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As of Episode 8, all seven of the Chaos Emeralds are in the same place.

That place being Bowser's Doomship. Consider these:

  • Stuffwell is holding onto five of them for Mario and company (as he did in Episode 7).
  • Bowser makes it pretty clear in Episode 8 that the Sky Pop shouldn't be able to avoid his laser cannon as easily as it is; in addition, E. Gadd mentioned that he made upgrades to the plane earlier in the episode.
  • Lastly, it is implied that Mecha Mario is stronger than Basilisx by Bowser when he mentions in passing to Peach that he didn't get to use his secret weapon (plus, if Basilisx was indeed the stronger of the two, why save Mecha Mario for later?). Since Eggman is in on the project, he most likely used a Chaos Emerald as a power source to make Mecha Mario stronger.

It is worth noting that the Word of God states that the Mecha Sonic storyline will last for fifteen episodes; this theory allows the storyline to run smoothly to its end within that allotted episode limit.

  • Jossed; the Ep.9 clip shows Shadow has tracked the sixth one to a desert.

It really isn't too late for Mobius.

Eggman obviously survived. My theory? The "Word of God" that mobius is gone is a lie to hide the real ending. However...

Sonic and Shadow did see everyone dead. Why? Because they were! Eggman is actually an alternate from a universe where nobody except Sonic and Shadow died in Mecha Sonic's attack; Sonic does a heroic sacrifice to take out Mecha Sonic and Shadow teleports that universe's emeralds to an empty void universe or the realm beyond existence.

Thus, when the series ends, Sonic and Shadow will have a new home.

  • Alternatively, the alternate universe part is correct and the other versions of Knuckles, Tails, etc. survived there, but so did Sonic and Shadow. The Sonic and Shadow that ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom will stay as stated by Word of God.

Possible Super Mode abilities for the characters:

It's not too late for Mobius.

The combination of the Chaos Emeralds, the Super Emeralds, and the Star Spirits will let Sonic and Shadow restore it (like the Dragon Balls do in Dragonball Z). That will be the last part of the series.

  • Jossed, Word of God confirmed that Mobius was done for and Sonic and Shadow would end up living in the Mushroom Kingdom.
      • Well, fuck.

The effects of powerups map to the world from which the user comes.

Note that when Sonic uses the super star, it turns him into his most powerful form, Super Sonic. If he were to try other powerups, they would have effects corresponding to powerups from his own world:

  • Coins: Rings
  • Fire Flower: Fire shield
  • Frog Suit: Bubble shield
  • Mushroom: Speed shoes (Maps to their Mario Kart function)
    • SemiJossed: Episode 8 has Sonic use a Fire Flower to turn into a red version of his Super Mode, called Fire Sonic in the credits. He is able to turn into a fireball, but also throws them, which the Fire Shield can't.

Sonic can now survive one death via Auto Revive.

Notice that when he was fighting, he beat several Koopatrols in succession, enough to get the famous 1-up tone. If he's killed, it will activate and bring him back. Being Taken for Granite by Basilisx doesn't count as a death unless he's shattered (like in some versions of Final Fantasy).

  • Calling it right now: Sonic is killed in a fight, possibly with Eggman, but comes back to life and either: A: Makes an escape or B: Finds newfound Heroic Resolve and beats his enemy to a pulp.

Peach will get a Big Damn Heroes moment.

The beginning shows Twink (from Paper Mario) floating next to Peach. Since the series happens a few years after Paper Mario, as stated by Red Ninjakoopa, Twink's had a little time to grow up. He will see the team in danger and power Peach up into Super Peach long enough to help them turn the tide or escape. It's not without precedent - see Super Princess Peach (Rage mode) and SMB Super Show.

  • If this happens... It'll be Peach's coolest CMOA to date!!!

Axem Ranger Red will undergo a Heel Face Turn.

When Mecha Sonic destroyed all the Axem Rangers, Red was the only one we never saw in pieces - he got hit with an energy blast, and flew off screen. As the strongest Axem Ranger, he is very possibly strong enough to survive it. Of course, by the rules of Dragon Ball Z, a former enemy who has fallen victim to the Sorting Algorithm of Evil must realize that Defeat Means Friendship.

  • If you watch that scene again, we never saw Red "in pieces" because he was outright vaporized by Mecha Sonic's Kamehame Hadoken.

