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Super Robot Wars 64 (Sūpā Robotto Taisen Rokujūyon) is a strategy role-playing game for the Nintendo 64. Released in October 1999, this is the only entry for the Nintendo 64. Notorious for having loads and loads of stages, a rather complex branching system, and many original mecha the Shadow-Mirror would base theirs off of (or outright use).

Series in Super Robot Wars 64

Tropes that this game has

  • Attack Drone (The Sazabi and Qubeley's Funnels, Geymalk's Macro Funnels, Nu Gundam's Fin Funnels, Rose Gundam's Rose Bits, Soldifar's Bit Gun and Ashcleef's Splash Breaker.)
  • An Axe to Grind (Getter-1, Getter Dragon and Shin Getter Dragon.)
  • BFG (The Wing Gundam's Buster Rifle, Dancougar's Dancouhou Formation, Zeta Gundam's Hi-Mega Launcher, Giant Robo's Rocket Bazooka, Tallgeese II and Tallgeese III's Mega Cannons.)
  • Badass (Master Asia and Albert the Shockwave and they get to fight each other at one point.)
  • Back From the Dead (Dr. Hell as the Grand Marshall of Hell)
  • Big Good (Banjou Haran)
  • The Blank (The Mobile Dolls)
  • Blood Knight (Ghosterro and Yazan Gable)
  • Car Fu (Grandasher)
  • Chest Blaster (Breast Fire, Getter Beam, Breast Burn and Hanjuuryoku Storm.)
  • Cyber Cyclops (The mecha the Zeon and Titans pilot and the Death Army.)
  • Char Clone (Trope is taken to logical conclusion when Zechs works with Neo Zeon and Char Aznable to start the colony drop of Axis.)
  • Colony Drop (Devil Axis)
  • Combining Mecha (Getter Robo, Zambot 3, GP-03 Dendrobium Orchis, Godmars, Dancougar, Simurgh Splendid, Super Earthgain, and Combattler V.)
  • Cool Mask (Duke Fleed)
  • Cool Shades (Quattro Bajeena)
  • Crapsack World (Earth was taken over by the Muge Zolbados Empire.)
  • Deadly Upgrade (Hyper Leprachaun and Hyper Galava)
  • Demonic Invaders (The Mycenae Empire and 100 Demons Empire.)
  • Demoted to Extra (Goshogun, Zambot 3, Vigna Ghina, the F91 Gundam, EZ-8 Gundam, Apsalas II and their respective pilots are the only characters that show up from their respective series. Daitarn 3 at least gets its supporting characters.)
  • Dual-Wielding (The Simurgh Splendid and the Gundam Sandrock.)
  • Eldritch Abomination (Emperor Muge Zolbados)
  • The Empire (Muge Empire and the Milky Way Empire)
  • Enemy Civil War (Treize defects from the OZ/Titans alliance and creates his own faction. Drake, the Black Knight and Todd also defect from Byston Well.)
  • Energy Weapon (Gundam and Layzner Units)
  • ~Everything's Better With Spinning~ (Choudenji Spin, Drill Pressure Punch and Daisharin Rocket Punch.)
  • Evil Overlord (Muge Zolbados, Burai and Emperor Zul)
  • Extremity Extremist (Vyrose)
  • Face Palm of Doom (God Gundam's God Finger and Master Gundam's Darkness Finger.)
  • Fairy Companion (Cham Hau)
  • Feather Flechettes (The Simurgh and the Simurgh Splendid)
  • FemBot (Aphrodite A, Diana A, Venus A, Minerva X and Ginrei Robo.)
  • Fish Out of Water (According to Katz, Brad rarely goes outside of his training method, so he gets awkward in normal situations)
  • Game Breaking Bug (If the Player takes a real robot hero and chooses the Oz road, a bug will occur (the player will not be able to play with Daitarn 3 anymore during the game).)
  • Glass Cannon (Dunbine and Billbine)
  • God Save Us From the Queen (Empress Janera)
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