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The series in general

UDON Comics

  • In the UDON comics, T. Hawk openly denounces and criticizes a Rainbow Mika match (as T. Hawk adamantly hates wrestling) while at the restaurant where El Fuerte works. El Fuerte overhears this in the kitchen and threatens to beat up the offender, and charges out wearing both a Rainbow Mika shirt and apron. And then El Fuerte sees who the offender is. Cue awkward pause.

Moments from the Games

The Cartoon


Bison: "Not having your sense of morals, I had to weight the pros and cons of saving you."
Guile: "And?"
Bison: "Self-preservation narrowly won out over the pleasure of watching you burn."

    • In that same episode, there's a scene where Zangief confronting Sagat in Bison's office. The way it's executed is so odd, it winds up being impossible not to laugh at.

Zangief: "What're you doing?!"
Sagat: (sitting in Bison's chair) "Seeing how it feels! Bison may not return from his little bloodhunt for Guile! Even if he DOES, he may find things changed!"
Zangief: "You'll have to deal with me first, Sagat!"
Sagat: "My pleasure, OAF!"
(suddenly, a bomb planted inside a ceiling fan explodes, sending the two flying across the room)

  • Fei Long's epic beatdown to Ken in "So, You Want to be in Pictures":
  • Is this page missing a certain moment? To answer that question: "YES! YES!"
  • In "Getting to Guile", Bison has captured Guile and hooked him up to a machine that Bison hopes will brainwash Guile into destroying the rest of the Street Fighters. This exchange occurs:

Bison: "So, Colonel, how do you like your first day at school? Making new friends?"
Guile: "What do you want from me, Bison? My lunch money?!"


Cammy: "Nicely done, love! Here, give us a big kiss!" (plants one on Bison)
Guile: (shakes his fists like an angry toddler) "NOOOOO!!!"


Cammy: "Sorry I'm late, colonel! I had a few things to pick up: Portable transponder, electromagnetic field detector, a scandalously small bikini! You've never seen me in a bikini, have you, colonel? I brought some suntan lotion, too! And you have such nice strong hands!"
Guile: "I, uh... (mumbles) uh, thanks. I guess." (takes Cammy's bag)
Dee Jay: (takes Cammy's bag from Guile) "Wouldn't want you to strain your hands, mon!"
(Blanka gives him a teasing smile)
Guile: "Just get in the plane!"

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