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Studio Gallop is an Anime studio that (mainly) specializes in toyetic and Merchandise-Driven anime. Established in 1972, the company didn't really start animating until the early-mid eighties.

Compare (and contrast) Studio DEEN, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment and Toei Animation, four anime studios with a habit of producing franchises that make tons of money. See also Dong Woo Animation, their South Korean partner for several Anime.

Shows that Gallop animated includes (Chronological order)

Movies worked on by Gallop

Tropes associated with Studio Gallop

 Joey: Hey, Kaiba! If Marik entered the tournament using a fake name, shouldn't he be disqualified?

Kaiba: The only person who should be disqualified around here is whoever made Tristan black in this shot!

Tristan: Don't you be hating on my blackface, playa!

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