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Some characters have little skill, but are gifted with incredible power, they are Unskilled but Strong. Other characters have little power, and compensate with amazing ability, they are Weak but Skilled. Then there is characters who have amazing ability and also great power, they are Strong And Skilled.

There are multiple  possibilities here. The Weak but Skilled character got an Upgrade Artifact, granting great power behind their techniques. Or the Unskilled but Strong character decided to train, giving their fantastic force a fatal finesse. Or a character who has The Gift can only use said power by improving their technique. In an interesting twist, Hard Work Hardly Works is wrong for this character because all of their innate abilities or powers could only be fully accessed with a lot of training. Or the character simply has both skill and strength. The Strong And Skilled character is likely to surprise enemies because having powers as their only defense is untrue for these characters. As an antagonist, they'll be at or near the absolute apex of the Sorting Algorithm Of Evil. As a protagonist, they probably are a Showy Invincible Hero who takes all fights seriously.

In a video game they'll probably be That One Boss who has a AI and ungodly stats/powers. For a PC they may go from the Jack of All Stats to the setting's strongest Lightning Bruiser, bar none. In anime and comics they are either The Mentor or the The Rival.

Examples of Strong and Skilled include:

Anime and Manga

Dragon Ball

  • Son Goku, the main character, is probably one of the most famous examples regarding anime. As a low-class saiyan, he had little power when born, however, years of training and development along experience made him a powerful warrior. Under the teaching of masters like Master Roshi, King Kai, and Whis (master of god of destruction Beerus), Goku has learned the ability to control and sense ki, flight, martial arts, and developed a lot of powers or superhuman abilities across the series, eventually becoming one of the best fighters in anime story. He is also a quick learner, and is able to reach and master the ultra instinct state, which is a special state that none of the god of destruction have managed to reach.
  • Vegeta, Goku's rival, is not slouch when it comes to fighting and definitely not weak in terms of power. Even at the start of the saiyan arc, Vegeta was a well trained saiyan warrior that, being a high-class warrior, was incredible powerful even by saiyan standards, and quickly proved to be more than a match for the protagonist. Like his rival, Vegeta never stopped training in order to become as powerful as his eternal rival and kept pressing himself under hard training developing many skills and increasing his power. Eventually, he and Goku reach the super saiyan blue transformation, which puts them in god power territory, while being two of the best martial artists in the universe.
  • Whis or angels in general count as well:
    • As masters of the gods od destruction, they are immensily powerful (even more than the gods of destruction themselves) and also expert martial artists and teachers, and have absolute control over divine ki.
    • The Gods of destruction are also extraordinarily powerful individuals with immense experience and training, though most tend to rely on brute force and hakai (a special ability that enable them to erase anything and anyone) than fighting skill.
  • The Z-warriors are this as well: Whereas most of the human cast and Piccolo can count as Weak but Skilled, they are all planet busters with immense martial arts training and strategy expertise. They just look weak compared with Goku and other godly powerful characters.
  • Android 17 and 18 become this: At first, they used to rely on having unlimited stamina and brute force to overpower their enemies, being Unskilled but Strong. But after the Cell saga, after redeeming themselves and joining the Z-warriors, they started training and developing their skills outside their androids enhancements, eventually becoming expert martial artists and making use of their abilities at its best.
  • Villains tend to fit this trope as well in Dragon Ball:
    • Cell, who was designed with the DNA of Goku, the Z-warriors and Frieza, has access to all their abilities and techniques, and display great skill with it. He is also a master martial artist, after absorbing 17 and 18 and reach his perfect form, this becomes more aparent as now he has incredible amounts of ki and the skill and finesse to use it at its best. And giving he has saiyan and Frieza's cells, he could improve and become A LOT stronger if he actually trains. He was Too Powerful to Live.
    • Frieza, while Unskilled but Strong at first, eventually becomes this after his defeats. In the afterlife, he trains to control his immense power and is finally able to stand Goku and Vegeta in power terms. His fighting skills are on par with them and his ki is so big that enters in god's territory, he is also a master tactician and leader.
    • Black Goku. As a trained kaioshin, he is an expert combatant and martial artist, and after changing to Goku's body, an powerful saiyan. However, it takes a time for him to fully understand the saiyan physiology and power, which makes him Unskilled but Strong at first, but eventually successfully gains control over his new body and its power.


