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Characters debuting in the 4/F/F Final games

Irmgard "Irm" Kazahara (Voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi)


 "You may have the skill... but I'm better looking!"

Son of Jonathan Kazahara, a prolific mecha designer at the Tesla Leicht Institute. He's also a mecha designer himself, but is known more in Original Generation as the pilot of the transforming Super Robot Grungust. His easy-going, ladies man attitude hides his competence as a skilled pilot.

Irm's a different person in Alpha/Original Generation compared to his debut in 4/F/F Final. In 4, he's much younger and fulfills the archetype of the calm, cool Handsome Lech (which he keeps in later appearances). He's paired with the cool, nihilistic Ring Mao, who mostly shoves off his advances. The Alpha/Original Generation version of the two carries this relationship a bit, whereas they're distant and bicker when they even meet Like an Old Married Couple, but they can prove to be a solid partnership. Tropes associated with Irm:

  • Can't Catch Up (The Grungust isn't the monster it was back in OG1 when the sequel was released, mostly due to it being overshadowed by other Super Robots like the Dynamic General Guardians and the Choukijin. Fortunately, Irm will redesign the Grungust in the Second Original Generation into the Grungust Kai (Custom) from Alpha, so he might subvert this trope when the game is released)
  • Captain Ersatz (Irm and the Grungust have a few similarities with Banjou Haran and Daitarn 3, particularly in Original Generation. However, the Grungust's Chest Blaster, Eye Beams and Rocket Punch are more comparable to Mazinger Z)
  • Chest Blaster (Grungust's Final Beam)
  • Cool Sword (Grungust's Keitou Ragouken/Calamity Sword)
  • Eye Beams (Grungust's Eye Solid Laser)
  • Fan-Preferred Couple (Out of the eight originals in 4/F/F Final, only him and Ring are carried over to Alpha and Original Generation. Doubles as a source of Epileptic Trees, due to the absence of the other six)
  • Mid-Season Upgrade (His Grungust will be upgraded between OG Gaiden and the Second Original Generation)
  • Handsome Lech
  • Ho Yay / Foe Yay (With Inspector Mekibos)
  • Leitmotif ("Time to Come")
  • Lovable Sex Maniac (Carries a black book around and dates girls between a certain age, yet this doesn't seem to faze any of the original female cast)
  • The Power of Love (Though he may carry the "Love" Spirit Command and can cast it for half the normal cost upon achieving certain requirements, it feels odd he's not actually in a relationship with Ring anymore...)
    • However, the hidden "love bonus" gameplay mechanic places the two at a much higher tier, moreso than other couples.
  • Rocket Punch (Grungust's Boost Knuckle)
  • Rule of Cool (See quote)
  • Shipper on Deck (Joins in with Excellen Browning on some of her schemes)
  • Talking to Himself (F/F Final only, with Mashymere Cello. Since Irm didn't get sent into the future with the rest of Londo Bell in Alpha Gaiden, he never got the chance to meet Jamil Neate)
    • Well, they do get a tiny window of time to meet each other towards the very tail end of the game, though they don't get to speak to each other that much outside of battle.
  • You Gotta Have LONG Blue Hair (Probably the only person who can make a mullet look badass)

Ring Mao (Voiced by Megumi Ogata)

File:1 00177.png

Ring is one of the 4/F/F Final selectable originals and represents the cool, nihilistic archetype. In recent works, she's portrayed as the CEO of Mao Industries, but can easily transition back into the seat of the Gundam-like Huckebein 008L and take names in defense of her company. She has a rocky relationship with Irm: in the first incarnation, although close, she's abhorred with his constant flirting. In the latter Alpha and Original Generation, they're distant, though they still work great as a team when needed and trust each other. Tropes associated with Ring:

