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"Why am I forced to walk the Earth with this conscience? Maybe, if there's such a thing as reincarnation, I can come back down to Earth and just trample all over people without giving a damn about anyone but myself. That would be awesome. That's it -- in my next life, I'm coming back as a conservative."
Mick Foley, The Hardcore Diaries
"My God! You'd be less subtle if you spray-painted 'I hate Bush' on your chest and went in front of the White House naked!"
Protester's placard in Dominion Tank Police

 Big Oil (thought bubble): If I let this guy stop the weather, people will stop dying. But oil is made of dead things. That means less oil.

Big Oil (aloud): beat it, hippie!

Chainsawsuit, "Disastorm" the movie arc.

"I think Michael Moore is stupid! I think Bush is the best president! He is the best president because he has a dog!"
Chip Cheezum, mocking Micheal Weiss during his Micheal Weiss Show MST/Retsuflash
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