Robo Mario will kill Mecha Sonic

Think about it. SMBZ has plot based on Cell Saga with Sonic as a Trunks, which mean that Mecha Sonic is C-17 and C-18. So Robo Mario is Cell - after Mecha Sonic will be defeated, Robo Mario will kill him and take all his power, turning into even stronger being. Alternative, Mecha Sonic will kill Robo Mario and take his power to become even stronger than before.

  • This troper's calling the second one. If Mecha Sonic has assimilated robots in the past, then there's nothing stopping him from doing the same now. Also, in Alvin's other projects like the Spoiler Opening and the Beat Up Sandbag Newgrounds collaboration, there seems to be a sprite of an upgraded Mecha Sonic with suspiciously Mecha Mario-like parts.

Mecha Sonic wants to live

He's true goal isn't ultimate power - he just want's to be real animal. By becoming complete he means not becoming invincible, but gain a soul. Every time he absorbs the powers of Chaos Emeralds he not only get's stronger, but also evolves one step from machine to living being. In retrospection from Mobius, we never saw him talking, and before 6th episode every time we heard his voice, it's sound mechanical and indistinct. After he absorbed power from 4 emeralds, he's voice changed to more human. Also, he becomes more intelligent - before he first time tried to take Emerald's power on Mobius, he was rampage berserk who was killing everything in his way. If Shadow hadn't interrupted, he would become real person back then, but has to use most of the power he already absorbed for travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. However he still gets enough to become more intelligent and realize that there's no reason for killing everything and draw unnecessary attention, when he can just wait for somebody to finds Emeralds, and then take them.

  • That makes slight sense, but we have to remember that Mecha Sonic originated from Metal Sonic. If the Chaos Emeralds gave him a soul, why not do it as Metal Sonic? Why go through all this killing in the first place?
    • Everyone needs a hobby.

Eggman is dead, and the man helping Bowser is Eggman Nega.

There is no reason for Alvin to hide Eggman's identity anymore... Except if he isn't Eggman. It's Nega, and he plans on taking the Chaos Emeralds and use them against Blaze in his own universe.

  • FOOL!!! You've fallen into Alvin's metal trap! That's what Alvin wants us to think. And this WMG is the fact he hasn't outed Eggman yet.

Shadow will Take a Level In Badass, make a Big Damn Heroes moment and defeat Basilisx in episode 9.

  • This version of Shadow is based on Vegeta. It will happen soon.
    • So by that logic, Basilisx is Android 19. Huh.....

 "Let me ask you, does a Koopa like yourself ever experience fear?"

    • Shadow doing a Big Damn Heroes I can see, but I don't think it's possible for Shadow to become any more Badass then the man already is.
      • So? Alvin has already done the impossible once, so what's to stop him from doing so again?
      • This Troper thinks this is likely, however he believes the twist to such will be from Shadow finding an Ice Flower, playing on how he and Sonic are both the same yet opposite.
  • Jossed as the Ep. 9 clip shows Luigi saving Mario, while Shadow is facing Mecha Sonic

Wario and Waluigi will end up playing a bigger part in the plot then just being a Goldfish Poop Gang

Now the question is... What will that role end up being?

  • The reason Mecha Sonic ends up with all seven Chaos Emeralds?
  • Taking a Level in Badass and taking the gang's Emeralds?
  • C-List Fodder for Mecha Sonic?
  • WM Ging Fuel?
  • Two or more of the above?
    • Dude, they should totally be the Main Villains of the next arc!

Luigi will eventually end up going insane and trying to kill everyone from constantly being the Butt Monkey all the time

  • A man can only take so much, you know. You just know that sooner or later, Luigi's FINALLY gonna lose it. At that point, it'll be safe to say that the universe is gonna regret treating Luigi like crap.
    • This can only happen if Mecha Sonic is the final straw for Luigi. Leading into the Man in Green killing the Robot once and for all.
    • And then turnign his attention to his "friends". A combination of Who's Laughing Now? AND a slight What the Hell, Hero? would make for an amzing twist. like I said, a man can only take so much.
      • But this is Luigi we're talking about. If he was going to snap from all the shit he's taken in his life, he would have done so from being forever stuck in his Brother's shadow. And I can't see him killing Mario.
      • Hmm, wasn't there some sort of Mechanical Mario somewhere? Picture this: Left behind as usual, Luigi catches up to the group just in time to see every other character lying defeated at the hands of MM. As Mario and the others tell him to run, believing him too weak to fight Mecha Mario and the robot itself mocks him, Luigi finally decides that enough is enough and, fueled by his frustration and repressed anger at the brother this metal being resembles, he utterly destroys the creature. This of course leaves everyone confused and slightly frightened