  • Authority Equals Asskicking (A rare, non-military example, being CEO of a major mecha manufacturer, although Alpha and Original Generation does hint she was originally a member of the PTX Team, hence, the origins of her piloting skills)
  • Berserk Button (When they were dating, she saw Irm having tea with a female employee; let's just say the result for Irm was NOT pretty...)
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef (4/F/F Final only: Ring has a habit of experimenting with weird food combinations, like mayonnaise curry)
  • Flawed Prototype (The original Huckebein 008R had the Tronium Engine installed, which was created through research of Tronium from the crashed Meteor-3. First testing of it led to the Vanishing Trooper Incident that killed all but three people. The Huckebein 008L, powered by the Black Hole Engine given to Earth researchers by the Zuvorg Alliance as a goodwill offering, was sealed away in response to the disaster. It was let out from storage because Ring needed to use it and so the Inspectors didn't seize it when they invaded Mao Industries. Despite Wendolo revealing the incident was punishment for Earth scientists opting to not use the Black Hole Engine for the Huckebein series, Ring still trusts the 008L)
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (Shinji Ikari...AS A COOL WOMAN!!!)
  • Leitmotif ("Time to Come")
  • Non-Singing Voice (Ring's image song, "Yuuki no Jidai" is sung by a duo called Saichi & Nao)
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy
  • Retired Badass (Original Generation only, but boy, does she come back in spectacular fashion)
  • Rose-Haired Girl
  • Sphere of Destruction, BFG (Huckebein's Black Hole Cannon)
  • Talking To Herself (Neon Genesis Evangelion debuted in F/F Final, and also appeared in Alpha)

Gilliam Yeager (Voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka)


 "This world is a test tube...and the experiment..."

Major Gilliam Yeager is 27-years old with long purple hair typically covering one side of his face. A former member of the Aggressors, an elite Personal Trooper unit, he has a knack for appearing where trouble is brewing.

This may not be accidental.

He's actually a dimension traveler. In his debut game Hero Senki, he was originally one of the heroes with a mysterious origin and a case of Amnesiac Dissonance, who piloted the Powered Armor Gespenst. Later he gets knocked on the head during a sort of Heroic Sacrifice, curing him of the amnesia and causing him to remember that he's actually the leader of the bad guys, "Helios Olympus". The remaining heroes defeat him and his XN Geist, a machine that could warp dimensions, only to have him reveal he was actually a Well-Intentioned Extremist: using his powers of precognition, he saw a dark future for their world, and also realised that their world was artificial. He had planned to use the XN Geist to save the world, but ended up just making trouble. In his last moments before everything comes crashing down he sends the heroes to safety and teleports away randomly, hoping to someday be able to return.

From then on, he became a permanent hero, landing in the 4/F/F Final universe, while calling himself "Gilliam Yeager", before coming to the world of the Shadow-Mirror. By this point, his dimension jumping System XN (XN Geist's core) was damaged enough he had to ally himself with the local Tesla Leicht Institute to repair it, which also happened to give the Shadow-Mirror the ability to dimension jump. While staying in this dimension, Gilliam takes on his original name of Helios and during a test where he was to take System XN and run it, he ended up jumping to the Original Generation universe, leaving System XN behind. Permanently relegated to this new dimension, Gilliam quickly integrates himself into The Federation and serves in the Earth Federation Army's intelligence division. Knowing the Shadow-Mirror will eventually arrive, he resumes his name Gilliam and awaits patiently for his former comrades to make their entrance.

Unknown to Gilliam, parts of System XN would be later integrated into Vindel Mauser's machine Zweizergain. Once the Shadow-Mirror were defeated in Original Generation 2, Gilliam takes the recovered System XN and destroys it; unfortunately, he's cut off his only hope of ever returning to his original world.

Gilliam prefers to pilot the Gespenst line of Personal Troopers, and tends to emphasize speed over power. Due to the fact he piloted the original Gespenst and always seems to be related to Gespensts appearing in multiple SRWs, some theorize Gilliam is in fact the one behind the spread of Gespensts in the Banpresto multiverse. He also tends to end up associated with an intelligence division of the army: when he's not fighting, he helps the heroes by procurring information and supplies.

Tropes associated with Gilliam:

  • Amnesiac Dissonance
  • The Atoner (In a way: he's destroyed perhaps his one and only chance to return home, but Gilliam relegates staying in the Original Generation universe to make up for past sins)
  • Eldritch Abomination (XN Geist)
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (Otacon, anyone?)
  • Leitmotif ("Hero Senki")
  • Medium Awareness, Genre Savvy (See below)
  • I Have Many Names (Believe it or not, his real name's "Helios Olympus"; "Gilliam Yeager" is just a pseudonym he takes prior to his Face Heel Turn in Hero Senki. Following that game, he constantly switches between names to keep his identity secret)
  • Mid-Season Upgrade (Gespenst Type-RV, only in Original Generation. Wild Mass Guessing ensues as to whether or not the Type-RV is the same Gespenst Gilliam once turned it into the XN Geist)
  • No Fourth Wall (Not only a gag in his intermission skits, but Gilliam actually seems to be aware there's something wrong with all the crossovers in the worlds he visits, and there's someone out there pulling this all together -- that "someone" heavily suggested to be Banpresto itself)
  • Peek-a-Bangs
  • Psychic Powers ( It's unknown where he got his precognitive abilities, but Gilliam's so deathly afraid of this power he swears it off from ever using it following Hero Senki)
  • You Can't Go Home Again

