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Fridge Brilliance

  • It was never made clear why SGC never used the Wraith stunners after they made contact with Atlantis. After all, they're quieter than zats and can hit the same target several times without killing it. Perhaps "series stylistic differences". But in the Atlantis episode "Sadeta", made it make sense. The Sadatens had body armor that blocks Wraith stunners. What does this armor look very similar to? Jaffa armor. Turns out it actually does protect the user from something. Something only used in another galaxy, but still. The SGC won't standard-issue Wraith stunners because the chances of fighting a Jaffa (or possibly an Ori soldier) are very high, and the weapon could be useless.
    • On the other hand, Zats are able to both disable and kill and are a lot more compact than a weapon that can merely stun. While Wraith Stunners are cool, Zats are more effective.
  • For all that they are allies, the Tok'ra are awfully arrogant and heavy-handed with the Tauri. Then it hits you, they're still technically Goa'uld. Asshole is the Goa'uld hat. Evil is where the Goa'uld and Tok'ra differ.
  • Carter often calls O'Neill 'colonel' instead of 'sir' when speaking to him. In military culture, this is like calling someone by their first name, and O'Neill's allowance of it highlights the UST the pair have. Almost a Genius Bonus for military viewers.
    • Then again, this may be just a case of Did Not Do the Research.
      • With the tight relationship the series' production has with the real USAF, this is unlikely.
    • Definitely the UST, considering how they seem to have hooked up in every reality where Carter is not in the military.
    • Well, in the Air Force at least, it is entirely acceptable to refer to a superior by their rank, including abreviated forms for cases like calling a Lieutenant Colonel a Colonel. That said, it's faster just to say "Sir" or "Ma'am". Maybe calling him Colonel instead of "Sir" is just a light holdover from the borderline Straw Femenist version of Sam in the pilot, in this case, Sam preferring to use a gender-neutral form of address for a male superior.
  • The Ancient Grome example in "Cor'ai", with Daniel confused that their native tongue would use both Latin and Greek for its root. My theory? The original settlers were harvested from pre-Roman Empire Italy, which contained Greek settlements. (We got the idiom "Pyrrhic Victory" from a war fought between Greece and early Rome during this period, over these settlements.)
  • A justification for Explosions in Space when ships blow up. Most known spacefaring cultures use naquadah in their hull materials. Naquadah is known to be highly explosive under the right circumstances.

Fridge Horror

  • In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Reckoning", a device is used which has the potential to destroy all life in the galaxy. It does this by activating all stargates at once, and sending a certain signal. Since the Replicators were also destroyed in their home galaxy, we know this extends to the entire gate network. However, Stargate Universe reveals that this gate network is not limited to a few galaxies, but to a very large part of the universe. This means that not only can a device be built to end all life in a galaxy, but it can destroy all life that has ever existed in the universe. Not just the Goa'uld, Jaffa, humans, Asgard and lesser races, but every intelligent species in the entire universe. And any species which survives for 20 million years can build this sort of thing. The chance of nobody finding the same Phlebotinum in the entire universe is next to none. So even given the miraculous chance that nobody activated such a device yet, it's activation can't be far away. The death of every being in the entire universe is imminent, and can't be prevented. If our galaxy doesn't destroy the universe as we know it, one of the other 10^40 will.
    • While the Milky Way Stargate network clearly has a "branch" in the Ida Galaxy (possibly a retroactive plothole -- shouldn't the Asgard 'Gate have looked different?), and we can assume the Pegasus gates were also affected if the dial-all-Gates program dialed all 8-chevron gate addresses, the 'Gates in Universe are (we can assume) all far enough away to require nine-chevron addresses to dial. Which, given the power requirements for dialing nine chevrons...I think it's safe to assume Dakara doesn't have a naquadriah core. So the universe is safe...probably.
      • As far as the Asgard gate looking the same as the Milky Way gates, the Stargate Wiki's theory is that the Pegasus gates are a later model with additional security features (no manual dialing, for one) to try and keep the Wraith out of the system. Ida didn't have that kind of threat floating around during the Ancients' active years.
    • You're forgetting something. The Asuran Replicators were initially subject to the same weakness as their Milky Way and counterparts before they adapted to the ARG, something the Dakara Superweapon was tuned too. Since they still exist in Pegasus after the deployment of the Daraka Superweapon, its safe to say that the Stargates affected by the weapon were limited to the Milky Way only. Also, remember the Asgard in the Ida galaxy were practically done. They were the predominant species there and they were nearly wiped out. The Replicators had taken everything they needed from them and thus had no need to remain in the Ida Galaxy anymore, turning their attention to the Milky Way. Thus even if the weapon had dialled the Ida Galaxy it would have been pointless.
  • Marduk's poor damn host. Hell, anytime a Goa'uld faces some sort of terrible fate or punishment while still in their host body.

Fridge Logic

  • How are people who follow NASA going to feel when they find out that while they have had to wait for years patiently for probes to get to the solar system planets to learn about them, Humans have been crossing interstellar distances in moments and didn't bother dropping off a probe on the way?
    • Really impressed that we now have hyperdrives.
    • NASA itself is already in on the Stargate Program. Remember how they sent the space shuttle Endeavor to rescue SG-1 and Bra'tac in the season 2 premiere? They also had a shuttle on standby in "Nemesis" to get SG-1 off the Beliskner.
  • If the Goa'uld larva in a Jaffa takes seven years to mature and Goa'uld can live for thousands of years, why don't the adult Goa'uld outnumber the Jaffa by a huge margin? This question is answered in "Summit".
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