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Vancouver, BC, is a city of over 600,000 people, rising to over 2 million when you count the metropolitan area. Very popular among Chinese, Indians and British. It has a fairly extensive elevated train network called the SkyTrain, which moonlights as a subway in the downtown area.

Vancouver has become the third-largest film production centre in North America, being called Hollywood North because of it. This has led to the increased presence of the Pacific Northwest, particularly Seattle (for which Vancouver often doubles), in American media, leading to the term "Seacouver" to describe the vaguely northwestern-ish setting of works filmed in Vancouver, but just as possibly set south of the border in the United States. Among the works shot in Vancouver are all three shows in the Stargate Verse, hence the name. Nintendo of Canada and EA Canada are also there, just a few miles across the border from Nintendo's U.S. headquarters in greater Seattle.

The city is also the location of The Ocean Group production company and a number of other recording studios, who specializes in dubbing of many well-known Anime (along with a some English language productions), possibly most known for their work on nearly every release in the Gundam franchise, including Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam, Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, Gundam Seed and Destiny, and Mobile Suit Gundam 00. For a list of their many works, see their page.

A large number of gaming studios are located in Vancouver, possibly to be near Nintendo. Besides EA, it is home to Rockstar Vancouver, Radical Entertainment, Relic Entertainment and Slant Six, to name only a few.

Many shows filmed around Vancouver eventually fall foul of Here There Be Lions.

Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, leading some parts of the Internet to refer to them as the "Stargate City Olympics".

Shows filmed predominantly in Vancouver:

Vancouver in fiction (when it's not playing another city)

Notable films shot in Vancouver:

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