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I was frozen today!
—Charlie Wilcox in his Crowning Moment of Funny

A 1991 sci-fi comedy vehicle for professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. In it, Hogan plays Shep Ramsey (not to be confused with Chef Ramsay), an interstellar peacekeeper who loves justice but hates sitting around. After thwarting another evil plot, Shep is contacted by his superior while riding in his ship. When his superior suggests he take a vacation, an annoyed Ramsey smashes his ship controls, forcing him to land on the nearest planet and wait for his ship to automatically recover the damages. The planet? Earth. Hilarity Ensues as he becomes neighbors with overall wimp Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd) and tries to understand Earthly customs...and contend with the forces of arch enemy General Suitor after Charlie fooled around with Ramsey's equipment, which had sent a signal to Suitor of Ramsey's location.

Nothing memorable, but it did feature another future legendary wrestler, The Undertaker, as one of Suitor's henchmen. It also gave us the perfect way to end an argument: just tell the disagreeing party that you were "frozen today!"

This Film Provides Examples Of:

  Charlie: "I was frozen today!"

 Secretary: Leave a message or take a seat. (Shep smashes a weight) I said take a seat!

[Shep returns with a seat]

Secretary: Funny! That's real funny!

  • Pac-Man Fever: Ramsey playing what is supposedly a space shooter at an arcade but is quite visibly After Burner (which has nothing to do with space and aliens, at all). (This also leads to an in-universe example of idiocy: Ramsey somehow thinks that an arcade console in the middle of a bunch of other arcade consoles being played by kids is somehow real. An interstellar supersoldier has never heard of a simulator?)
    • This could turn into Fridge Brilliance if Shep thinks that the kid is piloting a remote-controlled drone and the screen shows a computer-processed version of the drone's view.
  • Shout-Out: To quite a few sci-fi classics, such as when Ramsey asks if his next mission will be a "bug hunt with creatures that bleed acid."
  • These Tropes Were Frozen Today: The Index Namer.
  • Those Two Guys: Two of the thugs that follow Ramsey to Earth.
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