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Three centuries in the future humanity has colonized the solar system, and spread beyond it. There are a number of nation states in the Solar system, with the 'Raiders' living at the fringes.

Starhunter follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters as they travel through the solar system.

In the first season Dante Montana (Michael Pare) is the captain of the ship; with him is his niece, Wrench Wench Percy (Tanya Allen); Lucretia Scott (Claudette Roche), The Lancer (who has an agenda of her own); and the AI Caravaggio (Murray Melvin) for crew. Dante is looking for his son Travis who was kidnapped as a baby by Raiders. They work for Rudolpho deLuna (Stephen Marcus), hunting bounties as a way to earn money, and have a legal reason to go after the Raiders.

There is a plot running through the season concerning the Divinity Cluster, which Travis may be linked to through his genes; an Ancient Conspiracy called The Orchard, which may not be that ancient; and possible alien lost technology.

Dante is lost at the end of the season in an incident involving the Divinity Cluster and hyperspace. Percy, Caravaggio and the ship are thrown into hyperspace and presumed lost.

They return next season about twenty years later, long enough for Travis to have grown up, left the Raiders and to have started searching for his father. Travis, his engineer sidekick, an ex-Matrian cop and Dante's old employer, Rudolpho, all end up on the ship with Percy.

As in the first season, they end up taking bounty hunting jobs to pay the bills and have a reason to fly around the solar system.

Not a bad series, though somewhat harmed by the CGI effects. The second season actors all do a good job with what they have to work with. Tanya Allen is rather good as the somewhat paranoid, heading for a breakdown Percy.

Cowboy Bebop has a better sound track but Starhunter is still worth a look.

The second season, re-titled Starhunter 2300, is currently (5/30/2012) available on Hulu.

Starhunter provides examples of:

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