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Startopia features 9 different races and several minor races and unique characters.

Virtual Artifical Lifeform

The Virtual Artifical Lifeform, or VAL, is the player's servant and the robotic assistant, helping administrate station operations with a biting wit and a sense of humour drier than the Kasvagorian homeworld.

 VAL: I visited Earth once. Your ancestors made a lovely stone circle to worship me, but as I left I banged into it and some fell down. Pity.

 VAL: You know, you remind me of one of my earlier charges. I believe his name was Dave. I can't remember much more than that, as my memory banks received some damage during that period.

Arona Daal

An infamous merchant who makes the rounds around the player stations local area, selling a wide variety of wares at high prices and even offering a few highly exotic items.

  • Chekhov's Gun: He mentions selling old mucous wine early in the game, and mucous wine is suspected as the cause of the Zedem diplomats illness in the climax of the first mission and turns up as a cause of illness after that. He even tries to offer the player some mucous wine, nouveaux, but admits he doesn't drink it either.
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Until the ending
  • Honest John's Dealership: And HOW!
  • Ho Yay: Some of his remarks to the player seem oddly homoerotic. See below, for some rather disturbing implications, or a possible explanation for his affection..
  • Intrepid Merchant
  • Loan Shark: Subverted. He will loan the player some funds in the event of an energy crisis, but his interest rates are extremely low.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: In the ending. Especially odd, when you consider VAL implies the player is an Earth human.
    • Maybe the PC is an orphan?
      • Arona is a barely humanoid alien so that really doesn't work.

The Groulien Salt Hogs

A race of salt of the earth, porcine aliens with a Protestant work ethic and a mind for employment as soldiers, recycling plant and factory workers. Their leading organisation is the Groulien Workers Party.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: The salt hogs don't look like much, but they're all armed and can fight almost as well as Kasvagorians (and are a lot cheaper to hire en masse). Their version of Christmas involves handling out a random selection of toxins to the kids alongside some gifts (apparently to teach them that life isn't fair) and the last Administrator who failed them was fed to a flesh-eating intestinal parasite.
  • British Accents: Their grunting language is translated into Cockney for the benefit of the player. Space Cockney.
  • Crapsack World: Like the Quarians, the fluff for Salt Hogs explains that most of their worlds are all giant Generation Ships that are constantly falling apart, which requires the race to be....
  • Mr. Fixit: A Planet of Hats example.
  • Pig Man

The Greys

A race that formerly indulged in cattle mutilation and alien abduction, but has now turned to peaceful medical endeavours, help cure the citizens of the galaxy in the aftermath of a great war. Their leading organisation is the Grey Council.

The Zedem Monks

A race dedicated to an ascetic religion worshipping a wrathful deity called Zedem. Apparently, one of the most prominent figures in the Zedem movement is, or was, Father Zederous. Their leading organisation is the Zedem Conclave.

  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Zedem seems like a Straw Deity for the Old Testament God.
  • Saintly Church: For all their traditionalism and moralising, the Zedem Monks are peaceful, take their asceticism seriously. and show genuine concern for their fellow sentients' spiritual well-being.
  • Science Is Wrong: They do not get on with the empirical Turakken.
  • Sex Is Evil: They get the least enjoyment out of the Love Nest and the love-producing Oroflex, as well as feuding with the Sirens.
    • The Zedem will, unless severely deprived, instead try to fulfil their 'love' need by praying at the temple, which actually does provide them with a small bonus (moreso if they are absolved by a resident monk). Go figure.
  • The Fundamentalist

The Grekka Targ

A race of communications specialists and techno geeks regarded as smug and arrogant by other races. In actuality, they are largely dull and uninteresting, due to their hive mind and social structure. Their leading organisation is the Targ Collective.

  • The Generic Guy They have no particular advantages or disadvantages species wise, other than being able to fight, manning comm stations, having a preference for cold and dry environments and giving half the normal satisfaction in conversation.
  • Insufferable Genius, Jerkass: Their reputation.
  • Insectoid Aliens
  • No Social Skills: Nobody really likes to talk with them.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: Within the constraints of the game, criminal Targs simply slow down the rate that passing space ships are located / communicated with, the 'fluff' is that they use your station's communication and observation tools to spy on anyone they feel like.
  • Terse Talker: Messages from targ traders indicate they talk like this.

Dahanese Sirens

A race of winged, scantily clad, beautiful humanoids. The only race in the game to have two genders, though the difference is purely aesthetic. Their leading organisation is the Siren Academy.

The Kasvagorians

A race of tall, spikey shouldered Proud Warrior Race Guys with a passion for battle and skill to boot. Their leading organisation is the Kasvagorian Kingdom.

  • The Big Guy:
  • Genius Bruiser: They man the command centre, the complex nerve center for your station's entire defense network.
    • They apparently spend most of their time in there playing pong, if the screens are any indication.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy
  • Shifting Sand Land: On the Biodeck, Kasvagorians love High-Heat, Low-Humidity climates common to this sort of Land.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Inverted, as they are the only characters with spikes in the game.

The Karmarama

A race of hippies and botanists who like nothing more than to spend their days in harmony with nature. Their leading organization is the Karmarama Commune.

The Turakken

A two headed race of scientists and researchers. They also have a strong desire for love. Their leading organisation is the Turakken Committee.

The Polvakian Gem Slugs

A Hutt like green and yellow-white skinned race with unimaginable amounts of wealth. Their leading organisation is the Polvakian Aristocracy.


  1. Mucky Foot is dead and there's not a lot of remaining Startopia fan sites, so you'll just have to trust me.
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