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This is a list of TV anime series that aired between July and October of 2011, along with their Laconic descriptions.

Forum thread.

See Spring 2011 Anime for the previous season and Fall 2011 Anime for the following season.

TV Series:

File:Appleseed XIII Artwork 1939.jpg

Appleseed XIII
13 episodes

A retelling of the Masamune Shirow Appleseed story.

File:Bakatotest 3190.jpg

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts 2
(forum thread)
13 episodes.

The second season of the Light Novel-based comedy series.

File:Dantalian no Shoka 901.jpg

Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian
(Trailer) (forum thread)
13 episodes.

Based on a Light Novel series, animated by Gainax: Huey, a young ex-pilot, inherited the old mansion of his deceased bibliomanic grandfather and with it the book collection stored in there. However, there was one condition: he also had to inherit the "Bibliotheca."

When he inspects the mansion, Huey discovers a cellar that is filled with piles of books. In the middle of these books he comes across a black-dressed girl who is silently reading a book. She is called Dalian and has a big lock hanging before her. She herself is the gateway to the "Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian," which contains the prohibited "Phantom Books."

File:Blade 6964.jpg

12 episodes

Yes, that Blade, in the next piece of Madhouse Studio's take on Marvel Comic Books' anime adaptations.

File:BloodC 2856.jpg

Blood C
(trailer) (forum thread)
1 cour.

A new installation in the Blood: The Last Vampire franchise, with character designs from CLAMP.

File:Usagi drop 9745.jpg

Bunny Drop
(trailer) (forum thread)
11 episodes.

Based on a Slice of Life Josei manga, about a thirty-year-old bachelor who has to raise a little girl on his own.

(trailer, character VA announcement)
New web -- 5 minute long episodes -- anime series by Gonzo, with character designs by the team that created Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids. A Gag Series about a group of high school students living in Tokyo in 2034. Expect lots of cats.

File:DoubleJ 9958.jpg

Double J
Based on a manga from the mind that brought you Cromartie High School: A couple of girls end up joining their high school's "Pot Club," dedicated to preserving "Traditional Japanese Arts." Hilarity Ensues.

File:Idolmaster 9395.jpg

The Idolmaster
(trailer) (forum thread)
25 episodes.

An anime adaptation of the popular idol-raising simulator game.

File:Ikoku meiro no croisee 2407.jpg

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

Based on a manga series, a story of a Japanese girl traveling to Paris 19th century, adapting to the culture, and meeting a boy.

File:ItsukaTenmaNo 2834.jpg

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
(Trailer) (Forum thread)
12 episodes.

Shounen fantasy action, based on a Light Novel series: Boy meets Vampire girl, and demon girl. Heavy on the panty shots.

File:Kaitou twin angels ova 1 9084.jpg

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel - Kyun Kyun☆Tokimeki Paradise!!
12 episodes.

A Magical Girl anime, based on a pachinko game series: Haruka Minazuki and Aoi Kannazuki are freshman high school students and best friends. During the day they help with school activities but at night they thwart enemies like Black Auction and other villains as Red Angel and Blue Angel, the Twin Angel team.

File:28834 2272.jpg

Kamisama Dolls
(trailer) (forum thread)
13 episodes.

A supernatural mystery series based on a Light Novel.

File:Kamisamamemo 405.jpg

Kamisama no Memochou
(Trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

Based on a mystery Light Novel series: Ordinary High School Student works as the assistant of the NEET Hikikomori detective Alice, to solve mysterious cases involving an illegal drug "Angel Fix". But the drug entraps Ayaka into danger.

File:Manyuu 40.jpg

Manyuu Hikenchou
12 episodes.

In a World, where breast size means everything to gain power, money, and fame, the heiress of the clan that controls the secret to increasing breast size runs away with the secret.

Yes, those are boobies in the picture. It's likely to be an Ecchi series.

