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SUGURI is a horizontal Shoot'Em Up developed by doujin developer Orange_Juice for Windows PC. It stars the title character, Suguri, a girl armed to the teeth with a variety of powerful weapons working to protect her home world from similarly adorable girls who are under orders to wipe out all life on the planet and take it as their own. The game features an auto-targeting system which allows the player to fire in directions other than the usual 'straight ahead', a dashing system which can be used to charge up a gauge to unleash a powerful attack, a variety of unlockable weapons, and multiple different modes of gameplay.

A sequel, Acceleration of SUGURI, and its expansion pack, Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition, were later released in Japan for PC and later for the Play Station 3 in English by Rockin' Android. Unlike its predecessor, Acceleration of SUGURI is a one-on-one hybrid of a Bullet Hell shooter and a Fighting Game, with both single-player modes with local and online multi-player modes (the Play Station 3 version of the game by Rockin' Android loses its online play unfortunately). It features the same cast as the original game, and presents the player with short Where Are They Now cutscenes for completing the Arcade Mode for certain characters of the game with a single credit. The X-Edition expansion pack adds two additional story modes and multiple new characters. The entire series has been localized in the United States by publisher Rockin' Android for PC.

A prequel to SUGURI titled Sora, was later released by the same circle in 2010 for PC during Comiket 78, followed by a sequel to Acceration of SUGURI with Acceleration of SUGURI 2 during Comiket 80 in 2011, featuring both the cast of SUGURI and sora as playable characters.

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