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Animated works featuring a Stick Figure Comic aesthetic, most of which are done strictly for comedic purposes. They have a cult following, especially within the Flash community. It's worth noting that during the early 2000s, this style of animation became quite common. Compare Stick Figure Comic which is the non-animated variant.

Works Examples

  • Xiao Xiao, which is one of the Trope Codifier works.
  • Stickin' Around is a rare mainstream example of this.
  • Fluidanims is an entire site that's dedicated to this.
  • Stick Figures On Crack
  • Joe Zombie
  • Killing Spree
  • The Game and Watch provides a classic Video Game example.
  • Basically anything that parodies children's drawings have this. Case in point, an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that was written by a little boy, and they animated it somewhat in this style.
  • The Stick people in the informational section of Nash's "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?!" videos. They've become silent, recurring characters who only use Sign Speak. Whenever he elaborates on the topic of the day's news he uses good old Stickboy and stick animation to elaborate.
  • Famous Studios did a handful of cartoons done as children's crayon drawings. Ironically, they are among their only cartoons to get any kind of critical acclaim.
  • Teen Girl Squad
  • Don Hertzfeldt (Rejected especially)
  • In the Goofy short "How to Play Golf" a stick figure is used to show proper swinging form, but then steps into the story proper to caddy Goofy.
  • In the Web Original, there is the rageface comics meme.
  • When Nash elaborates on the topic of the day's news he uses good old Stickboy and stick animation to elaborate.
  • The 'Kuzco's Doodles' segment from The Emperors New School.
  • The Battlefield series. (flash animation one, seen at Newgrounds)
  • The Demented Cartoon Movie.
  • Mr Skeleton Head, introduced on Tiny Toon Adventures during Elmyra's A Day in the Limelight episode. Later appeared on the "Good Idea Bad Idea" segments of Animaniacs.
  • The Castle Series is an interesting subversion: it's more dramatic than comedic, and it's very cinematic and well-written. The characters just happen to be stick figures.

In-Universe Examples

  • In the Looney Tunes short "Porky's Preview", this is result of Porky Pig trying his hand in animation.
  • In A King Of Infinite Space, people who were frozen and remade into a new body had a computer embedded in head that showed stick animations to show how things are done while re-learning how to do things while their brains reconnect to memories.
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