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Femur Bone 8585

In media, the classic femur bone shows up somehow very commonly. Possibly faintly justified in that the femur is one of the largest, strongest, straightest bones in the body, so it's instantly recognizable, often well preserved, and useful for everything from improvised clubs to macabre furniture supports.

In media, those femur bones are often symmetrical from both sides, although they aren't like that in Real Life. That's also known as "Cartoon Bone".

See also Nothing but Skulls.

Examples of Stock Femur Bone include:


  • Some of the insignia with skull and crossbones.
  • Dog biscuits


  • The "funny bone" from the classic Operation is one of these.

Video Games

  • Any bone-throwing skeleton in Castlevania series throws a classic cartoon bone.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street video game has the player collecting bones of Freddy Krueger to bury them. However, every single bone is the classic femur bone and Freddy has a lot of them.
  • Most of the enemies which drop bones in Runescape, seem to drop femur bones exclusively. Even snakes! Only a few of the enemies drop different bones.
  • Master Higgins throws stock femur bones in Adventure Island IV.
  • In Minecraft, skeletons drop these.
  • In Pokémon, Marowak and Cubone wield one of these bones, and in turn, the Thick Club item. The Rare Bone item from the Sinnoh Underground is also an example.
  • You wield one of these bones in Secret of Evermore
  • Deus Ex has skulls and femurs scattered in the Paris catacombs. No ulnas in sight.
  • In Solatorobo, these are used like cigars among Caninu. There are even different styles of holding them in your mouth, such as "Wild" and "Sexy".
  • In Decap Attack, the enemies die with femur bones flying out of them.
  • In Limbo of the Lost, you have to feed some monster dog(s?) using bones of a skeleton. All fine, untill you find that this specific skeleton has three femurs.
  • In some of the Mortal Kombat games, certain fatalities would cause the victim to explode in a shower of femurs and rib cages(!).
  • Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja threw femurs as one of their weapon types. Notable in that they were not symmetric, resembling real femurs more than the classic cartoon femur. The icon for the weapon is stock, however.
  • Team Fortress 2: in the "Meet the Soldier" trailer, the Medic's severed head has a femur where the spine should be.
  • One of the first hidden-object pages in Escape The Museum is a search for ten femur bones. Ironically, they are anatomically accurate human femurs, but are scattered around an exhibit of dinosaur skeletons.

Web Animation

  • In the Strong Bad Email "disconnected", Strong Bad imagines what he would do if his head were ever disconnected from his body (and both somehow managed to continue living). His body is shown as having a femur bone sticking out of its neck instead of a spinal column.

Web Comics

Western Animation

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