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  • Data: "Resistance. Is. Futile." For full impact, You Need To Watch The Whole Scene.
  • "I believe I speak for everyone here, sir, when I say: 'To hell with our orders.'"
  • Picard is going blind with revenge against the Borg and calls Worf a coward for falling back and destroying the Enterprise. Worf stands up to him, face to face, and says with as much restraint a Klingon can have, "If you were any other man I would kill you where you stand!"
    • Another for Picard and his effect on Worf- There are precisely two men in the universe that Worf would let insult him like that without violent retribution. One is his son Alexander. The other is Picard.
  • Another Worf line, just two words: "Assimilate THIS!"
  • And Picard killing Borg with a Tommy Gun in the holodeck.
  • "Then perhaps today is a good day to die! Prepare for ramming speed!" "Sir, there's another starship coming in.... It's the Enterprise!" Arguably the Enterprise-E's first CMoA.
  • One for both Zephram Cochrane and Steppenwolf: Cochrane launches his modified nuclear missile to go to warp flight and get the attention of the Vulcans, leading to Earth's first contact with an alien race...and he does it while blasting "Magic Carpet Ride" across the whole base.
  • While this troper feels the entire film is one long crowning moment of awesome, special notice given to the period from when the the Phoenix launches (complete with its own crowning music of awesome) and flies away from the Earth with the Enterprise in pursuit, while at the same time Picard looks utterly screwed... until suddenly Data reveals his hand and breaches the coolant tank.
    • The Phoenix has another CMOA as it reaches orbit. At first it just looks like this rickety, cobbled-together thing that's barely a step up from a 60's space capsule... Then the side panels come off, and slowly a pair of Star Trek-style warp engines unfold and lock into position. And that is when the discerning Trekkie knows epic-ness is about to ensue.
    • Dispite being controlled by the Borg at that time, the Enterprise still managed to look totally awesome! Sweet Jesus, indeed.
  • The Borg Queen's temptation of Data is evil, kinky win. [blows on Data's new skin] "Was it good for you?" Yes. Yes it was.
  • And it's just as awesome (but a lot less kinky, unless exposed circuitry does it for you) when he hands her and the entire collective their 'Borg asses later on.
  • The Borg Queen's entrance?
  • Lily calling Picard out on his decision to stay and fight the Borg.

 Lily: I am such an idiot. It's so simple. The Borg hurt you and now you're gonna hurt them back.

Picard: In my century we don't succumb to revenge. We have a more evolved sensibility.

Lily: Bullshit! I saw the look your face when you shot those Borg on the Holodeck. You were almost enjoying it!

Picard: How dare you?

Lily: Oh, come on, Captain. You're not the first man to get a thrill out of murdering someone! I see it all the time!

Picard: GET OUT!

Lily: Or what? You'll kill me? Like you killed Ensign Lynch?

Picard: ...There was no way to save him.

Lily: You didn't even try! Where was your evolved sensibility then?

Picard: This is not about revenge.

Lily: Liar!

Picard: This is about saving the future of humanity!

Lily: Jean-Luc, blow up the damn ship!


    • Tim Lynch found Lily's retort "BULLSHIT!" to be a CMoA against Picard's (temporary) pomposity about having "evolved sensibilities".
  • Picard's "heyah" speech afterwards.

 Picard: I will not sacifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!

  • "Assimilate this", Tommy guns on the Holodeck, first warp jump... It's that kind of movie.
    • This movie starts out with a CMoA with the battle with the Borg Cube at the beginning. Particularly notable is Worf's response to being informed the Defiant has lost weapons. He accepts that he may be about to die, and orders Ramming Speed.
  • Picard, when asked by Crusher if they'd make another Enterprise, smiles and says, "Plenty of letters left in the alphabet."
  • Picard's No One Gets Left Behind speech to Lily, before going after Data.
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