The Battles Against Evil Will Eventually Bring In Other Nintendo/Sega Characters

Donkey Kong is the obvious one, since he's already technically in the Mario Universe... technically, though I don't know if he has a sprite that would fit the style. Among other things, however, attack from aliens like Tatanga may bring the attentions of Kirby and Samus, Eggman/Robotnik will unleash a new robot, which will turn out to be Vectorman, who joins the heroes, etc.

    • Well, if it's based on DBZ, Oozaru has yet to make an appearance, so DK might fit in.

Luigi will break out of the statue due to his Tanooki suit.

While stuck right now, through force of will he will break out and smack the captain just in time.

  • While the series is officially cancelled, leftover animation confirms that Luigi saves Mario.

Basilisx is Robo Mario

Let's face it-after his last Evil Knockoff destroyed his home planet, Eggman building another one seems like an Idiot Ball...but he himself realized that.

So, when he came to the Mushroom Kingdom and was contracted by Bowser to build one of Mario, he realized that not creating one with organic emotions was a fool's errand, so he transplanted Basilisx's brain into it. In order to disguise this, he was also given his old armor, and told not to use his weapons beyond the Wolverine Claws until absolutely necessary.

This means that if Shadow comes along, he's in for a suprise...

 Basilisx: You know, I never really liked the concept of Deussss Ex Machina. Beyond that which relatessss to me, obviousssssly.

  • Nope. In episode 8, Bowser says that Basilisx's strength is the result of another one of Eggman's experiments involving needles. He also says "Too bad now I don't have anything to sic my secret weapon on anymore" referring to robot Mario.

Shadow's gonna die

Think about it. He's brash, Rogue Rouge's death has clouded his judgment, and now he's run off somewhere, so much that he isn't even seen for the majority of episode 8. He'll probably come back at some point (Bus Crash hardly seems to be a fitting end for such an important character), but what with Shadow's new personality and the events of the series so far, I'm writing his epitaph.

This all takes place just after Bowser's Inside Story.

Just what it says in the title. Just after repairing his castle and healing from his fight with Dark Bowser and the Mario Bros., Bowser makes his newest attempt during the Mario Kart race in episode 1. Of course, this could mean that Fawful and Midbus could very well show up in later seasons...

Belome From SMRPG will be an antagonist.

  • Unlikely. Belome is minor class, and has no affiliation with either Wart nor Bowser.

Eggman has become a cyborg

Just like Dr. Gero. The shadows are to hide this fact.

Mario didn't kill Basilisx's friend.

Eggman did, without Bowser's knowledge. Before he became a Super Soldier, Basilisx was a perfectly normal, friendly Koopa who happened to be selected for Eggman's experiment. When his friend found out it would make him a monster, Eggman decided he knew too much. The memories of Mario doing it were planted so Basilisx would be a more determined fighter.

Mecha Mario has been secretly programmed with the task of destroying Mecha Sonic.

We all know Eggman to be a real Magnificent Bastard, right? Well, just suppose you were in his place. Your ultimate killing machine has just gone and absorbed the power of his previous designs, then turned on you and blew up your giant space station. At the last minute, you were rescued by a giant turtle-dragon thing from another dimension, who is now ordering you about to build a giant flying battleship to find the Chaos Emeralds, which your robot is also after. You'd be pretty miffed, right?

So, when Eggman got the order to build another Evil Knockoff, he probably pretended to program him to defeat the other dimension's resident hero, but in fact, he would have programmed him to destroy Mecha Sonic, the original creation, and get the Chaos Emeralds for himself. In effect, he'd be pulling off a deception of epic proportions, that can only lead to an epic showdown between the two robots, with Mario and company watching in shock. Then Eggman would try to usurp Bowser's position, except it would go wrong for some reason.

