanted a piece of the action too.
  • The episode from Code Geass where Arthur steals Lelouch's Zero mask plays out here, but this time one of the people chasing the cat is Kamina.
    • Context makes it even funnier: Kamina doesn't trust Zero (and the lack of respect is reciprocated), even though Kouji and the Getter Team try to play peacemakers. In this version, people actually see that the cat has Zero's mask, so Kamina decides that if he returns it, he can demand a favor in return and get to see Zero's face. He marshals the Gurren-dan (and Kouji) to find the mask, while Kallen grabs the Black Knights (plus Heero and Duo) to prevent this. Neither Kouji nor Duo is too happy about being lumped into someone else's group, but Heero goes along with it with his usual "Mission Accepted".
  • Kamina and Kallen arm wrestling over the name of Gurren.
  • Kamina stealing the stage at Sheryl's concert after the beastmen arrive. Starting to see a pattern with him?
  • When Gainer and Sara see the movie version of Anemone, they are visibly shocked. Cynthia however...

  Cynthia : Haha! She became an old lady!

  • Ranka needs a ride back to civilization, and Ozma shows up to screen (read: deny) potential chauffeurs. Of course, he's got a good reason, since one of the volunteers is Kei Katsuragi. The best part is when Athrun volunteers, and Ozma, despite having absolutely no knowledge of Athrun's Unwanted Harem, pretty much flat-out tells him "I don't trust you with her."
    • Athrun didn't actually volunteer for that, Ozma just says feels Athrun can't be trusted with reasons unknown. But the real best part comes as Ozma found Ranka talking with Renton, and he says Renton can help him since Renton is "harmless" (as he's too dedicated to Eureka). Cue the following line:

  Athrun: I am......harmful?

Super Robot Wars Z2.2 Saisei-Hen

  • Lets be honest here folks. There is going to be a guaranteed one when Ozma meets Basara. Squee may be likely.
    • Stage 55 Normal Route.

 Ozma : ...O...oo...

Michael : Captain...?


    • Ozma is indirectly the source of a funny moment surrounding Basara. In between Z2.1 and Z2.2, Ozma shared his Fire Bomber collection with Pierre. When Basara shows up in the game, Pierre is estatic, and his portrait switches to the one used for when he is involved in an Aquarion fusion, better known to fans as his orgasm face.
  • Diethard attempts to marry off Tianzi again like in the series, except this time, EVERY SINGLE ZEXIS woman gets on his case about it. His expression is just awesome. Oh and one guy gets in on it too.

  Chirico : Are you even human?

Diethard : C-Chirico Cuvie!

  • Another from Code Geass. The Couple Event at Ashford. Special Guests include ZEXIS!
    • Esther chasing after Crowe without much luck.
    • Sayaka saying "it's okay" to Kouji who doesn't get it.
    • Alto being chased by both guys and girls.
    • And of course, Sayoko masquerading as Lelouch.
  • Crowe's Mid-Season Upgrade has a special system to prevent his going berserk due to his Sphere. What is it? The Coin Drop System, which plays the sound effect of a coin dropping when it activates, since his desire for money is so powerful it can even override a Sphere.
    • ANY event or discussion relating Crowe with money is absolutely funny. His debut in Saisei-hen causes a shop to collapse, and the owner asks him for 1000G redemptions. Crowe cheerfully agrees to bear all the loss......Until everyone in the town comes up and says they all suffered losses due to chain reactions by the shop's collapse, and they want a total redemption of one million.
    • Not to mention everyone calls him out after finding out what the CDS is.
  • During the middle of the game, ZEXIS is watching Ranka's concert. Setsuna and Heero are talking about Ranka's song power and trying to understand it. Lacus, a singer herself, then corrects them and explains that, basically, her song is not power but rather a feeling. The duo's response?

 Setsuna: Do you get what she's saying?

Heero: Not in the slightest.

 C.C.: So how do you feel riding Guren, Kallen?

Kallen: "How"...?

Esther: Get back Kallen. DM extermination is my specialty.

Kallen: Esther...are you mad about something?

Esther: I'm not frustrated...I'm not frustrated!

Kallen: You brought your triangle into the cockpit...

Esther: You're piloting the Guren wearing a bunny suit, aren't you?! So I'm bringing my work tool into mine too!

  • ding ding ding*

C.C.: It looks like she really is that frustrated that she couldn't become a bunny (girl).

Kallen: Sure looks like it...

Kiderra: Woman's jealousy sure is scary...

Esther: I said I'm not frustrated! Even though I'm not that pretty, or elegant, or friendly, or good as serving...

C.C.: (to all the above points) To a destructive degree.

Esther: I'll live my life as a (DM) buster. So bring it on, DM's.

C.C.: Looks like everything got solved by itself.

Chirico: Here they come.

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