  • Madara Uchiha, having great natural talent and the skills to use them efficiently. He has the Sharingan to copy almost any technique flawlessly and the Rinnegan, which allows the user to master all five Elements as well as almost any technique within a very short time. He also has massive chakra reserves to fuel his techniques, so much so that he is called the "Tailless Tailed Beast"'
  • Kakashi Hatake becomes this after receiving Uchiha Obito's Chakra towards the end of the manga, being able to use his techniques with great power behind it and graduating from Weak but Skilled.
  • Sasuke Uchiha is able to use powerful techniques with great skill and power, especially his Amaterasu technique, which can burn anything with greater skill than his brother Itachi Uchiha using Blaze Release.


  • Aizen Sosuke is a Master of All, having great skill with raw power. He has twice the Reiatsu of an average captain and the skill to employ it almost better than any one. His skill with his Reiatsu is so great that he can force Grimmjow Jagger Jack (the sixth Espada and a captain level fighter) to his knees by using his masterful control of his vast Reiatsu as well as nullify Soi Fon's's Shikai.
  • Captain Commander Yammamoto, who has so much Reiatsu that only the Big Bad can actually steal and control his Zanpaktou. He is also a master of all four main methods of Shinigami combat, being able to use techniques of the highest level with great power.
  • Uruhara Kisuske, having enormous reiatsu, being able to hurt Aizen after his initial Transformation, as well as use level 90 kido.
  • Big Bad Yhwach has an extreme amount of spiritual energy even after his death he had enough power to serve as a replacement to the Soul king. He also has the skill,knowledge,talent and any other ability of any one who possess a fragment of his soul when they die as well as their Spiritual Power. In addition he has a good number of broken abilities in the form of Schrift which he can flawlessly use.
  • Ichigo himself becomes this at the end of the series, as after having training and experienced as a shinigami, he is able to control all his soul reaper abilities along being an master swordman and martial artist. He is able to defeat Aizen and becomes one of the most powerful shinigamis.

One Punch Man

  • Saitama, the main character himself. He is confirmed to be the most powerful character in the whole series (the series itself is a descontruction of how being a Boring Invincible Hero can be, well, boring), having immeasurable strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, senses and being nigh-invulnerable at the point of being an Game Breaker in comparison to all the other characters (keep in mind the series features more extremely powerful villains and heroes). Yet at the same time, he has excellent control over his powers (he can knock out normal humans without killing them) and is shown to be quite skilled using them, even having his own sheet of techniques in which he uses his powers in multiple ways. He also has some secondary abilities outside his powers, like excellent precision, being a quick thinker in combat, having worthy combat experience and having a good deal of fighting skills and finesse. Some characters have commented that he lacks technique and would improve if he takes martial arts training, but this lack comes close to be Informed Flaw, since it never takes a big focus and the reason behind his "poor style" is usually due to his uninterested personality.
  • Silver Fang or Bang, an S-class hero, also counts as this. He is a master of his own martial arts fighting style Flowing Water Fist Fighting Style, yet is also shown many times that, in spite of his age, he possesses an quite strong and good build body, and surprisingly high physical prowess. While he is not near as powerful as Saitama, he is still quite impressively strong and fast, and his combat skills are on par with the best combatants in the world.
  • Villains are not out this trope as well, the best example probably being Garou. As a former student of Bang, he is also a master of martial arts. What makes him special is the ability to quickly learn and adapt to other people's fighting styles and abilities, effectively becoming an expert in their own game. While he starts off as Weak but Skilled, he gradually becomes this by the end of his arc, and can even hold his own against the main character and surpass him in combat ability, which makes him one of the few characters capable of holding a fight against Saitama.

One Piece

  • From the main crew; Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji. Zoro is a master swordman with great technique in sword-fighting and has superhuman strength and durability, whereas Sanji is a master of kick-fighting with proficiency in martial arts that focuses on the legs, he is also very strong, fast, agile, durable and has the ability to jump in the air.


  • Alucard, the Villain Protagonist of the gore anime. He is one of the oldest vampires in the series (being older than 500 years) and as such, he's got a lot of fighting experience and development of his vampire abilities, being basically invincible and immortal. He is also a master gunman, and has some notable skill in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Alexander Anderson, Alucard's rival. He's been enhanced by the Vatican church to be physically superior to human physiology, even being granted of healing factor. Opposite to Alucard, he is a master swordman and expert in many areas of supernatural powers.
  • The Captain, The Dragon of the Big Bad, is a powerful werewolf who can match both Alucard and Anderson in physical prowess, and is also a master combatant with militar training.

