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Super Dinosaur is a comic book by Robert Kirkman, creator of Invincible and The Walking Dead, and published by Image Comics. While Kirkman is well known for his colourful superheroes, Super Dinosaur is an All Ages book that focuses less on Drama and more on Dinosaurs in Mech Suits.

The series follows Derek Dynamo, the son of Dr. Dynamo, mad genius and the man responsible for discovering Dynore, a powerful new mineral capable of amazing scientific leaps. And that's not all; along with it, he discovers Inner-Earth, a mysterious land in the very core of the planet where dinosaurs still thrive and Dynore is abundant.

So naturally, Dynamo's partner, Max Maximus, takes an egg from Inner-Earth and uses Dynore to make the resulting Tyrannosaurus rex into an intelligent, sentient being and fits it with a robotic arm harness as a prototype for an army of dinosaur minions to help him, you guessed it Take Over the World. Dynamo steps in, but in the process, the three humans are injured, leaving Dynamo's brain unable to focus, Derek smarter, and Maximus without one arm. Despite the setback, Maximus escapes custody and sets out to fulfill his evil deeds with his own army of loyal cyborg Dino-Men.

Fortunately, during this, Derek has struck up a strong friendship with the T. rex. As Derek dubs him 'Super Dinosaur,' the two are employed by the government to keep Inner-Earth safe from Maximus and anyone else who may be after the Dynore.

Oh, and we may mention the two mechanics who happen to be staying to help work of SD's harness. One of their daughters, Erica, is none too happy about being forced to live there.

Tropes used in Super Dinosaur include:
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