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  • The scene where Ferid and Arshtat die. Enough said.
  • Ferid's last words, mouthed just before the Sun Rune obliterates him: "I love you".
  • If you get less than sixty Stars of Destiny by the end of the game, Lyon succumbs to wounds she received earlier on and dies in the Prince's arms, as she tries to comfort him by saying that everything will finally be back to how they were before the war. By the time Georg makes his way to the scene, the Prince turns his back to Lyon's body, facing Georg and raising both his hands, showing that the Twilight Rune went from Lyon to him. He clenches his fists as though he wishes to crush the runes, tears rolling from his eyes, and Georg gives him a Cooldown Hug. Somewhat brief, but effective. The good ending(s) where she is resurrected by the Sun Rune is also a Tear Jerker in a good way.
    • It gets worse... when you see the scene of Lymsleia in Sol-Falena crying and wondering why the Prince didn't come back. Cut to the Arshtwal Mountains (or somewhere else equally cold and brutal), where the Prince is wandering. It's implied that he either left Falena to wander aimlessly in sort of a permanent Heroic BSOD - or that he simply wandered around in the mountains until he froze/starved to death.
  • Once you realize what Sialeeds really has been up to after her Face Heel Turn and her death, you would want to comfort her.
  • Roy's death scene if you choose the option to defend your castle.
  • Near the beginning, you have the Prince finding out the hard way You Can't Thwart Stage One and having to escape -- including possibly being decked and dragged away by Lyon if he refuses to leave without his little sister.
  • Sagiri revealing why she always smiles.
  • The scene preceding the duel vs Miakis, appropriately titled: "A Tear as Friends Battle", which serves as the apex of an extended Break the Cutie conga line. Miakis's own heartbreak makes it hard enough, but Lyon's reaction twists the knife, and drives it home. If ever there was a scene that tugged at your heartstrings and made you fell like a complete rat bastard, it's this one.
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