Lenonjayce Starlord (Voiced by Keiichi Nanba)

File:Leononjayce-profile 1730.jpg

The "Hot-Blooded, full of justice passion" male archetype of Super Robot Wars 4/F/F Final. Called "Jayce" for short, he apparently likes bonsai and is actually quite gentle beneath all that Hot-Blooded yelling. Jayce is also the first character in the SRW history to invent the infamous "Gespenst Kick" (inspired with Benkei Kuruma learning the Daisetsuzan Oroshi), later used by Kai Kitamura of Original Generation. He pairs up with Mina Likering.

Tropes associated with Jayce:

Mina Likering (Voiced by Noriko Hidaka)

File:Mina-profile 3393.jpg

Hector Madison (Voiced by Ryuuzou Ishino)

File:Hector-profile-1 286.jpg

Patricia Hackman (Voiced by Megumi Hayashibara)

File:Patricia-profile 8713.jpg

The female archetype of the "Hot-Blooded, full of justice passion". Compared to the usually calm Jayce, Patricia (or Pat, for short) is a complete hyperactive, enthusiastic girl, especially in making sure justice prevails. She's usually paired with Hector Madison. Like Jayce, she also invents the "Gespenst Punch", which doesn't get copied word-for-word, but might as well be today's well known "Jet Magnum"...

Tropes associated with Patricia:

Arwynn Dorstein (Voiced by Toshihiko Seki)

File:Arwynn-profile 6269.jpg

Grace Urigin (Voiced by Yuko Miyamura)

File:Grace-profile 3106.jpg

The Divine Crusaders (the ones that have not debuted in Original Generation)

Bian Zoldark (Voiced by Shozo Iizuka)


The leader of the Divine Crusaders, and Lune Zoldark's father. Began as a scientist who forms the Extra Over Technology Institute (EOTI) as a means of researching alien technology for Earth's benefit (mainly due to the arrival of Meteor-3 near Aidoneous Island). It's through Bian's research the mysterious material known as "Tronium" is discovered, with Bian handing over 4 of the 5 useable samples to the Earth Federation Army (EFA). However, what he really is doing is slowly forming a rebel group to take on alien invasions because the EFA's severely under-equipped for the task. Most DC recruits take this wholesale and go to extreme lengths to crush the EFA overall because they believe Bian's words are really an excuse to Take Over the World. In reality, Bian knows that if The Federation understands how serious the alien threats are, they'll rise to the challenge and gather the means to defeat them because the EFA has the potential; they just don't know it.

Basically, Bian wants to train the EFA in order to become stronger and more aware of their power. Only a select few people in the Divine Crusaders actually know his true intentions, such as Shu Shirakawa and his daughter Lune (in the Classic, Alpha and Original Generation continuities) as well as Van Vat Tran, Murata, and Lorenzo di Montenego (Original Generation only). Bian faces the heroes and is eventually killed in the Classic and Original Generation timelines. His Alpha incarnation doesn't die; in fact, he's taken seriously because of events from Gunbuster and Macross hovering overhead.

