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Examples from Tournament Play should go under Player Accomplishments.



  • Any time Ryu lands the Shin/Metsu Shoryuken. The game freezes and the opponent vibrates for about 1-3 seconds after each blow. Just seeing it in action gives you an idea of how obscenely powerful and painful the move really is. It's not hard to imagine how Sagat got that scar.

Anime & Manga

  • Street Fighter Alpha manga:
    • The scene in the manga in which Vega attempts to kill the Satsui no Hadou-possessed Ryu and Adon, along with Sodom, Cammy and Chun-Li. All hope seems lost, then suddenly a Shadaloo officer strikes the Spanish assassin before he can press the button to kill them. The officer is revealed to be Guy, who disguised himself as a Shadaloo soldier to fight Bison, but revealed himself to save their lives. He makes quick work of Vega, then stops Ryu from killing Adon by kicking several oil drums at him Final Fight-style. Then Guy faces off against Ryu, blocking and countering every punch from his Shun Goku Satsu while urging him to control his killing intent before landing one final blow to Ryu's face that knocks him out, subduing him and returning him to regular Ryu.
    • Sakura standing up to Bison, even before she's into the whole "street fighting" business. Sure, she's but a noisy fly to him at that point, but that sort of thing takes guts.
    • Ryu defeating Bison and destroying his VTOL with his Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and then finishing the job with a Shin Shoryuken that wouldn't have been out of place in Dragonball Z.
    • Nearly every part of the final battle between Ryu and Bison is like something out of Dragon Ball Z. Each of Ryu's Hadoukens and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku are turned up to eleven
  • Ryu Final: Street Fighter III:
    • Ken defeating Gill purely on account of the love for his family, at which point Ken stops being a warrior for fun, glory, or for the sake of fighting, and Ryu can't even compare to him anymore.
    • Ryu's awakening to the Fist of Wind during his match with Dudley.
    • The entirety of the Whole-Episode Flashback to the aftermath of Sagat's original defeat at Ryu's hands. Especially him palming a falling tree (and leaving deep gauges on its bark with his fingertips) to keep it from crushing a child, and blocking a hail of bullets with his hand.
    • Ryu and Sagat's final rematch. If Oro was astonished, and Sagat's scar bled again in joy, what else is there to say?
    • Ryu figuring out the Shun Goku Satsu, surviving it, AND countering it all while being on the receiving end despite a broken right arm, a broken left hand, and a broken leg.
  • Sakura Ganbaru!:
    • Sakura figuring out how to do the Hadoken within hours of having it explained, and never having trained for it. No wonder Dan is terrified at the kid's potential.
    • Karin graciously acknowledging Sakura as her perennial (but friendly) rival, which is quite a change considering that the UDON comics went down the "enemies" route.
    • Speaking of Karin, her "bonus feature" manga at the end of each book has at least one per issue, culminating in her falling from an airplane and using a security rope (which she was using to fight while on top of the airplane... long story) to wrap around a bridge and land perfectly safely, merely ripping a streetlight from the asphalt in the process. Remember: In Everything, Be Victorious!
    • Master assassin Gen undergoing a Heel Realization and a Heel Face Turn in the span of a few seconds merely because a leaf from a sakura tree blocked his deadly Zan-ei from directly striking Sakura herself. A leaf. Even his eyes, previously angry and black as pitch, returned to a kindly, human appearance afterwards.
    • Zangief, defeated and battered beyond belief by Sakura and Cammy's combined assault, refuses to fall over because his body is as much his Russian comrades' as it is his, and he cannot, will NOT, let it fall. So he throws his hands in the air and goes into his victory pose, and remains standing as he falls unconscious.
    • Sakura finally meets Ryu after chasing him all over the globe, and the first thing she does is challenge him to a fight. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.


  • From the UDON comics, the battles of Ryu and Ken versus the Shadaloo thugs at Ken's wedding and Chun-Li, Fei-Long and Gen versus the triad led by Jianyu and Xiayu are especially memorable. But probably the best is Charlie, who was seemingly killed, fighting Bison while also charged with Psycho power.

The Cartoon

  • Blanka pressing Vega's Berserk Button by crushing his mask with his bare hands in "Eye of the Beholder".
  • In "Cammy and the Bachelor," Bison awakens Cammy as his sleeper agent with a deadly glare, completely turning the tide of battle in his favor.
  • Ken defeating Akuma in "The World's Greatest Warrior", something he wasn't able to do in the games.

Chun-Li: "Monster! You killed my..."
Bison: "Yes, yes, I killed your father! What is it with you women anyway? I killed my father too, and you don't hear me whining about it!"

  • Guile and Sagat teaming up to defeat Bison by spamming Sonic Booms and Tiger Shots.
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