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  • This troper got a little choked up at the end of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Hint: it involves a Time Paradox.
    • Can you spell it out for this troper with a spoiler? Just because it's obvious to you doesn't mean it's obvious to everyone after all.
      • The Shroobs are all defeated for good, and the past!Mushroom Kingdom is now safe and restored. But the Young!Toadsworth, and the babies of Peach, Mario, and Luigi have to go back to their own time for good, never to see their future selves again. Baby Luigi goes up to his adult self and gets on his shoulders, ready to go on another adventure; but when he realizes he'll never see his future self again, he cries.
  • The credits sequence in Mario Kart 64. There's just something about the music and the panoramic views of the tracks that makes the tear ducts flow...
    • This troper adds the credits sequence from Super Mario 64, for the same reasons.
    • And as long as we're talking ending scenes that shouldn't be depressing but are: Super Mario RPG, which not only has the music but also scenes of people you've met throughout your journey getting their wishes finally granted. And just when you think it's over, the main Super Mario Bros. theme starts playing on a music box...
      • I guess it's the feeling of accomplishment from finishing said games.
  • The storybook segments in Super Mario Galaxy. The art style and background music is slightly heart-rending to begin with, but this troper had to put down his Wii Remote for a second when Rosalina admits to herself that her mother is dead.
    • Don't remind this troper! At first the music is just like all of the other storyline segments but after the playback of young Rosalina's memories the music changes as she has a complete breakdown and wants to go home to be with her family, however she knows that her mother is not waiting for her because she is as she puts it "sleeping under the tree on the hill!" and she has this breakdown all because she wanted to look back at her planet with her telescope.

 Rosalina: I want to go home! I want to go home right now! I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to see my mother! But I know she's not there! I knew all along she wasn't out there in the sky! Because...because...she's sleeping under the tree on the hill!

    • Not to mention the game's ending: All of the Lumas die due to what appears to be the universe ending... followed by muted baby cries, representing that they have been reborn.
      • And oh dear God, when your Luma chirps and waves goodbye to you before hurling itself into the black hole...
      • Related to this, if you finish the game with all 120 stars, the bonus scene after the credits will likely have you crying tears of a different sort; after Rosalina says her farewell and her ship takes off, the camera pans to a small planet and zooms in to reveal your Luma peeking from behind a mushroom and waving, alive and well after all... followed by a shot of the Luma chirping as it soars into the air.
    • The background music (a slowed-down remix of the "Good Egg Galaxy" level music from the first Super Mario Galaxy game) that plays on the World 1 map from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • In Super Mario Sunshine (Yes, that Mario), the mission "Chain Chomplings" you have to throw them into water, and in later missions, you don't see them ever again. This implies that you put them down. This is painful when you compare Chomplings to puppies, and my dog died, so this becomes a bit saddening. I know Chain Chomps aren't something you should pet, but still...
    • That's a good bit of Fridge Logic you found. I never thought of it that way.
      • Are you sure? I thought they all just cooled down and left.
      • They keep moving after you put them in the water. And I hardly think a couple feet of water would kill them, considering their faces are a couple feet tall.
      • Yeah, I don't think this counts as a Tear Jerker. They're all ablaze, and Mario needs to put them in water to calm them down.
    • "Mario...was I...of...assis...tance?"
  • The ending of Yoshi's Story, of all things. Not so much the ending itself as the music, which ends on the tearjerkingest 13 notes ever. Or something akin to them, anyway. Just listen for yourself.
    • I'll see you, and raise you the Yoshi's Island credits theme. This troper dissolved into a puddle of happy tears at the end with the slow reprise of the Level Clear theme from the original Super Mario Bros. And then hearing this remix turned on the waterworks again.
    • Ahh, the Yoshi's Island ending theme. The first time this troper cried in front of a screen.

  Our heroes are born!

    • And the ending of the sequel has the birth of Yoshi.
  • While we're taking examples from happy games, when this troper saw the ending of Mario Party 3. He saw that the host, who was one of this troper's childhood heroes, Tumble (a living die) was rolling on a table, DEAD, this troper was 7 years old. Also... THE MUSIC
  • As one commenter put it, after hearing this "I'll never skip World 2-2 anymore".
  • Anyone else find the whole section at Hollijolli Village really depressing? I mean, the music is eerie enough, but it's a town that got destroyed by aliens at Christmas. And they're pretty much using the souls of the towns people for UFO fuel.
  • Perry's flashback-dreams in Super Princess Peach. Especially the final one.
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