Bian creates and pilots the Valsion as his personal mech and creates a second unit he modifies for Lune, which features a prototype of the Direct Motion Link system that would be found in another series he creates, the Dynamic General Guardians (DGGs). Tropes associated with Bian:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation (The EFA actually listens to him in Alpha, mainly due to the aliens hovering above Earth. The EFA also listens to his Shadow-Mirror incarnation, but that's only after he was killed)
  • Four Star Badass Labcoat (Manages to form a rebellion, build several extremely powerful mecha and nearly bring The Federation to its knees...and he did the first two without being noticed by said Federation)
  • Closet Geek (Implied, and confirmed by Lune, to be an old school Super Robot anime fan, their designs inspiring his Dynamic General Guardian series.)
  • Crazy Prepared (The 4 DGGs are a perfect example of why Bian's planning is so extensive, and we haven't even seen the fourth one yet)
  • Crowning Music of Awesome (The aptly named "The Valsion", which fits the respective mech perfectly)
  • Even Evil Has Standards (Bian disapproves of any system that will cause harm to a pilot. That's why systems like ODE, GEIM and LIOH were never implemented while he's in charge of the DC)
  • Final Boss (In Super Robot Wars 2)
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (Bian's been around the block several times; let's see: Hatchan and Nappa, Ankoku Daishogun, Tetsuguyu, Ryu Jose, Benkei (in Armageddon), Barragan Luisenbarn and a hell of a lot more characters)
  • Killed Off for Real (Except in Alpha)
  • Leitmotif ("Valsion")
  • Mad Scientist (Mostly subverted, until you look at the DGGs and especially the Valsione. Seriously, how the hell did Bian come up with the Valsione's design?)
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning (Of the real plot, that is)
  • The Obi-Wan (Yet another variation: despite being the Designated Villain (to which he later subverts), the subsequent analysis of his actions affects the heroes a lot)
  • Orcus on His Throne (Played straight, then subverted, and ultimately played straight again: Bian reveals he doesn't feel the need to kick back and let his subordinates do all the hard work. He gladly takes to the field towards the end of the first half of Ryusei Date's route, despite Adler thinking Bian's insane for doing so. Granted, it's only for one scenario (upon which he returns to headquarters until the heroes arrive) but the impact of Bian actually showing himself impresses a lot of people onboard the Hagane)
  • Otaku (A slightly subtle version, but comments from Lune in the Classic Timeline reveals Bian's a giant robot nerd who built the Valsion based on shows he used to watch. In Original Generation, he makes the password for unlocking secret data in the Valsione a catchphrase from one of those shows)
    • Also, he has some parallels with Ryusei, the most evident being of course the DaiRaiOh (only Ryusei thought this was a great mech name until the apparition of the third DGG Unit in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3)
  • Sliding Scale of Villain Threat (Everyone assumes Bian fits the Global Threat category, when he really is more of an Anti-Villain)
  • Stealth Mentor
  • That One Boss (Bian can be quite annoying if you forget about the Valsion's Warp Field ability that essentially halves attack power, even with the "Hot Blood/Valor" Spirit Command)
  • Villain with Good Publicity (His PR campaign wins a lot of supporters for the DC as well as respect from the EFA higher-ups, despite being labelled a massive threat by the government. You have to wonder if this side of Bian is a small Shout-Out to Lex Luthor)
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist (Despite what many DC members think, global domination is the absolute last resort for Bian)

Thomas Platt (Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki)


A member of the Divine Crusaders, he played a minor role in the original DC War, but managed to avoid capture by Federation forces long enough to get transported to La Gias. Thomas joins the Bagonian military and has several encounters with Masaki and his companions during the Lord of the Elemental storyline. Thomas returns in Super Robot Wars EX, still part of the Bagonian military, as well as a Designated Villain towards the heroes.

In Original Generation, Thomas begins like his Classic version as a commander in the DC. One of his subordinates is a very nervous Ryoto Hikawa. In their first mission, Thomas uses Ryoto as a decoy to smuggle a bomb (hidden on Ryoto's Lion F) that would destroy the Hagane. The plan's foiled, and has a great effect on Ryoto's view of the DC. Thomas participates in the final defense of Aidoneous Island and continues on up until the final attack on The Federation headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. He realizes the DC's going down the tubes, and decides he's had enough. In Original Generations, Thomas somehow manages to conceal his involvement with the DC and is now serving as a soldier in the EFA. Tropes associated with Thomas:



The Zuvorg Alliance is the main enemy of the Classic Timeline, encompassing a huge galactic alliance acting as supervisors to the galaxy, seeing which planet turns out to be a threat to the universe and eliminate them. Amongst them are the Inspectors (Wendolo, his brother Mekibos, Vigagi, Sikalog and Aguija) and the Guests (Tennique Zezenna's private army). Unfortunately, while most of them are sane, extremists like Wendolo and Tennique turn out to be far worse, irredeemable enemies of mankind.

Tropes regarding the Zuvorg Alliance:

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