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Storage Wars: Texas is a spinoff of Storage Wars that follows five professional buyers, Bubba and Ricky Smith, Morris "Moe" Prigoff, Victor Rjesnjansky, and Lesa Lewis and her assistant Jerry Simpson, in Texas as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. A sixth buyer, retired NFL player Roy Williams, is added for several episodes in season 2.

This show contains examples of:

  • Appeal to Authority: Moe knows a lot about wood. These include whether an item is real wood or not, as well as what kind of wood it is. After Jerry gets Moe to a locker he and Lesa won, Lesa asks Moe to look at a piece in her locker. After looking and sniffing it, Moe tells her it's genuine teak. He also offers to buy it right there for $500 cash. She accepts, but an appraiser Moe brings to his gallery gives the piece, a teak bar cabinet, a value of $3400. Lesa's not happy when she finds this out after stopping by his gallery.
    • Ricky's mother, Puffy, is an expert in diamonds and a fanatic about jewelry. She appraises 14 karat gold and diamond *with a "VS1" rating--near-perfect diamond* rings for about $49,000.
  • Auction: More specifically, Storage auctions. The auctioning off of storage lockers whose owners have failed to make due on their rent, leaving the contents up for grabs to the highest bidder. The suspense comes from the fact that only a cursory examination of each locker is allowed before bidding begins.
    • The bidders can't enter the locker until they win it and they're not allowed to touch anything, even if it's within reach. This leads to a lot of speculation on what that partially-hidden item in the back might be.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: Jerry shows signs of this sometimes. It's not due to any incompetence on Lesa's part, though. He gets exasperated whenever they don't win anything in the auctions because his paychecks depend on selling stuff from the lockers.
  • Boring but Practical: Furniture, tools and other assorted household objects that are mundane but can and will bring in decent money and keep the shelves full.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • Lesa's "Bring it!" seems to be this show's version of Dave's "YUP!" However, it doesn't seem to have the same Most Annoying Sound reputation that Dave's does.
      • Lesa also uses "JER-RY!" a lot to call her assistant.
      • Jerry has borrowed "Bring it!" at least once to bid on Lesa's behalf.
    • Likewise, Victor uses "Right Here!" quite a bit to bid.
    • Moe loves using "Fabulous!" to describe stuff he finds in his lockers.
    • Ricky describes a lot of finds as being "the gravy train".
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Moe is this just a bit.
  • Confession Cam: Sort of; the bidders are all interviewed separately after each auction.
  • Cool Car: Moe has many. He's described as showing up to every auction in a different car.
  • Cool Hat: Walt has one.
  • Destined Bystander: Roy Williams, first appearing in "If I Were a Tibettin' Man" to authenticate his signature for Ricky and Bubba, accepts their invitation to attend a storage auction in "Dallas Cowboys and Indians"[1]. He's bitten by the auction bug, and is added to the opening titles in the same episode.
  • Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud: In one episode, an auction was cancelled due to an approaching storm that had a tornado warning issued for it.
  • Everything Is Big in Texas: Oh yes.
  • Expy: The show's cast share some parallels with the Storage Wars cast:
    • Dan has a fellow auctioneer in Walt.
    • Darrell and Brandon have another "family pair," Ricky and Bubba (though they're uncle-nephew instead of father-son).
    • Brandi and Jarrod have Lesa and Jerry, though in a flip of gender roles, Jerry is the one more cautious about Lesa's bidding (he's not sure she won't spend his next paycheck buying a money-losing locker).
    • Barry has Moe, his fellow Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Dave has Victor as his counterpart.
  • Family Business: Ricky and Bubba.
  • Flat Joy: Bubba wasn't too happy Ricky chose the more predictable auction in "A Fistful of Auctions" until they found the Wild West Decanters. "Yay." "Woo-hoo."
  • Gonna Need More Cash: Before going to a unit of a local deceased tycoon in "The Good, The Bad and The Hungry," Lesa gets more cash from the bank to compete for that unit. She even uses gun-based comparisons about it. She wins the unit and finds a trove of designer goods with the price tags on them. The profit, $6248, is enough for her to have the highest profit for the episode.
  • Gut Feeling: "Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett" had Bubba bid and win a locker that would have some Boba Fett action figures, not just in original packaging, but also in fiberglass protective boxes. All because he had a good feeling about that locker. Ricky was worried, then shocked when the action figures net a profit of $8,225. (At first he wasn't sure if Bubba's gut feeling was right, then amazed when the profit showed how right it was).
