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  • Guile's (fake) death early on can qualify to those who watch the movie without much familiarity with the series, and end up getting the impression he was Killed Off for Real.
  • Raul Julia's whole performance, as he knew he didn't have much time left and wanted to secure a big paycheck for his family, plus do a role his kids wanted to see. And it was fucking awesome, too. Although the film as a whole is often ridiculed as being one of the sillier video game adaptations, Julia's final appearance is generally treated with well-deserved respect, to the point where he was even posthumously nominated for a Saturn Award.
  • Carlos Blanka is mutated and tortured halfway into insanity, and then both he and the man who tried to help him apparently die in an explosion. Talk about depressing.
    • Even more affecting is when Dhalsim tries to undo his brainwashing by filling his mind with love, hope for the future and happiness.
    • When Guile finds his friend in this state, he barely manages to talk him down (using his first name), then attempts a Mercy Kill on Blanka. Dhalsim quietly stops him, saying he has no right to do so; Blanka still retains the capacity to do good as well as evil, and shouldn't be killed because he has difficulty understanding the difference.
  • Before the final battle, Guile reminisces on happy memories he had with Blanka with "Worth Fighting For" by Angelique Kidjo playing in the background.
  • The dedication to Raúl Julia at the start of the credits. "For Raul. ¡Vaya con Dios!" ("Go with God!")[1]
  • The whole "But for me, it was Tuesday" scene in a strange sort of way. It's legitimately well-acted and staged; Chun-Li explains how Bison and his minions were stopped from destroying her village by Chun-Li's father. As Bison was forced into retreat, he had Chun-Li's dad murdered by a sniper, purely out of spite. She's wanted revenge ever since and it's clearly driven her life. Bison then apologizes... and bluntly informs her that he doesn't know what she's talking about and can't remember the incident at all. And he doesn't mean it as a taunt, he sounds genuinely apologetic that he can't remember. It drives home how senseless Bison and his plans really are; he's done so much that it's all just blurring together for him.


  1. Julia (who was from Puerto Rico, which has both Spanish and English as its official languages) passed away a few months after filming on the movie wrapped up.
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