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"Clearly you've mistaken carefully engineered sucking for barely masked talent. In order to truly suck you can't just abandon all aspects of form, balance and perspective. You have to regress. You have to draw like you never knew them. You have to literally wipe your artistic slate so clean that you find yourself grasping your crayon in a tightly balled fist as you create. In fact create is the wrong word. What I've done here is destroy. I'm destroying art and the artist in myself. This comic was rendered by the id."
"Making something that is bad on purpose - and not bad inadvertently, which is my usual process - is a whole-body thrill. It goes hard against every natural instinct to write this way. It has the delicious and irresistible texture of sin."
Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade
"I think I speak for us all that when people's expectations are high for us, it's very fun to make something that sucks on purpose for shits and giggles."
Das Bo Schitt, description for TEH GMOD IDIOT BALL (April Fools)
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