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  • Anvilicious about its Green Aesop.
    • This isn't even a case of YMMV, the movie really wants you to know how ENDANGERED whales are ALL OF THE TIME!
  • Base Breaker: While it's one of the more popular installments, there are fans who see it as a glorified version of Tarzan's New York Adventure.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The bizarre dream sequence that occurs during the first time-jump.
    • That sequence was largely filmed with primitive CGI. Since this was The Eighties, the technology couldn't be used to render anything remotely realistic, so they simply nixed the realism part in order to pioneer a new filming technique.
  • Fanon: It's suggested by official sources, though not confirmed, that the Enterprise-A was not a brand new ship but was the ship Yorktown (mentioned early in the film as suffering from the probe's effects) and was rechristened to be the Enterprise. In any case it is question of how quickly they were able to make a new USS Enterprise when the first was destroyed only about 3 months prior in story.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Sulu's line "San Francisco, I was born there..." has gotten more hilarious since George Takei came out of the closet. Originally it was funny just because of the fact Takei was born in San Francisco, but the revelation adds even more humor to:

 Sulu: I love this town!

  • Memetic Mutation: "Nuclear Wessels"
    • "Admiral! There be whales here!"
  • Straw Man Has a Point: The pompous Klingon ambassador demands justice in response to Kirk killing Kurge's crew in the last movie, which cues Sarek to explain just how villainous they really were. The Federation president assures everyone present that Kirk will face Federation justice, which the Klingon ambassador scoffs at. Out of all the things the crew did in the last movie, no one is going to bat an eye over what happened to Kurge's crew. However, the Klingon ambassador nonetheless winds up being right to scoff at "Federation justice." All charges of theft and sabotage of Starfleet property are dropped, and Kirk's violating the chain of command is "punished" by a demotion to Captain and the command of his own ship - the two things he wanted anyway.
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