  • If that's true, he probably programmed it to destroy both the heroes and Mecha Sonic, just in case. Also, if that is the case, then we know Mecha Mario will lose because the "Title Sequence" video clearly shows the heroes and Mecha Sonic going Super Mode for the Final Battle.

Alvin-Earthworm will, at some point, pull off the GREATEST April Fool's joke ever and release a fake bad ending continuing off the current cliffhanger, perhaps leading into the REAL episode.

He is highly capable of making both epic and unexpected plot twists; what's to stop him from pulling something like the above?

    • He did make an April Fool's Joke for this, involving Luigi unleashing The World and giving Basalisx the classic Dio Brando treatment with a giant Nintendo Wii. Here it is.

Basilisx will ultimately be defeated by having his stone gaze backfire upon him

Since Basilisx has used his powers on his minions, it may become his ironic fate.

    • There was a mutant with that power, Wolverine killed him by reflecting his face on his claws. Hmmmmm....

Which of the Mario Galaxy 2 powerups will appear in Episode 9?

This is less theory and more of speculation. Alvin has said that either the Cloud Suit or the Rock Suit will appear in Episode 9. So what do you think it will be? And what will they act like.

  • Wouldn't it be ironic if basilisx gets defeated by mario in a rock suit?

We haven't seen the last of Kolorado and Goombella.

When we last saw them, they said they were on the way to Subcon to probe the mysteries of Kolorado's stopwatch. Combine that with the fact that we saw Wart in one scene from the trailer, and need I say more?

Kolorado is a Time Lord.

His watch from Episode 7 is his TARDIS.

Donkey Kong will save Mario.

Rumor has it, that the next episode will be called "Donkey Kong to the Rescue". If this is true, then either Donkey Kong will beat the apeshit out of Basilisx, or he will appear later after Mario is saved by someone else to save them from Robot Mario.

Characters from the Mega Man series will appear.

Just because it would transform an awesome series into a Crazy Awesome one.

  • It isn't Crazy Awesome already?
  • Well, yes, so Crazy Awesome times infinity.

Luigi will save the day.

Luigi's put up with so much crap throughout the series. His cowardice has left him out of many fight scenes, so the other characters are probably underestimating what he can do. Mecha Sonic will do something to really piss him off, and he's get over his fears and cut loose, revealing how powerful he truly is. His fear of everything had made him unable to fight to his full potential, but overcoming them would give him the power to put a can of butthurt on Mecha Sonic and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Wait... that makes sense! Mecha Sonic is supposed to be an analogue to Cell, and, so far, Luigi's managed to take the role of Krillen for sure and, arguably, Gohan... If we're going by DBZ standards here, that's right on the mark!
    • And if Luigi's potential is anything like the Mario Games... Game Over, bad guys. You may be strong, but I don't think you can stand up to anything like this final boss.
      • But wouldn't that need Dimentio to work? Check my answer to the Chaos=Buu guess below for a possibility...

There will be a video game based on the series

After Alvin Earthworm finishes the series, Nintendo and Sega will notice the sheer awesomeness in this series and team up to ask Alvin Earthworm if they can create a game about his work. Using the style of the Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi games following the plot of Super Mario Bros Z.

  • If only.

The next story line will be similar another DBZ arc

The Mecha Sonic storyline is similar to the Cell arc in so many ways, so why not have the next one be similar as well. Although there is nothing stopping Alvin from adapting an arc from another anime.

Stuffwell will have an unintentional Big Damn Heroes moment.

As if Episode 8, we can assume that Stuffwell is still hiding in the Sky Pop, which is directly outside the hangar where Mario and Basilisx are fighting. My guess is that Stuffwell will accidentally press a button in the sky Pop's cockpit, causing the plane to zoom forwards into the hangar, distrating Basilisx long enough for Mario to regroup.

Mecha Mario is SMBZ's answer to Android 16

If Mecha Sonic is Cell, and his predecessors can be considered 17 and 18 (ignoring that third one...) then there's only one robot left in the Cell Saga for Mecha Mario to be a counterpart of. This is stemming from that "Luigi will save the day" guess (I'm the idiot going "Wait...that works!" below it) actually, but maybe Mecha Mario will turn out like the other not-so-evil androids of Dr. Gero's (which were intended to be evil, mind you, but failed) and reject his purpose. If the aforementioned WMG is right, and Luigi finally gets a moment to shine, then I'd wager that Mecha Mario being destroyed (instead of someone else dying) by Mecha Sonic is the last straw.

