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  • Executive Meddling:
    • Responsible for the much-loathed pop-song credits. This is what it would have looked like. If that music sounds familiar, it should -- it's "Archer's Theme," the closing credits music, originally intended for the credits sequence and written by the same person responsible for Deep Space Nine's theme. An even earlier concept resembled the other Trek series' credits even more, including the famous Opening Narration.
    • Also responsible for the Temporal Cold War arc. The original idea was to have the first season based on Earth, but the execs nixed that idea and insisted that it be similar in tone to Voyager, and have a Time Travel element to make it "more futuristic." The execs then realized the TCW was going nowhere and demand that it be removed, which is why it was abruptly finished in "Storm Front."
    • "E2" is often remembered for ripping off half a dozen episodes. What isn't too well-known is that the writer was specifically asked to make a number of edits for it to mimic previous ideas.
    • "Stigma" was part of a network-wide AIDS awareness anvil drop.
  • Fan Nickname: Future Guy for the guy for the guy in charge of the Cabal from the 29th century that was part of the Temporal Cold War arc. He was never given a real name on the show.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: First and foremost Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer and one episode featured Dean Stockwell as an antagonist. Other episodes include Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly from the X-Men movies), James Avery and Peter Weller.
  • What Could Have Been: There exists an interview with Scott Bakula conducted in the run-up to the release of Star Trek Nemesis in which he says, with complete confidence, that the next Star Trek movie would be about he and his crew. Come 2009, actually, but close enough), after what would have been the customary seven years, we did indeed get a new film - about Captain Kirk. Presumably, if either Nemesis or Enterprise - most likely both - hadn't bombed, we would have seen Captain Archer on the big screen instead.
    • Initial plans for the show that were changed before filming:
      • In very early stages of planning the show, the producers considered setting the entire first season on Earth and focusing on the lead-up to the mission, and only actually launching the Enterprise NX-01 in the season finale (which would make the title "Enterprise" a bit of a pun, in fact). There was an Executive Veto, and they were told to get exploring space from the start.
      • T'Pol was originally going to be T'Pau, who appears in the original series episode "Amok Time" as the priestess officiating at Spock's wedding. The character T'Pau later appears in the fourth season as a guest character.
      • Mayweather was originally envisioned as older and more seasoned, making him a valuable advisor to the comparatively rookie Captain Archer. He was ultimately rewritten as younger and more eager.
    • Plans for a fifth season, which was never made due to the show being cancelled:
      • The NX-01 would have been refitted with a secondary hull underneath the warp nacelles, ceramic looking plating, and a deflector dish, which makes it look very much like the prototype for what would become the Constitution in TOS. The new design appeared in the 2011 "Ships of the Line" calendar.
      • Shran would have become a main character and joined the NX-01 in an advisory capacity.
      • Several reappearances of characters or species from the original series would have included the character Flint, the cloud city of Stratos, and the Kzinti from the animated series.
      • There would have been more stories set entirely in the Mirror Universe, following up on "In a Mirror, Darkly". They would have consisted of several standalone episodes interspersed throughout the season.
      • Tensions with the Romulans would have escalated, as a prelude to the forthcoming Earth-Romulan War.
      • More would have been revealed about T'Pol's father, specifically that he was a Romulan sleeper agent, leading up to the reveal that T'Pol was half-Romulan, explaining her inherent difficulties with emotion.
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