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  • Accidental Innuendo: Moe sure loves his wood furniture. In the stinger for "Snake, Rattle and Roll", as he is proudly gushing over the amount of wood furniture he got in his locker, he manages to rattle off a ton of wood innuendos. He seems quite unaware of what he's saying in his excitement, but the background sound effects clue everyone in very quickly.
  • Downer Ending:
    • Victor has one in "Snake, Rattle, and Roll." He spends $1,600 on a locker based on a scooter in the locker. However, when he gets it appraised, it turns out that not only is the scooter just a cheap Chinese mass-manufactured scooter, but it doesn't even start. He ends up with a loss of $1,400.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • When Victor finds the valuable clocks in the locker Moe stuck him with, he said that with clocks like those, Moe "could stick it to him all day long"--then realizes "That didn't sound right." Later on, he kept on using "clock"-based puns in an effort to hint at something else.
  • Jerkass: Victor is a New Yorker and is even described in the opening credits as "The Outsider," and definitely fills this role. However, he's definitely not as bad as Dave.
    • Even with his rivalry with Lesa, he's able to recognize one item she has as a paintball gun, and helps set up an appraisal of it for her.
  • Nice To Your Artist: Moe gives Mary, the artist who turns much of what he gets from his locker into sellable artwork at his gallery, her fair share of the profits from it ($1500 was her share). Even though by doing so, the announcer hinted, it cost Moe the title of "winner of the auction." That goes to Victor, who found valuable clocks in the locker that Moe dumped on him. (See Hoist by His Own Petard on the main page) Moe offers to take Mary to a storage auction--with the hint that perhaps more stuff that can be made into art might be had from it.
    • A Sequel Hook which is fulfilled in "Puffy in the Sky With Diamonds", when Mary accompanies Moe to a storage auction and does indeed find more things that she can make into art.
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