 Comic Books


  • [Secret Identity] has Clark develop amazing techniques with the use of his powers, to the point that his twin daughters compliment him over his ability to catch a falling train and twist the fall in such a way that it didn't buckle like an accordion. As his powers fade with age, he becomes a more Weak but Skilled superhero (well, weak by his own standards).
  • Actually, Superman in general is this, at least in the original comics. Writters forget it a lot, but Supes has had training under some of the best fighters in the DC world (you know, like Batman, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, etc) and has dedicated his entire life to learn how to control his powers so he wouldn't hurt or kill someone he cares or enemies. Most adaptations and some comic versions of the character can be considered as Unskilled but Strong, but this is just because writters tend to forget his usual skills outside his powers, resulting in him being depicted as that trope many times.

Wonder Woman

  • The titular character. A good trained and experienced amazon warrior, an master strategist, martial artist, good leader, expert weapon wielder. With all that, she is also strong and durable enough to take on the likes of Superman, Green Lantern and even some really dangerous villains like Doomsday or Darkseid.
  • Amazons in general can count, giving that while not as good as Diana, they are all trained warriors with superhuman physical traits.

Captain America

  • Steve Rogers got superhuman abilities thanks to the super soldier serum: Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, dextirity, stamina and longevity. Along that, he is a good trained soldier expert in many zones of combat like strategy, martial arts, militar tactics, weapon wielding, vehicular combat, leadership. His best zone, however, is his skill with his shield, which is noted by many characters to be almost unmatched.

Fantastic Four

  • Ben Grimm, as The Thing, he is incredible durable and strong enough to fight the likes of The Hulk, and has taken training and became an very proficient fighter, specially in wrestling. He's been the teacher of some naive heroes during his career as a superhero.


  • Neo from The Matrix. Aside from being a Flying Brick, he is also a master of a dozen styles of martial arts.
  • From the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we got plenty characters who fit this trope:
    • Just like his comic book counterpart, Captain America got a good array of superhuman abilities, and is also one of the best soldiers in the world. His combat skills allow him to take on enemies stronger than him like Ultron, Iron Man (against some of Tony's most advanced armors), the Chitauri, Thor, and hold his own. Steve's skills and physical prowess do develop as the time goes, and by the time of Infinity War, he is able to take on Thanos' forces and take damage from Thanos himself and hold his own in hand-to-hand combat with the evil titan. In Avengers Endgame, it is revealed he is worthy of Mjolnir, and as such he is able to wield the hammer; incredible, despite having no pre-training or experience with the hammer, he is able to use with as much skill and finesse as Thor.
    • T'Challa or Black Panter. As the king of Wakanda and owner of the power of the Black Panter, has superhuman capabilities, and is an extremely well trained martial artist and expert strategist.
    • Thor, the god of thunder. As an Asgardian, Thor has superhuman strength and durability (enough to fight the likes of the Hulk) and is also a master combatant in both armed and unarmed combat thanks to centuries of training and experience as an Asgard warrior. Even after being temporally depowered by his father, Thor could fight and defeat agents of SHIELD that according to Colson, were some of the best trained agents in the world. In a similar fashion that Captain America, Thor skill focuses heavily on his hammer, Mjoldir, which he uses with mastery. In Thor Ragnarok it's eventually revealed that his hammer is not the source of his thunder powers, but rather just a way to control them; Thor has then to learn how to control and use his powers without Mjoldir after it got destroyed by Big Bad Hera. In the end, Thor is not only able to control his powers without the hammer, but also has become more powerful thanks to his new mastery over his thunder abilities.
    • Tony Stark, AKA Iron man. Wearing his armor (specially VERONICA) grants him immense firepower and battlefield equipment, yet he also trains in martial arts and (while not as skilled as Captain America) is able to defeat guards and hold his own against Bucky Barnes, an extremely trained soldier, without his armor. However, this only applies whenever he is wearing his armor, as without it he is basically an normal person. Most of the time, he is Weak but Skilled.
    • Rodey or War Machine, Tony's best friend is also this. He is also a well trained soldier of United States, and with the War Machine armor he specializes in firepower as well multiple militar tactics and being a genius in combat. Very much like Tony, this only apllies when he is using the armor.
    • Doctor Strange can count as well. After some training, he becomes a great magician and powerful wizard, but is also noted to be extremely clever and skilled with the use of his spells and other abilities. He also seems to be a proficient swordman, and is able to fight Thanos, the mad titan, in a sword fight, as shown in Infinity War.
    • Thanos, the Big Bad of the entire MCU, certainly qualifies. He is strong enough to beat the hell out of Hulk and Thor with ease, and durable enough to take damage from all the Avengers and barely show signs of real pain, and also is one of the few people able to wield the infinity stones and not die doing it. However, what makes Thanos an real threat is his ability to manipulate, his mastery of combat, his excellent leadership, his sword-fighting expertise and his high intelligence. This extents to the infinity stones as well, since despite having no training or experience with them, Thanos is able to use them in very skillfully ways and with mastery over the six, which eventually makes him invincible.
  • From DC's cinematic universe, Wonder Woman stands above everyone in terms of combat skills (Batman being the only one who match her in that zone) and is one of the strongest characters (only Superman surpass her in that one).
    • Steppenwolf, the Big Bad of League of Justice, is a powerful warrior expert in combat and highly strategist leader, he is also strong enough to abuse both Wonder Woman and Aquaman at the same time. He is not a challenge for Supes, though.
    • Aquaman, he may not be as strong as Supes or Wonder Woman, but he is incredible strong and resilent, and becomes a great warrior and hand-to-hand combatant with training after he finds Atlantis.


