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  • Look closely at the Excelsior just before she gets wholloped by the Planar Shockwave: You can see the ship is trying to turn into the shockwave (which, incidentally, is what Sulu ordered the helmsman to do a few seconds later.) Evidently the helmsman was on the ball and did his best to minimize the initial impact since there didn't seem to be time to get out of the way.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Klingon Blood Problem. It is a big plot point in this movie that Klingon blood is different from human blood when unmasking the assassin at the end of the story. The big assumption is that the two blood colors are different, i.e. the Klingons being shot earlier on are seen having pink blood and the assassin at the end is seen with red blood. Yet, the Klingons in all of the other Trek movies and TV shows bleed red. However... the difference isn't in color, and Klingon blood is normally red, like humans, only it turned pink due to some environmental mishap when the Klingon ship was under fire (loss of gravity? some gas tank got hit?). Notice how the person saying "This is not Klingon blood" when feeling Colonel West's spill is doing exactly that: feeling, not simply visually identifying the blood of the assassin. Klingon blood therefore must be of a different consistency than human blood, not color.
  • Fridge Brilliance: How did the Klingon warden know who was Kirk and who was the shapeshifter? Martia was wearing chains.
    • Not to mention that it didn't really matter who he shot first.
  • Fridge Brilliance: After Kirk dives onto the Federation President to save him from the assassin's fire, he curtly identifies himself: "Kirk. Enterprise." Why do this? Because the Federation President is blind -- it's a subtle thing that's never explicitly stated in the movie, but upon re-watching it's surprisingly obvious. And naturally, the President would have no idea who just saved his life.
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