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Natsuki is granted an "auspicious rare item" by the guardian angel whales. Possibly something that makes the RNG play on her side more than usual.

Perhaps this movie was not, in fact, a blatant repackaging of one of the director’s previous films, but instead a further exploration on a theme that was not given enough credence due to its connection to a children’s card ga- ahem, cartoon.

The Director (Mamoru Hosoda) made this film as either one of the following:

  • An alternate retelling of his previous work Our War Game.
  • A better version of Our War Game.
  • A massive Shout-Out to Our War Game.

Summer Wars, Our War Game, and Hosoda's Superflat shorts take place in one continuity.

This continuity is parallel to Digimon Adventure, possibly cutting out 02 and definitely the epilogue, as the whole world is not shown to have Digimon as advertised by 02's ending. The Superflat shorts take place in OZ, or in OZ prototypes, to explain any inconsistencies.

The jury is out on The Girl Who Leapt Through Time's canonical status.

Summer Wars or a Summer Wars like scenario could actually happen

Think of it... An AI, developed and made to hack, was released into a popular network, that held or represented real world powers or priviliges or activities and statuses, to test the program. the program went wild because of incompetence and lack of forsight on the military's part nearly throwing the world into a state of techno-war. an AI "tailor made for hacking" could go on and hijack a random computer (a goverment or military one for example) or server and ruin everyones day from there.

Facebook will be OZ (That or second life will get reeeeeaaaally popular).

  • Not unless they can fix that bloody awful UI.
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