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  • One of the best opening lines.

 Riker: Our guests have arrived. They are eating the floral arrangements on the banquet tables.

Crusher: I guess they don't believe in cocktails before dinner.

Troi: Oh, my God. Are they vegetarian? That's not in there!

Picard: Perhaps we should have the chef whip up a light balsamic vinaigrette-- Something that goes well with chrysanthemums.

  • "I seem to be missing several memory engrams." (Geordi shows Data several microchips he is holding) "...There they are."
  • Picard needs to get real, or get a new neck.

 Beverly Crusher: You either need a new uniform or a new neck.

Picard: Euchene Chefaw. My collar size is exactly as it was at the Academy.

Beverly Crusher: Of course it is.

  • In the event of a water landing, Data has been designed to serve as a flotation device.
  • How do Picard and Worf distract a crazy android? By singing!
    • What sells the scene is Worf's panicked expression and shaking his head "NO!" before finally joining in.
    • When Data is reactivated and Picard asks him what he remembers, he immediately picks the song up where he left off.
  • There's a really good bit when the bad guys decide to give up:

 Lieutenant: Sir, Ru'afo's ship is hailing us.

Picard and Riker: On screen. (they exchange looks)

Worf: Captain, the Son'a crew would like to negotiate a cease-fire. It may have something to do with the fact that we have three minutes of air left.

Picard: We have plenty over here, Mr. Worf. Prepare to beam aboard.

  • "Definitely feeling aggressive tendencies, sir!"
  • The moments between Data and Artim that aren't heartwarming - heck, even the funny moments are heartwarming!

 Data: I have to go home now.

Artim: Okay, bye.

Data: Bye.

  • After Deanna shaves off his beard, Riker meets up with Data and Picard on the way to the turbolift. At Data's startled look Riker remarks, to his clear consternation:

  Riker: Smooth as an android's butt, eh, Data?

    • But what really sells it is a few minutes later, after they've finished catching up on current events, when Data asks to touch Riker's newly-shaved face - and then just shakes his head smugly, and walks off.
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