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So, you have a Foe Yay scenario going on strong, and better yet, the villain is a Draco in Leather Pants. How does a shipper get them together permanently? Simple: Apply a bit of Stockholm Syndrome to make the hero do a Face Heel Turn (or the villain do a Heel Face Turn).

Also known as "Redemption/Corruption Equals Sex", this kind of shipping takes The Power of Love to a ridiculous extreme, allowing the hero to easily forgive the villain's horrendous, baby-eating deeds (or even agreeing with him), simply because the hero has the hots for the villain and can't bring himself to deny it any longer. If done right, it adds a nice little layer of characterization to the Stockholmer, showing that they're not so bad (or good) as they might have seemed.

If done wrong... it's just another Stockholm fanfic. And we all know how many there are of those...

One would think the line between this and Prison Rape is clear, but...


Anime and Manga

  • Akio doesn't need fanfic to get creepy mind and body sex with anyone.
  • Same with Johan Liebert from Monster, although he'd probably threaten people with death beforehand.
    • Threaten with death? That's not Johan. He'll Mind Fuck you into believing he sincerely loves you and that it's somehow your failings that mean he has to lock you up. Or something of that sort. We're talking about the Supreme Manipulative Bastard here.
  • Popular in Russia/America fics in the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom, with America either being slowly warped by Russia's mind games or revealed to be not as idealistic and upstanding as he passes himself off as. Russia portrayed as a Draco in Leather Pants is not uncommon either.
    • Mixed in with Rape Is Love in Russia/Lithuania fics.
    • When Turkey is made into a Bastard Boyfriend, Greece will be given a good dose of this so that he can continue having hot sex with his longtime rival who's been established in the fic to have abused/raped him or killed his mother. He'll still be argumentative and confrontational with Turkey, but it'll be presented as typical Tsundere behavior towards Turkey.
    • Japan/Taiwan is often shown as this when her colonial past is featured.
  • Extremely common in The Spirit of the Ring/Bakura fanfics in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, and almost always involves the Spirit suddenly turning from a cruel, homicidal and violently abusive spirit to the spirit equivalent of a harmless fluffy kitten.
    • At least as common is Ryou Bakura developing from a Lawful Good type into a Chaotic Neutral one so he and his...passenger...don't have as much to argue about. And go on to have Darker and Edgier adventures in the realm of villainous or antivillainous larceny.
      • This is often done in a way that's just realistic enough a depiction of someone giving in under constant mental assault with no emotional support to speak of, and painted as just enough of a good thing, to be creepy beyond all reason.
    • Other times they find an equilibrium that's just got a kind of Fridge Horror when you realize how much Ryou's changed for the parasite.


  • Ever seen a Labyrinth fic? Apparently, Sarah finds being held captive by the Goblin King incredibly arousing. Granted, the ballroom seduction scene set up a bit of a justification; the girl wants her prince on a white horse. But fans seem to think that it means she will gladly admit his power over her in exchange for sex, even though she turns down exactly that kind of offer from him at the end of the film.
  • Red Eye (film) fandom is full of this one. Usually, Lisa comes to the conclusion that all of Jackson's child-killing, government-terrorizing, knife-wielding antics was simply a cry for help. And for sex.


  • An off-screen version of this takes place at the end of the book Hannibal, between the titular character and Clarice Starling, where she is brainwashed into being his lover and dinner partner.

Live Action TV

  • It's very common in Heroes' Mohinder/Sylar.
    • And Sylar/Elle was pretty much a canon version of this trope.
  • Buffy/Spike anyone? Of course, there's a reason we try to forget season six.
  • There's quite a bit of this in Clark/Lex futurefic, with Clark agreeing with Lex. Futurefics wherein Lex is a good guy are usually AU.
  • If there is never another Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master AU that rewrites the end of "Last of the Time Lords" into this, it will still have come again too soon.
  • One episode of Charmed has Prue have to pretend to be an assassin, during which she has UST with a gangster. In a later episode he kidnaps her, she realizes he's not so bad, and...yeah.
  • Sticking Sam & Freddie in a locked room together describes an inordinate amount of fanfics for their pairing in the ICarly fandom.

Video Games

Western Animation

  • A number of the earlier Zutara fanfics qualify for this one way or the other. Similarly, this is fairly common with Azulaang, Azutara, Sokkazula, Azuki, Zucest, and so forth. It is after all pretty much the only way to pair Azula with anyone.
    • Except, surprisingly, Foamy Mouth Guy. Although it's mostly a crack pairing for the entire fandom, it's also usually very Fluff-tastic. And thus kind of creepy, because it's Azula.
  • Synlet, Synlet, and Synlet. This Crack Pairing from the Incredibles fandom (featuring main villain Syndrome and young heroine Violet) uses and abuses this trope. It's the basis for most Synlet, and Syndrome even fits the Draco in Leather Pants aspect.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom has Keith/Lotor, Shiro/Lotor, Shiro/Sendak, Lance/Lotor, and Pidge/Sendak. Surprisingly, Lotor/Allura does not fit into this category in Legendary Defender continuity, as they form a mutual interest in each other this time around.
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