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  • If Bison didn't care, how could he remember it was Tuesday?
    • He just chose a day at random.
    • Tuesday's his killing day. Friday's barbecue day, Saturday's laundry day, and every other day is for STREET FIGHTING!!!
    • It wasn't. He just wanted a day. In fact, getting the date wrong would be another hit at her, and he's got a 6/7 chance...
    • Maybe she mentioned it earlier.
    • He was making a (very awesome) point about how greatest tragedy of her life was a normal, day-to-day occurrence to him. The point isn't that it actually happened on a Tuesday, but that it had the same meaning to him as "just another Tuesday". He's trying to be poetic, people!
      • Not only is he being poetic, the statement is also an ego-boost and proof he's a Card-Carrying Magnificent Bastard, implying that everywhere he goes, every day, his actions become the greatest moments in peoples' lives.
    • But the whole point of her speech is that Bison's forces WERE DRIVEN BACK. By farmers with pitchforks. So... Bison's raids on peasant villages usually end that way?
      • The main "point" of Chun-Li's speech was why she's come to collect Bison's head herself. That said, she also says that when Bison attacked her village, it was twenty years ago, and he was "just a petty drug lord" who hadn't started calling himself a "General", raiding "across the border" to steal supplies and people. Now he's a powerful warlord who just took a capital city and can pose a serious threat to international peacekeeping forces.
      • And, yes, more than likely, the point of Bison's line is that "Tuesday" is just a very average-sounding day of the week.
  • Why are Balrog and Dee Jay on the opposite sides? And when the cartoon comes along, this is corrected...
    • In a Doylist writer's sense? Couldn't tell you. In the Watsonian context of the movie? Dee Jay works for Bison as a technician because he paid him a freakin' fortune. Balrog has a grudge against Bison's allies, the Shadaloo Tong, for ruining his boxing career, so he's working with Chun-Li against Bison.
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