Chaos will be SMBZ's answer to Buu

Both are made of some form of jelly, and Buu takes place after Cell, so... Why not?

  • Or Dimentio. Both aren't very mentally stable, both are evil, and Dimentio has no limbs attached to his arms and legs. Plus, alot of Majin Buu's attacks could be translated into magic.

Luigi will be captured and brainwashed

The enemies have certainly noted his Butt Monkey status and will certainly use it at their advantage while "reprogramming" him to attack his friends, converting his frustration into rage.

  • Kinda makes sense, once you think about it... Luigi got brainwashed in Super Paper Mario...twice!

Shadow will bring Rouge back

He'll use the Chaos Emeralds.

One of the Koopa bros survived

just watch when mecha sonic destroyed yoshi island, one of the koopa bros is hidden in his shell.

Eggman will double-cross Bowser

He's clearly not happy about playing second-fiddle to Bowser, so he's going to use Mecha Mario to overthrow him.

It was Luigi, rather than the stop watch

The basic Idea of this guess is that it is Luigi's power that allowed them to escape, and the stop watch simply channeled it. Based on some of his freakier abilities, this is actually pretty plausible.

Sonic rescues Mario

He uses Heroic Willpower and the power of fire to blast himself out of the rock.

  • Jossed as the Ep. 9 clip shows Luigi saving Mario, while Shadow is facing Mecha Sonic

Going on the idea that one Koopa Brother lived...

...He'll do a massive Heel Face Turn and sacrifice himself to save Mario from Basilix, as helping Bowser has only brought him the death of his comrades. This will allow Mario enough time to reach a Life Mushroom and kill Basilix in the most Crazy Awesome way possible.

Since this is based on the DBZ Android Saga...

1. Shadow will allow Mecha Sonic to get the last Chaos Emeralds like Vegeta did with Cell and the Androids, and 2. Nazo will appear as a replacement for Android 16. Alvin has already stated his respect for the Nazo Unleashed series, and since Nazo is born from Chaos Emerald energy, it's possible that, in an attempt to protect itself, the last Chaos Emerald will unleash Nazo to destroy Mecha Sonic(even though it won't work). What better way to pay tribute to NU?

  • Just one problem. Why would Shadow let his foe become stronger when he wants to flat out kill him?
  • Same reason Vegeta did: Pride. The Saiyan prince wanted to kill Cell, but also to do so when his foe was at his absolute strongest. Not his best move.
    • Except Word of God has confirmed that Mecha Sonic will get all seven Chaos emeralds anyway... and the fact that the intro shows Mario and Co. being powered up by the seven Star Spirits to fight Mecha Sonic.

The killed off Sonic characters are in the Underwhere/Overthere

Basically, Mecha Sonic's destruction of Mobius extended to the freaking afterlife of that world. Meaning that all the people who were killed would be shipped to the Underwhere/Overthere, leaving those in charge fighting to try and get a handle on things. Linking into this theory, A few more characters might die in the series and one or two adventures might take place in the Underwhere before Jaydes brings them back to life due to Metal Sonic or whatever villain is currently working things is causing too much trouble. This could possibly extend to some of the Sonic characters that were killed off, brought back to life as 'reinforcements' when the main party would normally be screwed. Whether there'd be a time limit or not on this is yet to be determined...

  • Even though Word of God also confirmed that Mobius's inhabitants are also screwed... Just sayin'.

SMBZ is centered around the number 7

Think about it... There are the seven Chaos Emeralds, the seven Star Spirits...

There will be a billion fan-made continuations.

Considering I'm working on one myself. I CAN'T be the only one to think of this.

Archie's Mecha Sonic was just a stand-in for the video games' Mecha Sonic

Considering Alvin was already using the latter's sprites for Turbo Mecha Sonic, the result of Metal Sonic's Fusion Dance transformation, Alvin had to use a different robot's appearance to prevent confusion. After all, Archie's Mecha Sonic was a roboticized version of Sonic himself, and we all know that Sonic was not roboticized at all, if ever, in Alvin's version of Mobius' events, which seem to be primarily set in the games' continuity, anyway.

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