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"Godlike aliens. Boy, do I hate godlike aliens. I'll take a critter over a godlike alien any time."
John Crichton, Farscape
"You found me out. I'm not really a god. I'm just an ordinary eternal, omniscient, super-intelligent being."
Sun God, Futurama

Ezio: You are...gods.

Minerva: (laughs) No. Not gods. We simply came... before.

Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding.

There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension.

I am Sovereign.


We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.
Sovereign, Mass Effect
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