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The Little Mermaid

  • Where’s Ariel's seashell bra after she became human? Did she remove it before Scuttle put that old sail on her? Or did she wear it underneath? If so, did she remove it after she got to the castle and had that bath? What was done with it afterward?
    • The maids either took it and replaced it with a cloth bra, (or just an undergarment, depending on when this movie takes place), or she got to keep it because they figured it's hers and she's weird that way.
    • She's still wearing it when she and Ursula go back underwater, so she either kept the original or made herself a new one.
    • I like to think Ariel continues wearing it simply because it is a reminder of where she comes from. So, when the maids were giving her new clothes off screen, I imagine Ariel refusing to give up her seashell bra, which is why she was still wearing it on the third day. We also see in the sequel that she still wears twelve years later. That article of clothing clearly means a lot to Ariel....
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