De-d-d-describe.. S-S-Stephanie Sheh... h-h-here...

Easy there, girl. Nothing to be shy about.

Small in stature, but big on talent, Stephanie Sheh is a voice actress famous for portraying either painfully shy girls, Action Girls, or even Genki Girls, or even sarcastic grumps. She has won an award for "Best Voice Actress in an Anime Comedy" by the American Anime Awards for her work in Girls Bravo and Hare To Guu. Her characters also tend to be, can you say, well-developed? And strikingly, Sheh is only three apples high.

She is often in anime involving Kari Wahlgren and Johnny Yong Bosch. She also has a tendency to sound just like the voice actor she is dubbing over. As she occasionally works in Dallas, she has been in more and more titles with Michael Sinterniklaas, who was formerly an NY-exclusive actor. Being Asian herself, she has the advantage of knowing how to speak Japanese and can even sing songs in Japanese as well.

She goes by many aliases as well (Jennifer Sekiguchi, Tiffany Hsieh, Lulu Chiang, and Laura Chyu). Quite possibly, she has a Spear Counterpart in Japan, in form of Hiro Shimono (seiyuu for super meek guys).

She's had her own take on Natalie Portman's rap.

Has a Twitter account.

In response to the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami, she organized a fundraiser called We Heart Japan with her friend Pinguino Kolb, getting a huge number of voice actors to help out in the process, among many others.

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