File:Penguinu 5440.jpg

Mawaru Penguindrum
(trailer) (forum thread)
24 episodes.

An original anime by Brains Base and Kunhiko Ikuhara. Little is known about this anime apart from the fact the story revolves around 3 siblings who meet mysterious penguins.

File:MayoChikiVP 2970.jpg

Mayo Chiki!
(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

Ordinary High School Student Sakamachi finds out that supposed butler Subaru is actually a cross-dressing girl. Harem antics ensue.

File:Moritasan 1687.jpg

Morita-san wa Mukuchi
13 5-minute episodes.

A Four-Girl Ensemble Slice of Life series, with a silent, socially awkward girl as the main protagonist.

File:Natsumesan 1672.jpg

Natsume Yuujinchou San
(forum thread)
Third season of the laid-back supernatural adventure of a boy and his Youkai mentor.

File:Nekogami 4790.jpg

Nekogami Yaoyorozu
(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

Koyama Yuzu is running an antique shop. Mayu, a cat god (nekogami), is living off Yuzu and leads an idle life playing games. Lots of other gods visit Mayu and enjoy merrymaking.

File:No 6 2108.jpg

No. 6
(trailer) (forum thread)
11 episodes.

An anime based off the light novels on the NoitaminA block: The story takes place in the ideal city "NO.6" in 2013. Shion was judged as having "highest-ranked intelligence" when he was two years old and was allowed to live in the luxurious area "Cronos".

On his twelfth birthday, he met a beautiful boy called "Nezumi," who had escaped from a reformatory. Shion protected him, but the Public Security Bureau deprived Shion of all his privileges and expelled him from Cronos to "Lost Town."

Four years after the banishment, a mysterious accident leads Shion to the secret of the city NO.6.

File:Nomago 5121.jpg

Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou
(forum thread)
2 cours.

The second season of the popular shounen anime.

Nyanpire the Animation
(Trailer) (forum thread)
A heartwarming story about a stray black cat who was given blood from a vampire, and is now a Nyanpire. He was taken in by a girl named Misaki.

File:R15 3096.jpg

(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

The story centers around Taketo Akutagawa, a student with a secret: he is a talented pornographic novelist with a newspaper-serialized work. He enrolls in a school that only accepts geniuses, and Ecchi Hilarity Ensues.

File:Ro-Kyu-Bu 7575.jpg

Ro Kyu Bu
(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

Protagonist enters a basketball club of Nanashiba High School, but the activity of the club gets suspended because the club leader falls in love with an 11 year old daughter of the coaching teacher. Protagonist's aunt asks him to coach a basketball club of elementary school girls. At first, he is reluctant to teach small girls, but he devotes himself to the club as he knows the complex circumstances of them.

File:SacredSevenanime 7518.jpg

Sacred Seven
(trailer) (forum thread)
12 episodes.

A new Anime First series. School kids fight monsters. Humongous Mecha and Henshin Heroing is involved.

File:Prince-sama 3120.jpg

Uta no Prince-sama -- Maji Love 1000%
(forum thread)
Reverse harem romantic comedy. A girl goes to an arts school with a number of boys that want to be idols.

File:YuruYuri2011 3278.jpg

(trailer) (forum thread)
You know those Joshikousei Four-Girl Ensemble Slice of Life series that form their own subgenre? Did you ever wish that those should have more textual Yuri, and Fourth Wall breaking humor?


Anyways, Yuru-Yuri is here for the rescue.


Hakuouki Hekketsu Roku

Alternative endings to the anime starring different members of the Shinsengumi

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira

The last attachment to the Higurashi series, with all new original stories... Plenty of Fan Service this time around.


Ichirin Sha

In a World similar to Earth, the last unicyclist meets a girl with a mysterious connection to the robots that threaten the world.

Heart no Kuni no Alice

Based on an Otome Game, a cynical girl is kidnapped by a Bishonen white rabbit into a Wonderland at war. Shooting ensues.

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