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Starmaiden Of Akasha is a yet-to-be-written Fate/stay night fanfic (later crossing over with Tsukihime) created by Guest Of Dishonour and described on his account (Romanesque-Marionette) as "A Holy Grail War set IN THE FUTURE! (though not necessarily IN SPACE!)". Featuring an almost all-new cast of characters no prior knowledge of the Nasuverse should be required to read it, even though it will be delving into some of its more complex terms (despite the author not even liking most of the Nasuverse, though Tsukihime was okay I guess), though DDD's take on demons is completely thrown out the window.

Exty Years From Now space travel is now as common as airplane flights are today, and humanity has recently made First Contact with aliens. Meanwhile the London Clock Tower, one of the governing authorities of magi on Earth, has gotten even more desperate to preserve their rapidly dying craft.

Born into this world in London is Freya Crowleyvane (last name pending), who after an accident when she was five had her eyes irrepairably damaged, and at seventeen is now unable to look at digital or cybernetic displays such as televisions and computers without suffering from migraines, and her eyes can't be healed due to an unknown condition affecting them. Since the world, being sci-fi and all, is rather reliant on digital and cyber technology (and beyond), Freya's ended up as somewhat of an outcast, certain people even labelling her a delinquent.

Starmaiden of Akasha: Chapter One, Scene One, First Draft

“Damn, how could I forget?â€\x9D

Freya Crowleyvane dashed through the busy streets of London, already quite late for her part-time job at the local library. Not that the manager was particularly strict about this sort of thing, however today a rather special delivery was to arrive at the library, partly addressed to Freya as well as the manager, and she had been told not to miss the occasion.

Trying to navigate through the peke hour London crowds is bad enough in our modern age, and in the year 2404 there was proof that years of technological advancement couldn’t fix some things. At least being run over was much less of a threat, hovercars now had to make sure they didn’t hit any of the road signs instead.

Freya was a girl of seventeen years of age, who had brownish-black hair just below shoulder-length, was dressed in a dark jacket and trousers with a white shirt that would’ve created a ‘delinquent’ image on anyone but Freya Crowleyvane, wore glasses despite eye problems being mostly unheard of these days, and-

The blue light on her shoes faded away with a blip “No, not now! I thought I had them recharged yesterdayâ€\x9D she said.

-dead hoverboots (many words in the future contained the prefix ‘hover’, I don’t know what they have against alternatives like ‘float’ or ‘aerial’).

Great, I’ll never get there now, she thought, but began to run anyway in a desperate attempt. Heading down the street she came to a corner with an electronics store at the front, the latest television sets all lined up in the display window.

All of a sudden, for what would seem to a bystander like no apparent reason, Freya covered her eyes and swerved to the side. The shop was now out of her sight, so she took her hand off her face, only to see a strange woman glaring at her.

“Watch where you’re going!â€\x9D this stranger snapped at Freya. She was a fairly tall woman only a few years older than her, dressed mainly in dark greens and blues and wearing a long overcoat. Her hair was black, darker than Freya’s, and while she wasn’t skinny (although certainly not overweight) there was something about her that seemed very frail.

“Oh come on, I was nowhere near youâ€\x9D Freya said back to her defiantly, but the strange woman just snarled.

“Don’t come near meâ€\x9D she muttered, before turning and walking away down the street.

Freya hesitated. Maybe I could’ve handled that a bit better, she thought. However she couldn’t just stay still, her employer may have just gone home sick of waiting for her. Freya pushed the incident with the stranger to the very back of her mind and dashed off again in the direction of the library.

Working part-time at her local library she accidentally discovers that her employer and the library manager Roderick is in fact a magus, who later reveals that Freya may be one too. Roderick tells her about the Magic Association, saying he left a long time ago because of their corruption, and the Holy Grail War, saying that if Freya can summon a Servant that'll be the ultimate proof that she has magical potential. However Freya doesn't want to be a combatant in the War, but Roderick assures her What Could Possibly Go Wrong?...

Although the summoning is a success, with Freya obtaining Saber and Roderick obtaining Rider, it's then the library manager turns on her, saying he only needed her to bring forth Saber, and now plans to kill her so that she won't fall into the Association's hands as well as to set a Batman Gambit into place. However Saber manages to hold back both Roderick and Rider while Freya escapes.

Back at home Freya comes to the conclusion that even if the Association is as corrupt as Roderick says it is it's clear he's up to no good as well, deciding she won't give up Saber because then she'll have no chance against him otherwise, even if that means being a participant in the Grail War. What she doesn't know is just how dark and tangled this scenario truly is, and that this is not an ordinary Holy Grail War in the slightest...

The fanfic's influences include, but are not limited to, Good Omens, His Dark Materials (the first book) and even Guilty Gear in places.

List of Tropes to come later. The Character Sheet, though it may look complete, is still a work in progress. If you have any comments, criticisms, WMGs or just anything to say, then please come on over to the discussion section.

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