  • Kratos from God of War is a well trained spartan warrior, former captain of an entire army. After making a deal with Ares, Kratos becomes incredible strong, just like a god (it is later revealed he is the son of Zeus and, as such, a demigod). He fits even more this trope in later games, where he acquires multiple weapons, powers and abilities, which he uses with excellent skill, specially with the blade of chaos. Other gods/antagonists, like Ares, Zeus, Heracles, Hades, Baldur, and more, count as this.
  • Master Chief or SPARTANS in general in Halo; all well trained and formed soldiers experts in hand-to-hand combat,weapon wielding, vehicular combat, military tactics, etc. They are enhanced to be physically superior to normal humans in every sense, and with their armors, they improve their physiology to new levels.

Sonic the Hedgehog:

  • The main character himself. While Sonic tends to rely on his super speed a lot, he is also incredible strong and durable, as he can destroy robots and multiple powerful being and creation, is also incredible agile and flexible, having expertise in parkour, is a master swordman and skilled fighter, and while not as proficient with them, is able to wield the chaos emeralds and control them like Shadow.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic's main rival. He was created to be the ultimate lifeform and as such, he's got a lot of powers: superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, flexibility, stamina, dextirity, spin dash attacks, super jump, teleportation, etc. He is also a master combatant, expert driver, expert gunman and swordman, and has mastery over the chaos emeralds and can use them perfectly.
  • Knuckles the Echidna. Like Sonic, he tends to rely on his best zone; strength. However, he is also incredible fast, agile, durable, and is trained in martial arts. He is not a genius combatant, though.

Devil May Cry:

  • Dante is a master swordman, gunman, martial artist, and has control and mastery over his demonic abilities and super modes.
  • Dante's brother, Virgil. He is an extremely skilled swordman and possesses high demonic powers like his brother.
  • Nero, Dante's nephew. He is not as skilled in sword-fighting, guns or martial arts like the previous two, but nonetheless is a master swordman and expert gunman. It takes him a little time, but eventually becomes proficient with his demonic powers too.
  • Some other villains in the DMC series could count as well.


  • Morrigan Aensland, the true main character in the videogame series, is this. As a S-class darkstalker, she is one of the strongest characters in the series (probably one of the strongest CAPCOM characters), and also a proficient martial artist with skill enough to fight the likes of Chun Li. Even more when she fuses with her "sister" Lilith.
  • Felicia, while not as powerful as Morrigan, is an very strong catwoman with mastery over martial arts and ki manipulation. She is fast and very agile, and can take a lot of punishment.
  • Jon Talbain. Like Felicia, he is a master martial artist, and as werewolf, a powerful darkstalker with the ability to manipulate fire.
  • Jedah Dohma, the main antagonist of Darkstalker 3. He is an S-class darkstalker, but also shows proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and blade-fighting.
  • Most of the characters from Street Fighter are incredible powerful individuals and expert martial artists, but most notable Ryu, Akuma/Oni, Ken, Seth, M. Bison, etc.
  • From Tekken, the Mishima members are all powerful martial artists with superhuman abilities and special powers, most notable Jin and Kazuma with the "devil gen".
  • From Spiderman's PS4 videogame, the main character is portrayed as this in the game. Peter Parker has been Spiderman for 8 years by the time the story starts, having not only his usual powers but also being at the peak of mastery with them. Despite having no formal training, Peter is an expert fighter proficient in many martial arts and wrestling, as well a tactic leader, genius designer, and expert in stealth.
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