    • And this was after Bubba had finished talking about how he and Ricky didn't get feelings about lockers!
    • It can also be considered a Shout-Out to Star Wars considering one the franchise's recurring catchphrases.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • Victor falls victim to this in "Mo' Money, Moe Prigoff" thanks to Moe. The locker in question is full of household stuff and Victor says he has an upper limit he's willing to pay. What he doesn't know is that Moe wants to drive the price up to screw Victor over. They go back and forth until they reach Victor's limit, at which point he says that he's done and just wants to drive the price up to screw Moe. More bidding ensues and Victor starts pointing at Moe, expecting him to make a higher bid. He keeps pointing and pointing, until it dawns on him that he fell victim to his own game. The whole thing backfired on Moe, though, as the locker contained four antique clocks which Victor was able to sell for a profit.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The Stinger of "Mo' Money, Moe Prigoff" features Victor making a bunch of clock-related double entendres.
  • Kitchen Sink Included: The things some people store and forget about.
  • Motor Mouth: Walt could give Dan a run for his money.
  • New York City: Victor is the only buyer not from Texas and is even subtitled "The Outsider" in the opening credits.
  • Nice Shoes: Moe just loves his colorful shoes, as shown in "Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett".
    • Walt sports some really nice snakeskin boots.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Both Ricky and Bubba fit this trope. In one talking head interview, Ricky admitted that his accent wasn't entirely real, and Bubba admits he lays on the "country hick" act thick to lull others into a sense of false security. According to Bubba's character page on the A&E website he knows electronics and computers, helping his uncle Ricky with newer technologies. He also enjoys fine arts and one day hopes to amass a collection of his own.
  • Oh Crap:
    • Victor in "Snake, Rattle and Roll" when he realizes the scooter that he paid $1,600 for a locker for is just a cheap Chinese scooter that doesn't even start. He ends up with a $1,400 loss.
    • Victor again in "Mo' Money, Moe Prigoff" when his attempt to bid Moe up blew up in his face (see Hoist by His Own Petard).
  • Once an Episode: Walt explains the auction rules at the start of every auction.
  • Precision F-Strike: Lesa when she finds out that the teak wine bar she sold to Moe for $500 was valued at $3,400.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Roy Williams in "Dallas Cowboys and Indians", nicknamed "The Player".
  • Rich Idiot With No Day Job: Averted HARD with the original buyers. Victor and Lesa buy lockers for inventory in their shops. Ricky, as well as being the local fire chief at his volunteer fire department holds a monthly sale. Jerry works with Lesa and Bubba with Ricky. Besides his own antique store, Moe is also a podiatric surgeon (thus why he is subtitled "The Doc" in the credits).
    • Possibly played straight with Roy Williams, who is a retired NFL player.
  • The Rival: Moe and Victor.
    • Lesa and Victor, as well.
  • Smug Snake: Victor.
  • Special Guest: NFL wide receiver Roy Williams appeared in several episodes.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Often coupled with Record Needle Scratch when the speaker knows it.
    • Victor finds four valuable antique clocks in a locker that Moe tried to bid him up on (see Hoist by His Own Petard above):

 "Moe really stuck it to me, but with clocks like these, he can stick it to me all day long *record needle scratch* ...that didn't sound right."

    • In "Remember the Alamo?" Moe finds a working Ms. Pac Man console that nets him a profit.

 "This just proves that I can have my cake and my podiatric surgery[2] and eat it too. Wait a minute... that didn't sound right."

  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Jerry has a problem with snakes, which he mentions in "Snake, Rattle and Roll" when he and Lesa bring some rattlesnake-made items to an appraiser.
  • Zonk: A locker's contents can sometimes be this, especially if a bidder spent a lot of money on it. Can just as easily be averted if there turns out to be something valuable buried underneath all the worthless items. Jerry invokes this by name in "Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett".
  1. the next episode in production order
  2. Moe had previously bought the locker off-screen and missed the day's auctions because he was busy performing surgery
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