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Martina: Alright, let's go. Quick and quiet. We don't want to create any situations where we need heroics.

Gurf: Emily, look out!

[Gurf dives in front of Emily, intercepting a laser blast that would have hit her.]

Martina: See, that's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. Oh well, it was noble, I suppose.

Emily: It would've been noble if it wasn't a stun ray and he wasn't the heaviest oaf in our company to carry.

Huey: Dewey! Noooooo!

Louey: If only he hadn't blow himself up when I had a perfectly good rocket launcher right here. * Holds up rocket launcher*'
DucktaleZ 3

GRENADE! (sacrifices himself by jumping onto the grenade)

(camera unzooms, showing that the soldier and grenade was not near anyone else) Who did he save?


Do you have a death wish, lady? I mean, you didn't even try to think of any other alternatives...particularly one that wouldn't result in you getting possessed against everything you believe in!
—The Worst of Sonic, speaking of Sally's Stupid Sacrifice in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 230 ([1])
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