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Crow: [as the Queen] I'm going to be your love interest whether you like it or not.
Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Colossus and the Headhunters"
"It's just a bit more sophisticated than the usual approach to romance in games, which is to say 'Here is your woman, you love her because A) We say you do, B) She's the only thing in this plot with an X chromosome, and C) She's built like two shrink-wrapped bowling balls arguing over a sandwich.'"
"At the 50-minute mark the kid worries about how "all of this might end" even though he had literally spent less than 2 MINUTES with the girl throughout the ENTIRE FILM! That, my friends, is HORRIBLE relationship development. Don't believe me? Try this. Imagine that you're on a first date. You meet this person at a restaurant, introduce yourself, and then sit at the table. While waiting for the server to bring you your drinks you say, "Gee sweety, I don't know how I'd live without you." Rest assured that you'll never get a second date."
A review from IMDb of My Beautiful Girl Mari
"{{[[[Straw Feminist]] Consuella}}] promises, "I am not like the others." Who said you were? And which others are we talking about? "I would fill you with life," she promises. "And love." [??] She then slips her cubic zirconium mood ring on his finger. Um, does this mean they're going steady now? {{[[[Sean Connery]] Zed}}] says, "You have given me what no other gave. Love." What? Since when? So, chasing him around with torches, that was love? Coming at him with a knife, that was love? "If I live," he says, "We will live together." What? The? Hell? If anything, I'd think May is the one who should end up with [Zed]. But, I guess since she's Freaky Freckle Face and Charlotte Rampling is hot, then we all know who [Zed] will end up with, don't we? Even if it makes no sense within the confines of the story?"
"Alright lady, you've known the guy for less than 3 minutes total of screentime. You're not exactly at the NOOOO! stage of a relationship yet."
Spoony's reaction to Xiaoyu's Big No moment during his review of Tekken: Blood Vengeance
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